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2019 - 2020 Sky Ship Messages

December 19, 2020 - There can be peace
May 22, 2020 - Let this be a Clarion Call to Action
April 28, 2020 - Beware interlopers into the human condition
December 28, 2019 - Creative Intelligence organizes the universes
December 28, 2019 - Need to fortify moral spines
December 22, 2019 - Riding out the stormy sea of chaos
April 20, 2019 - Lives frozen in ice cube trays


There can be peace

The essence of every human is a spark of the Creator.
Some call it a soul. It has no physical attributes or cultural biases.
When humanity fully recognizes and respects this, there will be peace.

Words that came in the
middle of the night - 12/19/20



Let this be a Clarion Call to Action

May 22, 2020 - All human beings are flawed, but there are those like Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and the Dali Lama who are worthy to be emulated.

Sadly, during this Crescendo of Chaos, those in positions of leadership, in great numbers, are failing to inspire and lead their flocks.  This means it is essential that every individual within the masses who carries within him or her a Torch of Light must step out to help lead humanity toward a New Sunrise of Hope.

None should remain silent and inactive.  All should try to help illuminate the Suffocating Darkness that has engulfed the Earth.  No act of Love and Light is too small to help create the necessary foil to deflate the dank Cloud of Darkness.

Let this be a Clarion Call to Action.

General of the Light Brigade
Many titles, many hats but one master




Undoctored photo taken from Isle of Palm, South Carolina in 2015

Beware interlopers into the human condition

April 28, 2020 – Circumstances beyond control, where things go, nobody knows. It has happened in ancient times, but now it comes like a great divide, with the intention of culling the deplorables to a sufficient number to work and support the puppeteer masters.

Truth remains from ancient legends and lore
that forces will come to level the score.
Praise be to those who stay steadfast and true
to the tenets of faith and skies of blue.

The sickle brings down stalks in the field, so it’s best to escape to a hill with ones’ modern-day quill to write down words of guidance so true, in hopes that truth will be the key to open the Chest of Eternity.

After many, many years, it should be evident that interlopers into the human condition are not united in their purpose.  Some come to manipulate, control and even destroy humankind.  Others come bringing hope and solutions.

At this time, those with ill purposes are demonstrating great dominance.  Therefore, humankind must align itself with that which is Love and Light and Life itself.

Those who have been shackled by the dominators must be freed and the key to that freedom is alignment with Love and Light.

Those who are chasing ghosts are leading themselves into darkness.  Let not uncontrolled curiosity lead individuals into dark corners for such places will snuff out life and hope – a devasting result from uncontrolled curiosity.

Because of the limitations of the human mind, God and the Devil have been personified – one with a white beard and white robe, one with horns and a cloak of fire.  Neither image is correct, but there is a pervasive Spirit of Darkness seeking to engulf humankind.  And again, it must be emphasized that the key to survival is alignment with Love and Light.

Because the immenseness of Creation is incomprehensible, it is impossible to accurately provide attribution to these words, but they come with the blessing of the Creator.





NASA Hubble Space Telescope photo of deep space

Creative Intelligence organizes the universes

December 28, 2019 – There is a Creative Intelligence that organizes the universes.  Yes, it is beyond human comprehension but it can be accessed by each and every one of its creations.

Always seek the Creator for guidance and the answers will come in a multiplicity of ways.  Some individuals receive their guidance in dreams, some in whispers, some in signs, some receive complete thoughts in a second and this is called inspiration.

Do not worship at the feet of other creations.  Always seek the ultimate source then, and only then, will supreme guidance and blessings come to you.

Because of the inability of so many people to understand the immenseness of creation, it is impossible to accurately provide attribution to these words, but rest assured that they come with the Blessing of the Creator.



Jonathan Nosan, contortionist

Need to fortify moral spines

December 28, 2019 – There was a time when religious institutions had a significant impact in fortifying the moral spines of their flocks.  Today, in ever increasing numbers, people are fleeing those institutions because they are fortified by those with hollow souls who lack attunement with the Creator.

There is a ripple effect to this because those without a spiritual keel have little ability to withstand the chaotic seas that are lapping at the shores of every continent. Therefore, it has become essential that all tides of destruction be reversed, and this only can be accomplished when humanity returns to the primary principles of that which is fair, that which is just, that which promotes the Brotherhood of Mankind.

These are not the words of some idle spirt whispering from the edge of reality.  This is a clarion call for humanity to step out of the mundane energy of materialistic and self-serving greed.

When institution have failed, people must seek spiritual encouragement from the wisdom seekers of old and the spiritual leaders of the past.  This is impossible if humans spend all their spare time distracting themselves with computer games, unnecessary cellphone conversations, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Please sign this as “Your Sky Brothers” because anything else is too easily questioned.



Riding out the stormy sea of chaos

December 22, 2019 - It takes a skilled sailor to navigate stormy seas. The lines to the sails cannot go limp.

This is another way to visualize the importance of focusing on the guiding principles of faith.  We speak not of adherence to customs and rituals but to the tenets of right and wrong.

Deep within the soul of each and every intelligent creature there is a knowing of that which is right and that which is wrong.  Without using that as the guiding principle of life, lackadaisical ones will be tossing in a Sea of Chaos.

In grand orchestral works by the masters, the music builds and builds to the grand crescendo.  Sadly, mankind is building a Master Piece of Chaos and the momentum toward the crescendo has been and will continue to build into the New Year.  Therefore, this serves as a reminder to adhere to the primary principles of right and wrong in order to ride out the Stormy Sea of Chaos.

When the crew of a sailing vessel prefers to eat, sleep and drink below deck while leaving the sails unattended, then they will find themselves among the ghosts of sunken ships.  Yet, even a few conscientious sailors can keep their ship on course.

May those who read these words be reminded and inspired to stay on course even when all those around you bob up and down in the Waves of Chaos.

Your Sky Brothers



Lives frozen in ice cube trays

April 20, 2019 - The life-giving energy of life might best be compared to water.  When it is clear and flows freely, it sustains life and sustains the thirsty souls of men.  When it flows through rivers and into the seas, it brings forth life in a multiplicity of forms. When it comes down as rain, crops and trees and an abundance of plants grow and thrive and help sustain all life upon planet Earth.

However, however, however, when the water is poured into ice cube trays, it becomes frozen in time and stops the life-giving cycle of Creation.

Too many people have become like ice cubes in a tray because they have chosen to box themselves in with ridged divides that separate them from the flow of life.  It is the equivalent of turning off a faucet from whence all Creation flows.

The divisions between human beings and the cracks in the ecological cycles of the planet can only be transformed when humans free themselves and flow freely in their thinking like ice cubes released from a tray.

During this season of resurrection, when spring blossoms across the land, is it not time for each and every soul to drink fully from the faucet of Creation so he or she can participate in the springtime renewal that is so needed at this time?




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