Sky Ships Over Cashiers


How to Report Sightings


You can report Sky Ship (UFO) sightings or any other cutting-edge story to the following post office or email address:

Mary Joyce, editor
Sky Ships over Cashiers
P.O. Box 1084
Dillsboro, NC 28725

In any sighting report, if possible include the following information:

     ● Where you were when you saw the Sky Ship (UFO),

     ● Compass direction of the Sky Ship from your observation point (north, south,
        southwest, etc.),

     ● Date and time of sighting,

     ● Length of time the Sky Ship was observed,

     ● Size of the Sky Ship in comparison to your thumb with arm fully extended,

     ● Color or colors of Sky Ship,

     ● Any physical sensations you might have felt while observing the Sky Ship (tingling,
        feeling of pressure in head, sounds, etc.),

     ● Any witnesses with you,

     ● Your name and contact information.

We will not publish your contact information but please let us know if you want your full name or just your first name used if we post your testimony on the website.



With an increasing number of Sky Ships (UFOs) being seen around the world, we encourage everyone to look up more and keep a camera handy.  Photos always strengthen a sighting testimony or any other story for that matter.


Sky Ships Over Cashiers
P.O. Box 742
Cashiers, NC 28717