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2021 Sky Ship Photos

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EDITOR’S NOTE:  We received these six photos along with the following explanation from Deborah Mathews on April 10, 2021.  Beneath her explanation, we’ve posted zoom shots of her two photos where the 10-10-10 appeared. Notice the orb of light in the lower left corner of the fourth photo; it is not in any of the others. We’ve included a zoom shot of that too.

Thought-provoking lights at abandoned church
By Deborah Mathews

“Back in 2008, I was part of an art committee in our local city. We painted street banners of art. This particular night on 8/22/2008, we were meeting at the women’s club and decided that night to take on a project across the street at an old abandoned church. They had chosen a stained-glass window that needed to be painted with art.

“They asked me to go across the street and take a few photos of the window. I walked outside in the dark and up under the corner streetlight then into the street to take photos. What you see are several photos I took of the church.

“This was my very first camera experience with spirit energy. What I found fascinating was the 10-10-10 that shot across the front of the church. I took all these photos one right after the other. Notice the 10-10-10 appeared in two photos but in different locations.

Zoom shots of the two 10-10-10 photos plus one of the orb in photo number four

“After taking these six photos of the church, I went to the opposite side of the intersection and took photos of a massive number of orbs that were all over the area. Maybe they were there to witness my first connection.”



Watch UFO accelerate to liftoff

This 15-second video is worth watching.  It shows a UFO in Antarctica that’s just above the water and then accelerates to liftoff.  As it goes down the invisible runway, you can see how it agitates the water and casts a shadow.

The video was taken from a helicopter above the UFO. We stumbled upon this video at Omega Ovnis UFOs which is a non-governmental UFO investigative group in San Juan, Costa Rica.  

CLICK HERE to watch the video.



UFOs from sea mutilating animals

These UFO photos were sent to this website by John Mooner, chief investigator for He took them from Newton Abbot in Southern England on January 29, 2021 at 11:39 a.m.

Mooner explained: “I was outside in the back garden looking through my high-powered zoom binoculars when I spotted a strange structured craft that was off to the west and was in the distance but still discernible.
“It was moving diagonally through a cloud. I could see that the craft was metallic in nature as the sunlight was reflecting off its surface. It definitely wasn't anything conventional and that's why it caught my attention.

“I put my binoculars down on the garden table and picked up my Nikon P900 camera. I then zoomed in on the craft and immediately took a photograph just before it flew up through the clouds and disappeared into the atmosphere. I was ecstatic I had once again captured a very compelling photograph of an alien craft high above the town.

“These craft are real and very prevalent around this area due to the town's close proximity to the moors (uncultivated open lands) and the sea. I have been researching this topic for a very long time now and I know for a fact that these alien craft are coming out of the sea.

“Then they fly up to the moors where they are mutilating sheep and ponies for soft genetic material. The true purpose of why they are collecting this genetic material still remains a mystery; I can only speculate.”



Cheerio-shaped UFO over NC Mountains

Stacy Amolsch-Roy looked up and saw two lights in the sky about 7:30 p.m. EST on December 21, 2020. They were over the Pisgah Mountains southwest of her home in Candler, NC (red marker).

“I watched them for a couple of minutes as they slowly moved away from me,” Stacy explained.  “But before they disappeared, I had time to run in the house to get my camera and take a photo.”

“The first one was taken with a standard camera setting and shows the relative spacing between the two UFOs.  Then I zoomed in for a clearer look at each of them. Both were a fiery color and did not change shape.”




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