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> Encourage restaurants to help save our oceans






Encourage restaurants to help save our oceans
By Mary Joyce, website editor

NOTE: This information was posted on our Facebook pages for Earth Day but it’s worth posting any day of the year.

If we all stop using plastic straws and utensils will that really un-strangle our oceans? Not likely. It can take 1000 years to breakdown a fork that is labeled “biodegradable.”

But there is another solution: COMPOSTABLE PRODUCTS and packaging that will decompose along with food garbage.   Below is a list of a few of many companies that make compostable products. Consider sharing this information with restaurant owners in your town and sending it to corporate headquarters for national chain restaurants.

● Good Start Packaging

● Green Paper Products

● Eco-Products

● World Centric

● Tayst Coffee Roaster (Bio-degradable K-cups)




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