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> Man frees spirits trapped on battlefield
> Boy spurs interest in possible lost Mayan city
> Refugees flee as oceans gobble up the land
> Mary Magdalene's reputation cleared after 1,425 years
> Spend a night in a UFO treehouse
> Inuit Elders warn NASA about Earth shifting
> Testimony of a boy from Mars
> Shirley MacLaine's "new" past life experience
> Old European coins depict UFOs
> When President Carter used a clairvoyant
> Drone reveals ancient underwater petroglyph
> Soap opera birth of Abraham Lincoln
> Elvis hologram - glimpse of what government might do











Man frees spirits trapped on battlefield


Randall Smith is an international psychic/medium whose greatest joy is freeing spirits trapped in the physical dimension; some would call them ghosts. His most intense work has been on old battlefields.

Below he shares one of those experiences which started with a letter from an Indiana couple whose house was not habitable even a year after construction.  The basement wall kept cracking, but more interestingly, the basement would fill with orbs and there was static in the air.  Their letter included photos.  In one of them, Randall counted more than 150 bright multicolored orbs.  Here is the rest of Randall’s story his own words.

A picturesque scene was before me, but what I was going through as I looked around the rolling hills was a plethora of emotions coming from everywhere.  When I go to places that have that much energy to deal with, protection from the Gods and an understanding of spirit communication is a must. I asked the homeowners to go to town for a couple of hours so that whatever gets stirred up doesn't get attached to them.

I walked around the property with a rattle to help put me in a light trance so I wouldn’t be distracted by any outside influences. About two or three minutes after the couple left, I walked in the home through the garage. The scene before me changed from quiet solitude to what seemed to be chaos.

I sat down on the floor and began to use the rattle to help me relax and alter my consciousness so I could communicate with the spirits who might still be there. 
The emotions of “fight” or “flight” were racing through me.  I continued rattling to awaken those spirits who might still be there.  Moments later, I could sense other spirits. 

I walked into the lower level of the house to start the healing process.  The energy was highly charged yet the stillness was eerily familiar to that of the aftereffects of war.  I felt something severe had happened there. With my back against the cracked wall, I looked out toward a ravine.  Smack dab in the middle of it, I saw people wearing a variety of clothes and uniforms.  The weapons looked like musket rifles, bows and arrows and handguns of some sort. I couldn't tell if this was a war scene or not, but there were fallen people everywhere including the spot where I was sitting. I got up and walked the room for better clarity of the situation unfolding before me.

This home site seemed to be in the middle of a battle of some sort because all around I saw casualties - Native Americans, soldiers, farmers.  The number of dead was staggering.  My heart felt heavy and sick. I knew I had to get the attention of at least one of the spirits in order to start the healing process.

A young man dressed like a field worker came by.  He looked in my direction; I knew he saw me.  I learned he was part of the community that was fighting for their country and land. About a minute of brief conversation and I had his attention.  I asked him if he knew he was dead.  He didn't answer but stared blankly at me. I was able to convince him that he and all of these people had died at this spot, and that he and everyone here needed to go home.

When doing extrication work, you need to summon friends, family, loved ones and their guides of the Light to assist and help in the healing. If your grandmother who has passed comes for you, you'll go with her, right?

Religion is a good foundation for almost everything but the fear of hell has kept more than I want to say, stuck and or trapped here.  One of the biggest obstacles to get souls to go into the Light is “HELL.” We are so programed that if you've sinned you're going to “HELL.” Everyone comes from the Light and everyone goes back to the Light, everyone!!  No exceptions!! Soul growth is our plan. “HELL” was made up by man for control.


The overwhelming feeling of love filled the air as a faint light appeared in the gully before me. The young man mumbled “Grandma” and walked through the glass door in front of me and disappeared into that Light. The people started rising from their spots and into the Light.

While the spirits were going to the light, I asked my guide what had happened there.  In my head, I heard “700 plus souls transitioned here.”  The energy weakened; I became fully present.  After two hours of being on the property, it felt incredibly light and free, like a dark cloud was lifted.

After talking with the owners of the property, they wanted to take me for a ride to the backside of the property.  I’m glad I was sitting down because I couldn’t believe my eyes.  There was a Civil War type graveyard with 700 to 800 gravesites.

It’s been about 15 years since that property was cleansed. I hear from the couple occasionally and they say they haven’t had any more orbs or problems with the wall cracking.  This is one of those cases where I was completely taken off guard and humbled at the same time. 

The love from spirit can and will win all the time if you let it, even after physical death. Death is not the end but a continuance of your soul’s growth into the many dimensions of your spirit and personality. I've been doing this kind of work almost all of my life and it never stops amazing me how accurate the help is from my spirit guides.  We are truly, and I mean truly, never alone.






William Gadoury used old star maps, satellite images, Google Earth to locate an unknown Mayan city.

Boy spurs interest in possible lost Mayan city

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a synopsis of articles from Canadian, United Kingdom and Australian newspapers about a boy who may have discovered an ancient Mayan City. Since the story broke in May 2016, some archaeologists have dismissed the boy’s discovery for various reasons.  They may be right, but you have to admire the boy’s ingenuity.

William Gadoury, a 15-year-old boy from Quebec, Canada, grabbed newspaper headlines in May 2016 when he claimed he may have discovered an ancient unknown Mayan city.

The teen, who has been fascinated by the Mayan civilization since 2012, couldn’t under- stand why the Maya built their cities away from rivers and often on marginal lands and in the mountains.

Eventually, he compared star maps from ancient books with Google Earth images of the Yucatan Peninsula and found more than 100 cities corresponded with the position of the stars – and larger cities corresponded with brighter stars. 

Deeper study revealed one city which should have matched a three-star constellation, was missing. He then used satellite images provided by the Canadian Space Agency and mapped those over Google Earth maps.

According to Daniel De Lisle with the Canadian Space Agency, the RADARSAT-2 satellite found “linear features that would suggest there is something underneath that big canopy.”

Dr. Armand La Rocque, of the Remote Sensing Laboratory at the University of New Brunswick, said one image showed a street network and a large square which could possibly be a pyramid.  He added that William’s method might lead archaeologists to find other Mayan cities.

William's discovery of a city he’s named K’aak Chi (Mouth of Fire) will be published in a scientific journal. He will present his findings at Brazil's International Science fair in 2017.





Refugees flee as oceans gobble up the land
By Mary Joyce, website editor

NOTE: From the research we’ve done, Arctic ice is melting primarily because the Earth is tipping on its axis and exposing the Arctic to more sunlight and higher temperatures. Of course, pollution also is impacting the environment as well as human health.

The child in the photo above is soon to become a refugee.  She is a member of the Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw tribe which has lived on Isle de Jean Charles in coastal Louisiana since the Indian Removal Act of 1830. In 1955, their tribal land was more than 22,000 acres.  Sixty years later, 98% of their land has been gobbled up by Gulf of Mexico.

The ocean is swallowing Florida coastlines too. In December 2015, “The New Yorker” magazine published an article titled “The Siege of Miami.”  Here are three noteworthy snippets from the article:


● “The region has been called ‘ground zero when it comes to sea-level rise.’”

● “We’d come to a neighborhood of multimillion-dollar homes where the water was creeping under the security gates and up the driveways. Porsches and Mercedeses sat flooded up to their chassis.”

● “For the past several years, the daily high-water mark in the Miami area has been racing up at the rate of almost an inch a year, nearly ten times the rate of average global sea-level rise.”

To make this a bit personal, a retired woman in Cocoa Beach told me back in 1983 that she’d already lost about 30 feet of her beachfront since the property was first purchased.


Highway 80 from Savannah, Georgia to Tybee Island

Further up the U.S. East Coast, Tybee Island, Georgia is in jeopardy too.  The only road to the island, Highway 80, was inundated by tidal flooding 23 times in 2015 according to Dr. Jason Evans, assistant professor of Environmental Science and Studies at Stetson University. He calls it “one of the worst” highways in the country.


The country’s West Coast is losing coastlines even faster than the East Coast.

According to a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) that ended in the 1990s, the coastline from San Francisco to Davenport lost more than six inches of coastline each year for decades.

More recently, a USGS study showed the rate of coastal erosion between Daly City to Pacifica, California is about 2 feet per year.

Finally, coastal erosion from rising sea levels is a global problem. For example, Science Alert reported on May 10, 2016 that "At least 11 islands across the northern Solomon Islands have either totally disappeared over recent decades or are currently experiencing severe erosion.”






Painting of Mary Magdalene by Karmie Varya

Mary Magdalene’s reputation cleared after 1,425 years
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Mary Magdalene, the first person to see Jesus after his resurrection, was elevated this year from prostitute to apostle according to a June 10, 2016 press release from the Catholic News Agency. It only took 1,425 years to clear her name!

It was Pope Gregory the Great who destroyed her reputation when he falsely declared from his pulpit in 591 AD that Mary Magdalene was not only the prostitute mentioned in the Gospel of Luke, but also had committed seven cardinal sins.  He added that she anointed Christ’s feet with perfume she’d used “to perfume her flesh in forbidden acts.”

While one pope destroyed Mary Magdalene’s name for a very long time, Pope Francis finally has cleared it.

Pope Gregory Pope Francis

Pope Gregory the Great – Pope Francis, the world’s current pope

The press release quotes Archbishop Arthur Roche as saying that Mary Magdalene “is the witness to the risen Christ and announces the message of the Lord’s resurrection just like the rest of the Apostles.”  

He explained that for this reason “it is right that the liturgical celebration of this woman should have the same rank of Feast as that given to the celebration of the Apostles in the General Roman Calendar.”

Catholics around the world will celebrate Mary Magdalene’s new Feast Day for the first time on July 22, 2016.

It’s worth noting that the legend of Mary the penitent whore is found only in the Western Church.  The Eastern Orthodox Church always has honored Mary Magdalene as the first witness to the resurrection.





Spend a night in a UFO treehouse

With a dab of imagination, the above treehouse UFO looks like a real spacecraft hovering in a pine forest.  It’s located in the Lulea River Valley near the tiny village of Harads, Sweden.


The room sleeps four and includes a sitting room, minibar, refrigerator, bathroom with bathrobes and hair dryer, air conditioning, daily housekeeping and wireless Internet access. A restaurant featuring fresh local ingredients and a sauna also are located among the trees.

The Treehotel has been featured by JETSETTER which links people to luxury hotels and villas around the world.  TripAdvisor gives Treehotel 4.5 stars. 

This UFO room sounds more luxurious than most UFOs we’ve heard about. – The editor.






Inuit Elders warn NASA about Earth shifting

EDITOR’S NOTE: We found the above photo of Inuit Elders and their following statements on the White Wolf Pack website.  We decided to post their information because the Inuit are keen observers of their environment; they have to be in order to survive in their unforgiving world of snow and ice.

White Wolf Pack statement: “A new warning has come to NASA from the Inuit.  They are warning that the change in climate is not due to global warming but rather, because of the Earth shifting a bit.

“The Inuit are local people that live in the Arctic regions of Canada, the United States and Greenland.  They are excellent weather forecasters and so were their ancestors.  Presently they are warning NASA that the cause of change in weather, earthquakes, etc. are not due to global warming as the world thinks.

“They state that the earth has shifted or “wobbled.”  “Their sky has changed!”

“The elders declare that the sun rises at a different position now, not where it used to previously.  They also have longer daylight to hunt now, the sun is much higher than earlier, and it gets warmer much [more] quickly.  Other elders across the north also confirmed the same thing about the sky changing when interviewed.

“They also alleged that the position of sun, moon and stars have all changed causing changes in the temperature.  This has also affected the wind and it is very difficult to predict the weather now and according to them predicting weather is necessary on Arctic.

“All the elders confirmed that the Earth has shifted, wobbled or tilted toward the North.  This information provided by the Inuit Elders has caused a great concern in the NASA scientists.”

Statement by Ludy Pudluk:  “We’d go to the floe edge by dog team leaving early in the morning.  We had to arrive at daylight in order to catch seals.  We had an hour of daylight.  Today we have a two-hour window to shoot.  The change is noticeable. 

“The daylight is a lot higher on the horizon.  I don’t know everything, but I really notice and observe changes occurring in the atmosphere.


“I’ve lived here all my life and I have watched the Sun. Where it rises has not changed much, but the sunset has shifted way over.  Perhaps the Earth has tilted on its axis.

We haven’t had a north wind in a long time.  There’s more south wind, but the east wind is now dominant.  In the past, we hardly had east wind.  East winds are strong and bring bad weather.”





Testimony of a boy from Mars
 By Mary Joyce, website editor

Before we get into a testimony that some might not find easy to believe, consider this statement by John Brandenburg, PhD, who wrote the book “Life and Death on Mars.”

Mars was actually Earthlike for most of its geologic history. Mars held a massive and evolving biosphere. Mars was then wracked by a mysterious and astonishing nuclear catastrophe. We are, biologically and culturally, the Children of Mars.


This testimony of a boy from Mars is not a new story but it’s a captivating one that most people haven’t heard. It’s about a young Russian boy, Boriska Kipriyanovich (L), who began talking about life on Mars in 1998 when he was only two years old. 
The following information is from the earliest article we found about him titled “Boriska – The Boy from Mars” which was published in 2004 by Pravda, the premier Russian news service.  Since then, his story has been included in the book “Conversations with the Children of Now” by Meg Blackburn Losey, PhD, and in a Project Camelot video interview.

According to Boriska’s mother, when her son was just two years old, “He could name all the planets of the solar systems and even their satellites.  He was showering me with names and numbers of galaxies.  At first I found it very frightening. I thought that my son was out of mind, but then I decided to check if those names really existed.  I took some books on astronomy and I was shocked to find out that the boy knew so much about this science.”

In his town he became known as “the baby astronomer” and by the age of seven his uncanny knowledge had caught the attention of scientists with the Russian Academy of Sciences. 

Here are some things Boriska revealed about Mars before the age of eight:

MARTIAN WARS: “The Martians were waging wars all the time so I would often have to participate in air raids with a friend of mine.  We could travel in time and space flying in round spaceships, but we would observe life on planet Earth on triangular aircrafts.  Martian spaceships are very complicated.  They are layered, and they can fly all across the Universe.”

Boriska explained that the final layer of Martian spaceships is composed of a special magnetic layer.  “If we are to charge this magnetic layer with energy, those machines will be able to fly anywhere in the universe.”

IS THERE LIFE ON MARS NOW?  “Yes, there is, but the planet lost its atmosphere many years ago as a result of a global catastrophe.  But Martian people still live there under the ground.  They breathe carbonic gas.”

●  “There still live people like us out there, but after the nuclear war, everything has burnt down.  Some of those people managed to survive.  They built shelters, new weaponry.  There was also a shift of continents there.”

●  “Martians breathe gas.  In case they arrived to our planet, they would have been all standing next to pipes and breathing in fumes.”

●  When asked if he preferred breathing oxygen, he answered, “Once you are in this body, you have to breathe oxygen.  However, Martians dislike this air, Earth’s air, because it causes aging.  Martians are all relatively young, about 30-35 years old.  The amount of such Martian children will increase annually.”

WHAT DO MARTIANS LOOK LIKE?   “Oh, they are very tall, taller than seven meters (22+feet).  They possess incredible qualities.”

VISITS TO EARTH:  The Pravda journalist summarized Boriska’s story about visiting Earth when he was a Martian pilot.

“Back then, he used to fly to Earth quite often for trade and other research purposes.  It seems that Boriska piloted his spaceship himself.  This was during the times of the Lemurian civilizations.  He had a Lemurian friend who had been killed right before his own eyes.  The boy envisions the entire picture of the fall of Lemuria* as though it happened yesterday.  He grieves the death of his best friend as though it was his fault.”

Boriska is quoted as saying, “A major catastrophe took place on Earth.  A gigantic continent was consumed by stormy waters.  Then suddenly, a massive rock fell on my friend who was there.  I could not save him.  We are destined to meet some time in this life.”

BORISKA’S ADVICE FOR ALL:  “You have to be more sympathetic and warmhearted.  In case someone strikes you, hug your enemy, apologize yourself and kneel before him.  In case someone hates you, love him with all your love and devotion and ask for forgiveness.  These are the rules of love and humbleness.

“Do you know why the Lemurians died?  I am also partially at blame.  They did not wish to develop spiritually anymore.  They went astray from the predestined path thus destructing the overall wholeness of the planet. The Magic Path leads to dead end.  Love is a True Magic!”

* Lemuria supposedly was a continent that sank into the Pacific Ocean at least 24,000 years ago. To learn more about it, read “Pacific Ocean may be cradle of mankind” which is in the 2015 archives of “Sky Ship Articles.”





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Actress Shirley MacLaine talks about a past life with Matt Lauer on the “Today” show

Shirley MacLaine’s “new” past life experience

Oscar-winning actress Shirley MacLaine, who has written about many of her past lives, ran into another one in the Canary Islands during the filming of “Wild Oats.” 

The film isn’t even finished, but she’s already written and published a brand-new book about her past life experiences while in the Canary Islands.  It’s titled “Above the Line: My ‘Wild Oats’ Adventure.”


Here is part of a blurb about her new book:
  “The making of the film reads like a screwball comedy, as the cast and crew face unpredictable daily obstacles with ingenuity, grit, and personal sacrifice. Yet the chaos leads Shirley to a revelatory new understanding of the demise of one of history’s most elusive yet endlessly intriguing places.

“Scholars have long theorized that Spain’s Canary Islands are the remnants of the mighty lost continent of Atlantis. As the movie set descends into pandemonium, Shirley finds fascinating corollaries between the island’s cataclysmic fate and our own dangerous trajectory. 

“Can we learn the lessons the citizens of Atlantis failed to comprehend?”

CLICK HERE to watch Shirley’s 5:43 minute interview with Matt Lauer.




Old European coins depict UFOs

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These old coins commemorate the Great Comet of 1680.  It was one of the brightest comets in history and was seen by multitudes across Europe from Scotland to France and Italy.

BUT was it really a comet?  These 1680 coins seem to depict a flying object constructed by some kind of intelligence rather than a comet.

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Zaire’s President Mobutu - Zaire in red – President Jimmy Carter

When President Carter used a clairvoyant

EDITOR’S NOTE:  President Jimmy Carter made the following statement in his 2015 book “A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety.” It’s about a clairvoyant’s services being used to find a U.S. plane with secret documents onboard that crashed and was lost in Zaire, Africa which was ruled by a military tyrannt.

“One morning I had a report from the CIA that a small twin-engine plane had gone down somewhere in Zaire, and that it contained some important secret documents.  We were searching for the crash site using satellite photography and some other surreptitious high altitude overflights, but with no success.

“With some hesitancy, a CIA agent in California recommended the services of a clairvoyant woman, who was then consulted.

“She wrote down a latitude and longitude, which proved to be accurate, and several days later I was shown a photograph of the plane, totally destroyed and in a remote area.

“Without notifying Zaire’s President Mobutu, we sent in a small team that recovered the documents and the bodies of the planes’ occupants.”






Drone reveals ancient underwater petroglyph


When Rob Antill flew his camera-mounted drone over Kootenay Lake near Nelson, British Columbia (red marker), he captured a photo of  a huge ancient underwater petroglyph which may have been created before glaciers began to melt into lakes about 12,000 years ago.  Archaeological evidence might support this theory; some of Canada’s oldest man-made artifacts have been found around Kootenay Lake.  An example of the area’s rock paintings is shown in the right photo below. It’s worth noting that the native Ktunaxa language is unique and not linked to any other language in North America.– The editor

uw drawing





Soap opera birth of Abraham Lincoln
By Mary Joyce, website editor

With one noted exception, the following information is from an 1899 book titled “The Genesis of Lincoln” by James H. Cathey who personally interviewed numerous people in Western North Carolina who knew Abraham Lincoln’s biological father, Abraham (Abram) Enloe, and his family.


1 2

Abraham Lincoln (L) and his half brother Wesley M. Enloe at age 81

To declare that President Abraham Lincoln was the illegitimate son of a Western North Carolina man requires evidence so take a moment to compare Lincoln’s photo with that of his half-brother Wesley M. Enloe.  The similarity is obvious to most people but the story behind Lincoln’s birth is worthy of a television soap opera.

Abraham Enloe, biological father of Lincoln, was a pioneer and founder of the Ocona Lufta community in the Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina.

Today tourists can see a homestead typical of that community behind the Oconaluftee Visitor Center on Highway 441 which is the main road through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

(R) Photo of a homestead building at the visitor center by Darlene Sizemore


First-hand descriptions of Lincoln’s biological father

According to H.J. Beck who lived his entire life in the Ocona Lufta community, Abram Enloe “was a very large man, weighing between two and three hundred.He was justice of the peace. The first I remember of him, I was before him in trials. In these cases, of difference between neighbors, he was always for peace and compromise. If an amicable adjustment could not be effected he was firm and unyielding. He was an excellent business man."

Another man who personally knew Abram Enloe, Mr. Dills of Jackson County, described him as “a large man, tall, with dark complexion, and coarse, black hair.  He was a splended looking man, and a man of fine sense.  His judgment was taken as a guide, and he was respected and looked up to in his time.”

A third friend of Abram Enloe, James Conley, said he was “an impressive looking man. On first sight you were compelled to think that there was something extraordinary in him, and when you became acquainted with him your first impression was confirmed.  He was far above the average man in mind.”


At a time when many White Men provoked conflicts with the Cherokees, Enloe’s house (L) was often a sanctuary for his Cherokee neighbors.

Author James Cathey wrote that Enloe “and his dusky neighbors snugly reclined in the bosom of peace” and “he ever enjoyed the respect and confidence of the band, and his relations with the two chiefs, Yonaguskah and Sawinookih, were the most intimate and pleasant.”

Known as a man “with a great compassionate heart,”Enloe also opened his home to a young orphan girl who became a servant and practically a member of the family.
Then the soap opera began when the girl, Nancy Hanks, blossomed into an attractive teen.

Cathey’s book provides many accounts confirming what happened next.  One was by Phillis Wells who traveled as a young man selling tinware and buying furs, feathers and ginseng for William Johnston of Waynesville, NC.  During his travels, he often stayed at the Enloe home.  On one visit as Wells put his horse in the barn, Enloe accompanied him and said:

“My wife is mad; about to tear up the place; she has not spoken to me in two weeks, and I wanted to tell you about it before you went in the house.” When Wells asked what was the matter, Enloe said, “The trouble is about Nancy Hanks, a hired girl we have living with us.”

Wells stayed all night and said Mrs. Enloe did not speak to her husband while he was there and that he saw Nancy Hanks and “she was a good-looking girl, and seemed to be smart for business.”

The next time Wells stayed at the Enloe home, he learned Nancy Hanks had been sent away and Enloe had hired a family in Jonathan Creek, NC to care for her.  Later a child was born and was named Abraham.

But trouble at the Enloe home didn’t end there.  As soon as Nancy Hanks could travel, Enloe hired a man to take her and her child to live with his relatives in Kentucky.

N.C. Walker, who knew the Enloes “almost as well as I knew my own,” said Nancy Hanks married someone named Lincoln in Kentucky and that Enloe had correspondence with him.  He added that Enloe sent something to Nancy but “had to be very cautious to keep his wife from finding it out.”

It’s worth mentioning that according to a biographical description, “Abraham Lincoln did no more resemble Thomas Lincoln, his reputed father, than did the rankest stranger, either physically or intellectually.”

Then Judge Gilmore, who went to the same school in Kentucky as Abraham Lincoln and knew him well, said Thomas Lincoln was “a whisky distiller” and “a very poor man.”  Even though Thomas was illiterate, the judge said young Lincoln “was a bright boy and learned very rapidly” and “was the best boy to work he had ever known.”

4 6

Enloe’s tombstone in Murphy (L) and in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

There also is a soap opera episode regarding the death of Abraham Enloe. According to Don Norris, author of “The Natural Father of Abraham Lincoln,” Enloe died in Murphy, NC while visiting his children and grandchildren. His wife apparently didn’t want the hassle of sending his remains across the mountains to their home and had him buried in the old Methodist cemetery (now Harshaw Chapel Cemetery) in the center of Murphy. 

As a result, there are two tombstones for Abraham Lincoln’s biological father.  One is on a ridge across from the Oconoluftee Visitor Center in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  The other marker is in Murphy where Enloe’s body most likely was buried. Note that the dates on the two tombstones do not match. The later date of death on the Smoky Mountain tombstone leaves open the possibility Enloe’s body was relocated a year later.

Finally, since pictures may be worth more than all these words, compare two more photos of Abraham Lincoln and his half-brother Wesley M. Enloe. Note the similarity in their body structures and stances.

v b






Elvis hologram - glimpse of what government might do

On April 25, 2007, Celine Dion walked on stage and sang a duet with Elvis Presley who died 30 years earlier in 1977. It was hologram magic.

CLICK HERE to be entertained with their wonderful rendition of “If I can Dream” while being reminded you no longer can trust what you see.

Let it also be a reminder about the government’s Project Blue Beam which reportedly will use advanced hologram technology to project life-like images of great religious icons to help manipulate mankind into a new world order.

Until then, Elvis may be making a return performance this year in a new hologram stage show in Las Vegas according to a July 13, 2015 AXS article by Jack Dennis.

“An entire new generation of fans will be introduced to the King of Rock and Roll with up to 15 performances currently being considered in the planning stages,” the article says.

“The buzz around Las Vegas this week is that Pulse Evolution, the innovators who own the creative rights to generating holograms for Elvis, Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali, and Marilyn Monroe, is actively working on Presley now.”











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