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> Old Japanese illustrations of 1803 UFO landing
> "Old Soldier Drops Three Bombshells...and Then"





Old Japanese illustrations of 1803 UFO landing

According to two historic Japanese books – “Toen Shousetsu” (1825) and “Ume no Chiri” (1849) – “a foreign ship” was found by fishermen on the shore of Haratonohama, Hitachi, Japan in 1803.  It was said to be made of metal and glass and was 3 by 5 meters in size, approximately 10 by 16 feet.  It was named “Utsuro Bune” which means “hollow ship.”

Inside the hollow ship was a young woman with pale skin and red hair.  She spoke a language the people could not understand and clutched a box she would not allow anyone to touch. Strange symbols were seen inside the ship. The chart to the right compares some of those symbols (top) with those found on UFOs at Bentwaters RAF Base and Roswell, NM.


b c


e f


k l




topper shadow
Paul Epley and the new book about his bombshell of a life

 “Old Soldier Drops Three Bombshells. . . and Then”
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Back in August 2010, we posted an article titled “Old soldier drops three bombshells” after interviewing Paul Epley about his unique military experiences (see archives). He told us about seeing a live alien from Roswell; about being a military assassin; and about being asked by those within the US government/military to assassinate Martin Luther King, Jr.

Since then, Epley’s friend and pastoral counselor, Donald L. Cooper, has written a book about the old soldier’s life.  It’s titled “Old Soldier Drops Three Bombshells. . . and Then.” It just became available on Amazon in January 2017.

This is how the book is described on Amazon:

“This book covers the military service of a willing soldier tricked into doing terrible things for the shady side of our government. After discharge and being told to just forget those things, he was asked to murder a notorious person, which he refused to do. His involvements with the government were so grievous they for a long time denied that he was ever in Service. The author’s ‘and THEN’ part of the book intertwines with Paul’s mostly through a mutual UFO related matter. Mr. Cooper gives the answer to the mysterious Brown Mountain Lights located near him, and 3 nearby UFO crashes. He also discloses several government held secrets that challenge the logic of most present-day scientists. His incredible communications through a clairvoyant will amaze the reader as they have him. The series of ‘Believe it or Not’s’ through the whole of the book climax with a ghost story toward the end of the book.”

The book’s author is a retired Presbyterian minister who is still active in his church and Presbytery but is an out-of-the-box pastor with a curious and open mind.  For years, he has led tours to see the mysterious Brown Mountain Lights in Linville Gorge, North Carolina.  He also has served as an investigator and researcher for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). 

In 2007, the president of a local MUFON chapter asked Rev. Cooper to give Paul Epley a ride to their spring meeting.  A friendship between the two men developed after that.  The book is a tribute to that friendship.

Chapter 13 of Rev. Cooper’s book might be of special interest to those who follow this website.  It reveals how spiritual messages received by Evelyn Gordon and me for him have impacted his life and inspired him to fulfill the multiple missions of his life. Then in chapter 14 he shares his secrets for staying healthy; he’s almost 90 years old.




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