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» Malibu space signals inspire new music album
» The soul according to researcher Linda Moulton Howe
» Winter of 2015 - Mother Nature didn't do it
» Pastor: ETs are God's creations too
» Apparition of Jesus caught on camera
» Jesus' crucifixion nails - lost and found







Brief history of Malibu signals -- In May 2014, the public learned about a massive ancient structure 1.4 miles beneath the ocean’s surface and six miles off the coast of Malibu, California. It’s reported to be 2.5 miles wide with a 500-foot-thick roof supported by pillars that are 600 to 630 feet tall. Many believe it is an ancient but active ET base because so many UFOs are seen flying in and out of that part of the ocean. 
Later that summer, a ham radio operator picked up unusual signals. With his WWII U.S. Army experience pinpointing locations of Japanese broadcasts, he determined the signals were coming from the Malibu undersea structure.


Malibu space signals inspire new music album

By Mary Joyce, website editor

Songwriter and lead guitarist Merrell Fankhauser burst on the musical scene in the early sixties with a new musical sound – California instrumental surf.  Five decades later, Merrell still is remembered for top hit surf songs such as “Wipe Out!” which he and his band have performed for national and international audiences.

Merrell Fankhauser now and then

Today Merrell once again has created a new musical sound which he describes as “instrumental surf with a sci-fi twist.”  It was inspired by the mysterious radio signals coming from the undersea structure off the Malibu Coast.

“Michael Luckman, director of the New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research, sent me a recording of the Malibu radio signals,” Merrell explains. “He knows my interest in UFOs and asked what I thought of the signals.  I immediately heard a song in my head and sat down and wrote it down in about 15 minutes.  Then I called in my band and within three hours we had it done.”

The inspiration didn’t stop after one song.  The second came just as quickly.

“I couldn’t even believe I was playing it,” he said, “because I didn’t even know what I had played. It gave me goose bumps when I listened to it.”

This time he imagined the song being played on piano, violin and cello, so he switched from guitar to piano and called in his violinist Sal Garza.

“It came out with a kind of symphonic sound,” he says, “and I got really inspired and just kept writing songs.”

Merrell created enough songs for a brand-new album he’s titled “Signals from Malibu.”
CLICK HERE to listen to a sample song titled “Messages from the Dome.”

This is not the first time Merrell’s songs have been inspired from space.  His song “Calling from a Star” came to him after his first and only UFO sighting.

“I was at the top of Haleakala Crater in Maui about 1974 with my band MU just to see the sunset,” he explains. “Right after the beautiful sunset, we were standing on a hill above the observatory. All of a sudden this bluish-greenish light came down right in front of us and on to the floor of the crater.  It lit up the crater floor.

“We all went ‘Whoa, what is that?’  Then not more than a minute later, two more lights came out of the first light. They started shining a light around from one to the next so that an inverted pyramid was formed.  We were all just amazed.

“We watched it for a good four minutes or more; then the lights went back together as one and in the blink of an eye, it shot straight up and disappeared. To this day, that is my one and only UFO sighting, but it was a good one and inspired the song ‘Calling from a Star.’

Merrell used the same title, “Calling from a Star,” as the title for his autobiography which is available at




Linda Moulton Howe graduated with a Master’s Degree in Communication from Stanford University in 1968 and immediately embarked on a documentary film career investigating science, medicine and the environment.  Later she dove into subjects she often labels as “high strangeness” – cattle mutilations, ET abductions, UFOs and crop circles.  Her investigations have taken her around the globe and have won her many awards including Emmys.

She is best recognized as a regular contributor on the “Coast to Coast AM” radio program and the History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens,” but she has been on all the major television networks, lectured at national and international conferences, authored several books and covers cutting-edge topics on her website.

The soul according to researcher Linda Moulton Howe

Mary Joyce, website editor

During her decades of investigative reporting, Linda Moulton Howe has interviewed many people who’ve had near-death experiences where their hearts and brains have completely flatlined. Yet when they miraculously returned to life, they described to her astonishing experiences that occurred during the time they were physically dead to the world.

So if the brain is flatlined, what is experiencing life beyond death? 

“You have to come to the soul, that the soul is the animator of consciousness, not the brain,” Linda said during a February 20, 2015 interview with Daniel Liszt.

“When you look at Plato, you look at all of the old philosophers, they were definitely plugged into something that we’re saying, that there is no real death . . .  and if we really did know, if we lived it, the wakes of the Catholics would make sense, that it (death) is a celebration of another step in a recycling that’s going to go into another container that will have that knowledge from this life and on, and on, and on it goes.

“On this planet there are societies of humans that I think have had some of that perspective, but for the most part in the 21st Century, we are emphasizing only the most physical and people are even afraid to use the word soul in some circles. . . .

“If we could connect the knowledge of the soul and all of its recyclings with the engine of the brain and the container of the body, what humans could do would probably shock.”

Later in the interview, Linda takes the recycling of souls a step further, perhaps a step too far for some people.  She talks about “ET Resurrection Technology” which she has learned about over a 35-year period during her interviews with more than 1,500 people who have been abducted by extraterrestrials. 

While speaking about the apparent reality of this ET technology, she says there also is a “powerful other interdimensional interaction between what has been called angels, what has been called other dimensions, that seem to have a closer relationship to the Divine field.”

CLICK HERE and go to the 1:47:58 time mark to learn about ET Resurrection Technology.



Winter of 2015 - Mother Nature didn’t do it

By Mary Joyce, website editor

Cold weather records have been broken this winter from the Upper Midwest to Key West, but there’s evidence Mother Nature didn’t do it

The above HAARP status map from February 11, 2015 shows intense HAARP activity where the U.S. has been hit hard this winter with record-shattering cold temperatures; and in many areas record snows.  This weather connection is nothing new.  Since 2012, we’ve noticed the correlation.  That was the year HAARP intensity literally went off the chart just before Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast.  The story is in the 2012 archives of this section of the website; it’s titled “HAARP off chart as Hurricane Sandy targets East Coast.”


Though HAARP manipulation of our weather is newsworthy, the national media doesn’t touch the story.  It also has become more difficult to find HAARP status maps. Once we could find them daily on the Internet. Now that seems to be impossible.  For example, this posting was written on February 19, 2015 and the most recent status map we could find was from February 11, 2015.

This photo of a Boston street was taken the day after the above HAARP status map was posted.


If you’re not familiar with HAARP, it’s a massive electromagnetic tool whose publically stated purpose is to study the Earth’s ionosphere which can affect military and civilian communication and navigation systems.  However, there is growing evidence it is used to interfere with communication systems, manipulate weather and initiate earthquakes.

In 2011, a man who helped create HAARP told us it was designed to destroy an enemy by creating extreme weather conditions. He called it a “bloodless tool of war.” Today, some people believe it is being used to help break national economies so Globalists can run the world without interference from individual countries.



Rev. Michael J. Carter is an interfaith minister who pastored churches in New York before moving to Asheville, North Carolina where he now serves the Unitarian Universalist congregation in Swannanoa.  He has a Masters of Divinity degree from Union Theological Seminary in New York City and has authored two books – “Alien Scriptures” and “A New World If You Can Take It.”

His background is actually quite diverse.  He was a professional actor in New York for 25 years.  He’s a Reiki master and a diversity and anti-racism trainer who’s been recognized for his work by President Clinton.  He’s also a contactee who’s been on “Ancient Aliens.”


Pastor: ETs are God’s creations too

By Mary Joyce, website editor

Usually articles follow a chronological timeline that leads to a conclusion. This article starts with the conclusion.

Rev. Michael J. Carter’s conclusion is that extraterrestrials (ETs), no matter how they look, are part of God’s creation and with his life experiences and training he hopes to be a bridge builder between all races both earthly and celestial.
“I feel the different ET races come from different places,” he says, “and I believe there is a Galactic Federation of those races who’ve become very concerned about Earth since humankind discovered how to split the atom.”

If you read Michael’s brief biography above, you will notice he is a professional diversity and anti-racism trainer who’s been recognized for his work by President Clinton.

Michael and many of those who know him believe his years of experience in the anti-racism arena have prepared him to help humans overcome their fears of ETs. Yet anti-racism training would not be enough for Michael’s ET/human acclimation mission.  He was put through an ET boot camp which began the night of December 28, 1989.

“That night,” he recalls, “my room lit up with a bluish-white light and there was an individual standing there in a jumpsuit that looked like it was made of aluminum foil.  The being was between three and four feet tall; very, very thin and had a pear-shaped head with wrap-around eyes.  He, maybe she, was a type of Grey ET.  Actually, it was the color of chalk.

“I thought I was going to have a heart attack.  All I could do was pull the cover over my head.  Then I heard this swishing sound and it felt like the temperature changed, like I was not in my warm bed.  When I pulled the covers down, no one was there.”

Michael’s visitations from Grey ETs have continued periodically ever since.  For the first eight months to a year, they arrived twice a month – every full and new moon.

“Now these little guys sometimes wore hoods like the cowls of Renaissance monks,” Michael recalls.  “When they talked to me, they showed me pictures in my mind. They were often very playful, though they would sometimes paralyze me and twice stuck a needle into me – once at the base of my skull; once at the top of my head.  Now that did hurt, but after that my psychic ability noticeably increased.”

On one occasion when Michael was reflective about his life, a Grey glided over to him and gave him a hug. On another occasion, a Grey telepathically communicated that Michael shouldn’t focus on him, the Grey, but on what was being shown to him.  Then Michael saw a picture in his head of praying hands with a lightning bolt through them; perhaps visually showing Michael the  power of prayer.

Another time they showed him two pictures.  The one on the left showed Michael in a three-piece suit at a church pulpit.  This was before he became a pastor.  The picture on the right showed him as a monk.

“I think the little guy showed me my future on my left and a past life on my right,” Michael explains.  “It was like a message that I’d done this before.”

If Michael was shaken to the core when the Greys entered his life, his heart nearly burst with fear when a reptilian came through the wall of his 15th floor New York apartment.

“He just walked through the wall and said, ‘Don’t be afraid’ and sat on my bed.  He was close to seven feet tall. In hindsight, he was beautiful.  Yes, he had lizard skin but with big muscles like he worked out.  His eyes were yellow and the pupils were vertical like cat eyes. He just looked at me, then he touched me and said, ‘Don’t be afraid.  Don’t be afraid.  You’re going to be famous.  You’re going to get a message out.’  Then he just left.”

two guys

Michael already is getting a message out.  He’s written two books that address the topics of ETs in the Bible and in mankind’s future.  He’s lectured widely and appeared on radio and television programs.  He’s most frequently recognized for his appearances on the History Channel’s very popular “Ancient Aliens” program which is in its seventh season. 
In the photo to the left, Michael enjoys a laugh with Giorgio Tsoukalos, host of “Ancient Aliens, when they were both speakers at an Edgar Cayce Foundation conference in October 2014.

A third type of ET walked into Michael’s bedroom the night of July 4, 2013. 

“I sleep on my stomach and when I turned my head around, there was a guy standing there,” Michael says.  “He looked big, had a hoodie on and looked really, really white with blond hair.  He was very human looking but was much bigger.

blue et

“He turned his open palm toward me and a green light shot out of his hand.  When I turned toward him, the light hit me in my stomach and then the guy just dissolved.

“I gotta’ tell you what happened.  At that time, I had a blood clot in my right leg that went from my ankle up to the groin area.  It was huge and my leg was badly swollen.   I was told that if any of it broke off, I could have a stroke or even die.  To my amazement, when I got up the next morning, my leg was back to normal.

“I would like to add that as wonderful, awe inspiring and frightening as contact can be, that is not the point of the matter.  The point is to create a spiritual transformation, a paradigm shift.  We miss the point if we just live at the level of the messenger and not the message.  We human beings have a tendency to do this; to not see the forest for the trees.  We worship the messenger without heeding the message. 

“I am eternally grateful for my experiences and the people and the love and the forgiveness that have shaped my life.  This, at least to my mind, is what contact is all about.  In short, I will know what you believe by how you treat me and the planet.  By our fruits we will know each other.”



Apparition of Jesus caught on camera

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We would like to thank Nancy Talbott, president of the BLT Research Team, Inc., for telling us about this story and for her significant contribution in the writing of this article.  At the end, there is a message from Jesus that came through when the above photo was taken.

Robbert van den Broeke, who many think is the top psychic-medium in Europe, took the above photo of an apparition of Jesus on January 11, 2015. Among many other talents, he has the uncanny ability to produce very clear images of people known to be deceased with ANY camera handed to him.

Of course doubts roar in the minds of skeptics when they hear this, but he’s been able to repeatedly produce such photos under highly controlled and monitored situations.


Nancy Talbott – Robbert van den Broeke – Filmmaker Dan Drasin filming over
Robbert’s shoulder as he takes anomalous photos


We learned about Robbert from Nancy Talbott who is president of the BLT Research Team, Inc. in Cambridge, MA, the world’s only crop circle research organization with multiple consulting professional scientists who carry out crop circle plant and soil analyses and also participate as advisors and liaisons with other scientists.  The team includes properly trained field personnel in the U.S., Canada and many countries in Europe who have been collecting crop circle plant and soil samples since the early 1990s.

In 1997, a BLT fieldworker from The Netherlands contacted Ms. Talbott to ask if the team’s scientists could analyze a white powder which had been left behind after Robbert, then 17, and his sister encountered a massive glowing light ball at their home. 

Following the analysis, Ms. Talbott, who was on a lecture tour through Europe, met Robbert and then witnessed for herself some of the phenomenal events which constantly occur around him.  When she learned Robbert somehow also “knows” exactly when and where new circles in his area will form, she recognized a unique opportunity to learn more about the circle phenomenon.

As a trained researcher, she spent years witnessing and carefully documenting multiple anomalous events as they occurred around Robbert, including seeing two crop circles form in fields right in front of them both in 2001 and 2006. 

She also observed Robbert’s ability to produce images on his camera of people known to have died, so she sought proof again.  For several years, she had Robbert use only her camera on their research trips and then only in her presence.

In 2006, while looking over Robbert’s shoulder at the camera’s LED screen, she personally observed the sudden and very clear appearance of a man’s face which was not visible in the air in front of the lens. 

On a later trip, she watched Robbert use her camera to take 60-plus daylight photos of her recently deceased brother – a man Robbert had never met and whose name he didn’t even know.

The huge range of totally anomalous photos Robbert takes are, although inexplicable, not what is really important.  He has for many years also experienced “knowings” and heard “messages” from the presences whose images appear in the photos.

On the night of January 11, 2015, he felt surrounded by the presence of Jesus Christ.  In his mind’s eye, he saw Jesus before him.  This made him very emotional.  He also felt the presence of the Angel Gabriel.  He then was encouraged to take photos. Jesus appeared in those photos and also gave Robbert a message – one the medium wishes to share with the world.   Since the Dutchman cannot write in English, here is the message as he told it to Ms. Talbott:

Jesus asks that people not join in discrimination toward Muslims. Cartoonists should not misuse the pencil and would do better to stop making offensive/hurtful cartoons and pictures about Islam or any other religion. This is willfully hurting people and causing pain. There is really no sense in making these cartoons, there is no need for it and it is unnecessary -- it is a way to cause trouble and to create worldwide unrest.

Jesus “told” Robbert that people would do well to listen more closely to one another, and with respect -- that it is better to restrain from prejudice against Muslims. Most Muslims have a great innate politeness and eternal fidelity to God; they live every second with God and pray several times a day. Non-Muslims should have a better understanding of this and recognize that most Muslims are not fundamentalists and do not want these attacks either -- that it is only a small group of Muslims that have these “fundamentalist” principles.

It is terrible that attacks are committed in the world (as in Paris).  This is not what the majority of Muslims want, nor is it what Christians want. It is good that people come together to protest against such attacks, but beware: freedom of speech must be practiced with respect and everyone must be accepted as he or she is.

How people experience God is something very personal -- it is vigorous, but also vulnerable. Therefore it is advised not to engage in deliberate ridicule of prophets and saints because this is insulting to those people who hold these figures as icons; the response to such ridicule is very emotional and will unleash only fire and aggression, causing only more attacks to be committed, with more sad and lonely people as a result.

Don't be fooled, dear people, by political leaders who try to convince you that these attacks are the “calling card” of Islam. These terrible actions are carried out by only certain individuals or groups which are not true representatives of this religion. Have respect for one another and for all religions and all races.  

NOTE: For information about the scientific crop circle plant and soil research results see the BLT Research Team’s home page at

To learn more about Robbert van den Broeke’s apparition photos, the white powder analyses, eyewitness accounts of crop circles forming, etc., see reports posted beneath the introduction to his case on his BLT page at and also on Robbert’s website:



Jesus’ crucifixion nails – lost and found


Simcha Jacobovici is a three-time Emmy winner for Outstanding Investigative Journalism.  He has directed and/or produced nearly 30 documentary films and co-authored three books – “The Jesus Family Tomb,” “The Jesus Discovery” and “The Lost Gospel.”  His latest documentary film, “The Nails of the Cross,” has stirred up international attention. The following information and photos come from multiple sources including a December 17, 2014 posting on his website and a recent biography.


“What we are bringing to the world is the best archeological arguments ever made that two of the nails from the crucifixion of Jesus have been found,” says Simcha Jacobovici who has been following this story for five years.

“Do I know 100-per-cent they are them? I don't. [But] if you look at the whole story, historical, textual, archaeological, they all seem to point at these nails being involved in the crucifixion.”

two nails

Jacobovici says two Roman nails were found in the tomb of Caiaphas, the Jewish high priest who orchestrated the plot to kill Jesus, when his tomb was discovered in 1990.

“The Israeli archaeologists who excavated the tomb did not photograph the nails, draw them or catalog them,” he says.  “In fact, the Israel Antiquity Authorities (IAA) lost them or, more correctly, misplaced them.  And that was that.  No headlines and no fanfare.”

Then in 2010, Jacobovici located two nails in the forensic anthropology lab of Tel Aviv University.  The director of the lab, Professor Hershkovitz, said he had received the nails from the IAA a decade earlier – the time of the Caiaphas tomb discovery.

“Based on their size, shape and the fact that their ends were bent, Professor Hershkovitz surmised that they were crucifixion nails,” says Jacobovici, “most probably used to secure the hands of a crucified man.

“Based on the above,” Jacobovici says, “I concluded that the crucifixion nails in Professor Hershkovitz’s lab are the missing nails from the Caiaphas tomb, and that they must have been the very nails driven through Jesus’ hands.”

One of my staunchest critics was Geo-Archaeologist Dr. Aryeh Shimron (R).  He said that the whole theory was farfetched but that, in theory, it could be scientifically tested. I asked him if he would do the science.

“His answer was: ‘You probably won’t like what I find.’ In response, I said that I was just interested in the truth.”

The scientific testing took several years but Jacobovici says the findings were “nothing less than astounding.”


“Dr. Shimron discovered that the Caiaphas tomb has a unique chemical signature, derived from flooding, perhaps from a nearby aqueduct. He also found that the nails in Professor Hershkovitz’s lab perfectly match the Caiaphas tomb’s chemical signature. In fact, he was able to trace the nails to the bone box of the High Priest himself.

“But more than this,” Jacobovici continues, “he even found traces of phosphorous on the nails, indicating contact with bones. Most dramatically, while examining the nails under an electron microscope with Dr. Vitaly Gutkin, he found pieces of ironized wood still adhering to the nail!

“Switzerland’s Dr. Werner Schoch, the world’s foremost expert on ancient wood, was able to identify the species of wood as cedar.


ossuary pointing man

Ossuary or burial bone box of Caiaphas – Actor Anthony Quinn as Caiaphas

“So it’s now a fact – not conjecture – that Caiaphas, the man who is identified with Jesus’ crucifixion, took two crucifixion nails with him to the grave.

“Are these the very nails that were driven through Jesus’ hands? And if so, why did Caiaphas want to be buried with them?”











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