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2016 ETs, Bigfoot & other beings

> Try the Bigfoot preference quiz





Try the Bigfoot preference quiz

In November 2015, we established a Bigfoot contact site in an area where multiple large footprints have been found that typically are 16 inches in length.  With hope of establishing trust with the Bigfoot, we began leaving gifts of food at the site.  We introduced one food at a time to determine what they like.

Can you guess which four foods the Bigfoot did not like?

1 w 3
5 6 c 7
8 9 10

Over a month’s time, we delivered food in three different containers.
Which container did Bigfoot actually pick up and carry?

11 352 345

In addition to food, on four occasions we also left nonedible gifts – a butterfly, a bird and a leaf wood burned on balsam wood plus a polished stone. The Bigfoot only took one.

Can you guess which gift the Bigfoot took?

25 474 4747 26



When do the Bigfoot typically visit the gifting site?
(1) Dawn (2) Middle of the day (3) Dusk (4) Middle of the night

QUIZ ANSWERS:  We were really surprised when the Bigfoot didn’t like oranges.  Thinking they might not be familiar with the fruit, we sliced one open.  It didn’t matter; they were not interested in oranges.  As for the other foods, their tastes appear similar to that of many human children.  They don’t like vegetables. Carrots, asparagus and cucumbers were not a hit.  Cucumbers were never touched; carrots were taken once but never again; and there was evidence the asparagus was tried and spit out.

●  The Bigfoot may be afraid to put their hands into manmade containers.  They pushed over the cooler and the basket with the handle to get the food.  Only the basket without a handle was carried down the path.

●  Of the nonedible items left at the gifting site, only the butterfly was taken. This gets more interesting.  For 10 days during the Christmas holidays, none of us was able to bring gifts to the site. When we returned, the butterfly was there. It had been about six weeks since it had been taken.

●  The Bigfoot typically appear at the gifting site at dusk or early in the night.



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