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> Elvis hologram - glimpse of what government might do















Elvis hologram - glimpse of what government might do

On April 25, 2007, Celine Dion walked on stage and sang a duet with Elvis Presley who died 30 years earlier in 1977. It was hologram magic.

CLICK HERE to be entertained with their wonderful rendition of “If I can Dream” while being reminded you no longer can trust what you see.

Let it also be a reminder about the government’s Project Blue Beam which reportedly will use advanced hologram technology to project life-like images of great religious icons to help manipulate mankind into a new world order.

Until then, Elvis may be making a return performance this year in a new hologram stage show in Las Vegas according to a July 13, 2015 AXS article by Jack Dennis.

“An entire new generation of fans will be introduced to the King of Rock and Roll with up to 15 performances currently being considered in the planning stages,” the article says.

“The buzz around Las Vegas this week is that Pulse Evolution, the innovators who own the creative rights to generating holograms for Elvis, Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali, and Marilyn Monroe, is actively working on Presley now.”











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