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2016 ETs, Bigfoot & other beings

> Why do Bigfoot take and then return gifts?
> Bigfoot make soap and bathe - honestly!
> Little People tunnels found under Sylva, NC theatre
> One man's encounters with aliens
> Owls linked to Bigfoot and UFOs
> Sasquatch befriends woman
> How to STOP an alien abduction
> Try the Bigfoot preference quiz






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Why do Bigfoot take and then return gifts?
By Mary Joyce, website editor

We’ve been leaving a variety of food at an isolated spot in Bigfoot territory in the high mountains of Western North Carolina since November 2015.  Periodically, we also have left nonedible gifts.  Of the five gifts we’ve left so far, only two were taken – an image of a butterfly wood burned on a thin disk of balsa wood and a mirror.

Then it became puzzling.  The butterfly was returned six weeks later and the mirror only a week after it was taken.  Why?

In an attempt to understand this Bigfoot take-and-return behavior, we contacted several people we thought might have insights into this. The best answer came from Joan Ocean, the world renowned dolphin expert who also has had face-to-face interactions with Bigfoot/Sasquatch in the West Coast Mountains.  Here is what she said:

“Yes, I have experienced on occasion the Sasquatch behavior where they return or comment on something I gave them.  Once a friend of mine gave them a rod for spearfishing. They were appreciative, but when we asked if they would like another one, they said, "No, we have enough."

(R) Joan Ocean

“On other occasions my friend who communicated with them regularly and lived in close proximity to the Sasquatch family, made the female Sasquatch some moo-moo dresses to wear - very large ones!  They kept them for a while (don't know if they tried them on) but then they gave them back.  My friend always kept a tent set up in the woods so when the Sasquatch wanted to give something back; they could put it in the tent.

“They once gave me a 7-inch plastic Sasquatch doll that had moveable arms and legs.  I kept it for a year and then I gave it back for them to give to the little one that had recently been born.  They kept it after that - or maybe they gave it to someone else.

“On some occasions when I gave them things they didn't want, they chose the food they wanted and left the rest.  For example, one day they ignored an entire bag of apples I left for them on the picnic table.  Afterwards I thought that perhaps those apples from the grocery store were GMO apples and they preferred to pick their own apples from trees in the area.  They always liked jars of honey and sandwiches, and especially leftover vegetables that I cooked in foil on the grill.


“I actually learned about this ‘giving back behavior’ from the dolphins I swim with here in Hawaii every day.  Back in 1990, a dolphin swam to me with a leaf on his pectoral fin and right in front of me shook his fin and released it.  I was so amazed to see a 'wild' dolphin bring me a leaf that he had found.  So I tucked it into my bathing suit and brought it home to save forever - a gift from a dolphin!  

“Then on another day, the dolphins showed me how they play with leaves in the ocean. First, one dolphin caught it and then he released it for another to catch.  They played this catch-and-carry-the-leaf game for a long time.  That was when I realized I wasn't supposed to take the leaf gift home; I was meant to play the game with them.  From that time on, I never took another one away. To this day, we pass the leaf back and forth, diving down, coming up, and often playing for hours with many swimmers and many dolphins. 

“The Sasquatch often left me special stones as gifts.  Only now am I realizing the inter-dimensional capabilities of some of these stones.  They are more than mere rocks.”

Learn more about Joan Ocean’s work at





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This photo of a Bigfoot in a creek reportedly was taken in 1995 near Mt. Rainier in Washington by a forest game officer.  Sam Houston National Forest is the green area north of Houston.

Bigfoot make soap and bathe – honestly!
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Bigfoot are known for their foul, pungent odor so people assume they simply are dirty and smelly creatures.  However, researchers say the smell is deliberately released to repel people who get too close, a bit like a skunk. Whatever the case, one Bigfoot experiencer says Bigfoot actually make soap and bathe.

Thomas Hughes lives in Bigfoot territory about 20-30 miles from the western edge of the Sam Houston National Forest in Texas.  Since he was seven years old, he has roamed the land and seen, heard and interacted with Bigfoot.

“I consider them my neighbors so to speak since we share the land,” Thomas says.  “They live their way; I live my way.  Sometimes we come together; sometimes we don’t.  We simply live in the same place and we share the land.

“One of the things I’ve been seeing at the ponds and water tanks around here in this area since I was a kid is scummy soap suds,” he says, “but I couldn’t figure out what chemical was bubbling up from the bottom of the ponds or tanks that would cause that to happen.  I couldn’t come up with anything, nothing that leaves a residue like that.

“Then a woman gave me somewhat of an education,” he continued. “Looking at photo- graphs taken on my land, she noticed that I have yellow root growing.  She explained that the Bigfoot will pick the yellow root and pulp it with a stone or hard piece of wood so the juices of the plant are running out. Then they mix it with water and use it like soap.

“So I tried this myself.  What I found is that after you pulp the yellow root and rub it on yourself with water, it suds up just like soap does. It resulted in scummy soap suds like I’ve been seeing around here since I was a kid.  Mystery solved.” 

In case you’re ever camping and need some Bigfoot soap, here are photos to help you identify yellow root. It is significant that it long has been used as a natural antibiotic.

soap3 soap4 soap5





Cherokee Little People tunnels were found when the Lyric Theatre in Sylva, NC was being constructed on Main Street in 1927. The white building in the foreground with the arched window is First Citizen’s Bank which still stands today.

Little People tunnels found under Sylva, NC theatre
By Mary Joyce, website editor

Sometimes emails pile up and are forgotten but, thank goodness, not erased.  This one from Wes Hill should have been posted long ago.

“Good morning. I recently read your book on the Cherokee little people, and I found it to be absolutely fascinating. I am in the process of doing some research for a book concerning a murder that happened in the Balsam area in the 1920s, and I found something that might interest you.

“As I browsed through the microfilm at the Sylva library, I noticed an interesting headline. I’ve attached the scan of the article for the July 6, 1927 issue of the “Sylva Herald” that describes the discovery of tunnels under the old Lyric Theater site on Main Street in Sylva. I didn’t remember a mention of this in your book, so I thought I would send it along. Again, thanks for a great read, and I hope you have a great holiday.”

mb paper

A 2016 photo of the Mad Batter restaurant which occupies the old Lyric Theatre building,
and the original 1927 article about ancient tunnels discovered beneath the theatre

The original article from “The Sylva Herald” is retyped below for easier reading.

July 6, 1927

“Workmen excavating for the new Lyric Theatre building on Main street dug into what appears to be the remains of two ancient tunnels, or perhaps only one tunnel, the connection between the two having been filled in sometime during the centuries.  One was from the east to west and the other north and south.  In one Mr. John Sheppard, who is in charge of the excavating work found a pine knot, still in good state of preservation.  The tunnels are from 12 to 15 feet under the surface of the ground, and are only large enough for a man to crawl into, though, it is probable that they were much larger at one time, having gradually filled up leaving only the small space at the arched top.  There has been much speculation as to how the tunnels were made and as to who made them – the Indians, the mound builders, or some race that preceded them upon the continent.”

After reading the 1927 article, I’m convinced it describes ancient Cherokee Little People tunnels for several reasons.  First, downtown Sylva is within six miles of other sites where small ancient tunnels have been found south of town and at Western Carolina University.  Second, the downtown tunnels have arched tops like others that have been discovered.  Third, all the tunnels that have been uncovered are so small that a normal-size man must crawl to get inside them.




One man’s encounters with aliens

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We were contacted on March 15, 2016 by a Roger Taggert in High point, NC who has had several incidents with aliens spread over many years beginning in 1972. He briefly shared three of his experiences. 

●  “I have seen aliens several times up close,” he wrote in an email.  “Once one had me by my wrists and I told it to let me go in the name of Jesus. I could not open my eyes yet I actually could see the alien through my eyelids. The third time I commanded it to go, my eyes finally popped opened and I saw the alien cock its head a little and release me.  Then it backed away into thin air.

“Aliens can be persistent,” he emphasized, “but using the name of Jesus sends them away and will get you out of the paralysis they put you under.”

●  He said his very first alien encounter was much simpler.  “That alien was about six feet tall and looked like a glowing mannequin with no details to the face; its eyes and mouth were not visible to me.”

●  The third incident occurred one day when he lay down on his bed for a nap.

“For about 15 minutes, I was sleeping on and off,” he wrote.  “Then I was wide awake and I could see myself going into another place and then back into my bedroom, yet I was still propped up on my large pillows. Now, as you can see in image one, I saw to the right of my head this long silver metal beam inlaid with lapis lazuli blue.  Within the blue were rows and rows of silver symbols that looked like hieroglyphics.

“When I bent over to get a closer look at the writing, a flash of white light went off from the beam and I started going under and being paralyzed.  I opened my mouth and said ‘Jesus.’  Suddenly I was in front of myself looking at my face jerk and go, jerk and go - like it was in slow motion. It was like my face was divided into three or four pieces that were coming back together.”


NOTE: Dr. Jesse A. Marcel, Jr. (R) is shown holding an I-beam found in 1947 at the famous UFO crash site in Roswell, New Mexico.  It seems to have similarities with the beam this witness has reported.

Below is the diagram Marcel drew of the Roswell I-beam.








Owls linked to Bigfoot and UFOs
By Mary Joyce, website editor

I never would have picked this book off the shelf to read until two Bigfoot experiencers, Samantha and Jack, told us about their encounter with giant owls near a Bigfoot home base in the high mountains of Western North Carolina.

“Everything seems much larger over there,” Samantha told us back in August 2015.  “The rocks are huge. I have large rocks on my land but those on Jack’s land are enormous.  When you see footprints, they’re much larger.  Then there’s the big brown or beige panther.”

“Even the owls are bigger,” Jack added.

“Oh, they’re the largest owls
you’ve ever laid eyes on,” Samantha responded.  “They’re gigantic. The big ones are at least 3½ feet tall with an 8-foot wingspan. Last night there were so many of them – five or six owls just flying back and forth.  One was right above us and its eyes were pitch black.”

“I’ve never seen eyes like that,” Jack added.  “I’ve got a real powerful spotlight and I was shining it right in its face and there was no shine, no shimmer, no reflection at all whatsoever.  I’ve never seen anything like that before and I’ve seen a lot of owls.”

According to Mike Clelland, author of “THE MESSENGERS,”owls often are seen along with UFO sightings and alien contacts and abductions. To his surprise, his research turned up so many cases that his book is 378 pages in length.

Well, Samantha and Jack were in a very active Bigfoot location the night of the giant owls; it’s an area known for many UFO sightings too.

But there’s also a direct link between Bigfoot and UFOs according to Bigfoot researcher Kewaunee Lapseritis, author of “The Sasquatch People.”  His 238 page book includes information conveyed by a dying Sasquatch:

“The dying Sasquatch said that contact had been made to his people by the United States military because our government knew the truth and importance of the Bigfoot/UFO connection.  Some Sasquatch are ‘recruited’ by a certain race of Starpeople.  The Sasquatch are the ET’s ‘ground crew’ to mine certain minerals, do the heavy work, act as sentries, spy for them, and so on.


The dying Sasquatch also relayed a glimpse of the dark side of the U.S. military:

“The Sasquatch man told Pam that military personnel had lured him and two other Sasquatch into a building under the pretense of being their friend.  The military used some form of electromagnetic device to block his use of telepathy and to stop him from dematerializing.  Then they gave the creature food with a powerful sedative in it.  Once unconscious, they injected an implant to the back of his skull in order to monitor and follow his every move.  He was enraged by this deceit.”

So the research of these two authors indicates that Samantha and Jack have found a spot where three paranormal phenomena come together:  giant owls, Bigfoot and UFOs.




Sasquatch befriends woman
By Mary Joyce, website editor


Kelly Lapseritis
(L) loves being outdoors in nature and follows the ways of the Native American people.  She also is intuitive, clairvoyant and able to communicate with souls from other worlds, dimensions and levels of consciousness – angels, extraterrestrials and Sasquatch.

She says her Sasquatch friends even introduced her to her husband, Kewaunee Lapseritis.  That was on December 12, 2012 and they were married in July 2014. Kewaunee is the author of “The Psychic Sasquatch and their UFO Connection” and “The Sasquatch People and their Interdimensional Connection.”

Below is an abbreviated account of Kelly’s first meeting with a Sasquatch named George.  The drawings and photos are hers.
                                                                  – The Editor

On February 2, 2013, Kelly took a walk in her “secret wooded area” near her Arkansas home. She was in a peaceful mood.  When she came upon a tight cluster of four trees (R), she decided to stand within them.

“I closed my eyes and sang the song ‘Hallelujah’ by Jeff Buckley which had been going through my mind for over a week.  As I was finishing the song, a very distinctive hairy face appeared before me with a big grin.

“I finished the last few words of the song as I observed him and felt the love radiating from his being. As soon as I was finished singing, without a pause, I said ‘Hi, what’s your name?’  In a deep voice with a Native-American accent, the man answered by saying ‘My name is George.  Your song is beautiful.’ I thanked him and sent him love from my heart.

“Despite the fact that I was becoming aware of just how bizarre this was, I felt very comfortable with him. As if reading my thoughts of curiosity, he stepped back a few feet so that I could see his entire body. I was bewildered for a few moments as I soaked in the enormity and overwhelming presence of this hairy man. I quickly realized that George was the Sasquatch person that visited me in a very profound and life-changing dream just a week before.

“George looked to be about 8 feet tall with long rust-colored hair covering his entire body except for the features of his face.  His gigantic shoulders leaned forward as he stood supporting himself with a large crooked walking stick. He had such kind and wise eyes; in no way could they be mistaken for anything other than a loving person, there was nothing animalistic about him.

“I looked down at his feet; indeed they were big. I thought to myself “Bigfoot” and chuckled in my mind, and he joined me in my amusement. I forgot for a moment that he could read my mind, but I was very pleased to know that he was not offended by my thoughtless stereotyping. In my mind, I thanked him and told him that I was thrilled to see him.

“I was curious about his name since most forest people have exotic names from another language. I asked him how he got the name George, to which he responded, ‘My Mother liked the name.’ Later I learned that the name George literally means ‘Earth Worker,’ so this name is actually very fitting for a person of the forest.

“It was apparent to me that George was as curious about me as I was of him. He was allowing me to interrogate him and I had a sense that we were reuniting and bonding after many decades of separation.

“I asked him why he walked with a stick and he told me that he received an injury as a child when his father was killed. I felt a tinge of sadness from him and did not press for details of this unfortunate event.

“I told him that he was beautiful and his presence was light and loving. With deep love in his eyes, George told me that I have a beautiful soul and that he has been watching me and waiting for me for a long time and that he was proud and honored to have me in his family. He also told me that he was very pleased with how far I had come spiritually and how well grounded I was, especially while going through the hardest emotional time of my life. He reassured me that he already knew my life and my heart, and that was why he was there. He stated a serious promise to me that he will always be there when I need him.


“As much as I was enjoying my new friend, it was time for me to make the short walk back home. It occurred to me how odd it was that the creature known as Bigfoot would inhabit a wooded area so close to a residential neighborhood. Reading my thoughts, George answered me with his mind and said that he did not live there, but it was the right time and place for him to introduce himself to me.

“He said that he was multi-dimensional and that he could be wherever he wanted to be at any moment. He turned his back to me and started in the direction of a creek and asked me to follow him to an area that I had long suspected to be a portal. I apologized to him and said that I would love to but that I really must return home now as I was already expected to have returned. I asked him if he would like to follow me home, and he readily agreed and was thankful for the suggestion.
“We walked slowly in the direction of my home with George following about five steps behind me. We talked about many personal things and he presented questions to me which inspired deep thought and answers that I had never even considered. Although only minutes had passed since he appeared before me, I was already bonding with him and felt a significant heart and soul connection between us. He was just like my big brother, always there with advice and protection.


“We arrived together at my driveway and I invited him into my home to see where I live and meet my family. He was really just humoring me at this point. Of course he knew where I lived and who I lived with. . . .

“I explained to George that he could come and visit me anytime he wished and that he could also help himself to anything in my home and showed him where the food was. I thanked him for revealing himself and for the fellowship that we shared. He grinned and nodded, turned in the direction of the front door, and proceeded to walk right through it as he telepathed a promise to me that I would see him again soon. . . . This was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me, and I knew that it was an answer to prayer. . . . I knew that meeting him would change my life. . . .”




alien How to STOP an alien abduction

Joe Jordan
(R) is the MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) State Section Director for Brevard County, FL known as Florida’s Space Coast.  He also is president and co-founder of the CE4 Research Group which focuses on documenting and halting alien abductions.

This second organization was created after Joe realized that most of his fellow MUFON investigators didn’t want to touch the subject of alien abductions for fear of being ridiculed by their peers who prefer to investigate UFO hardware.

Joe once thought the same way and was a professed atheist, but that changed when an overwhelming number of abductees told him they were able to stop their alien abductions by simply asking Jesus to help them.  Eventually, he became a Christian and has since documented at least 400 abduction cases that were stopped by simply asking for Jesus’ help.  Below are four of those cases. While the original testimonies are lengthier, only the parts about stopping the abductions are reported here.  Complete testimonies can be read at the CE4 Research Group website. – The Editor

HOWARD:  Then all of a sudden it came into my mind that I had to love them.  . . . when the real Greys did show up I sent love to them and they recoiled like it harmed them!  Love seemed to be a weapon against them, so whenever they showed up that is what I did. I didn’t understand how love harms them yet violence doesn’t.  I puzzled over this and eventually found the answer in the Bible - Matthew 5:54: “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.”

HEATHER: I awoke in the middle of the night.  I immediately was fearful and sensed two dark beings at the end of my bed.  The room had the most putrid odor I had ever smelled; I can only describe it as the smell of pure evil.  I tried to scream for my husband but my mouth would not move and I was paralyzed.  I then heard (telepathically) one being say to the other “What do you want to do to her?”  Since I heard them I figured they could hear me so I thought to them “You have no right to be here, I am a child of Jesus.”  Immediately they were gone and I fell back to sleep. 

JASON: I was asleep in my basement bedroom when I woke up suddenly and noticed three beings standing at the foot of the bed. I was completely paralyzed and overcome with terror and immediately sensed these beings were evil. . . . The leader reached down and grabbed my arms with his hands on my biceps and lifted me out of bed. I felt almost completely weightless like a helium balloon. When I was in a standing position, but not touching the floor, his mouth opened wide and he breathed a furnace-hot blast of sulfur-smelling air in my face. Then we began to rotate and sink headfirst in the floor.
I thought they were taking me to hell and I said, “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus”, and instantly I was back in my bed, my heart was pounding out of my chest and I was soaked with sweat. For a long time it didn’t cross my mind that I had experienced a classic “alien” abduction until I saw some other people’s stories that mirrored mine.

KRYSTAL: I saw an evil spirit materialize next to my bed even though I could not perceive its shape. Before I was able to speak, it tried to physically attack me by probing my neck and I was paralyzed a moment and could not speak. So I lifted my pinky up in the air and spelt out “Jesus help.” Immediately the evil spirit released its grip and I yelled “leave in the name of Jesus and do not come back again.” The evil spirit left and was gone. 

WEBSITE DISCLAIMER: For those who visit the CE4 Research Group website, you will find the organization believes ALL aliens or extraterrestrials are evil.  We do not.  Yes, the grey and reptilian ETs are responsible for evil and terrorizing abductions of humans, but there also are benevolent ETs such as the Pleiadians who look like a more perfected form of human beings and do not conduct abductions or terrorize people.




Try the Bigfoot preference quiz

In November 2015, we established a Bigfoot contact site in an area where multiple large footprints have been found that typically are 16 inches in length.  With hope of establishing trust with the Bigfoot, we began leaving gifts of food at the site.  We introduced one food at a time to determine what they like.

Can you guess which four foods the Bigfoot did not like?

1 w 3
5 6 c 7
8 9 10

Over a month’s time, we delivered food in three different containers.
Which container did Bigfoot actually pick up and carry?

11 352 345

In addition to food, on four occasions we also left nonedible gifts – a butterfly, a bird and a leaf wood burned on balsam wood plus a polished stone. The Bigfoot only took one.

Can you guess which gift the Bigfoot took?

25 474 4747 26



When do the Bigfoot typically visit the gifting site?
(1) Dawn (2) Middle of the day (3) Dusk (4) Middle of the night

QUIZ ANSWERS:  We were really surprised when the Bigfoot didn’t like oranges.  Thinking they might not be familiar with the fruit, we sliced one open.  It didn’t matter; they were not interested in oranges.  As for the other foods, their tastes appear similar to that of many human children.  They don’t like vegetables. Carrots, asparagus and cucumbers were not a hit.  Cucumbers were never touched; carrots were taken once but never again; and there was evidence the asparagus was tried and spit out.

●  The Bigfoot may be afraid to put their hands into manmade containers.  They pushed over the cooler and the basket with the handle to get the food.  Only the basket without a handle was carried down the path.

●  Of the nonedible items left at the gifting site, only the butterfly was taken. This gets more interesting.  For 10 days during the Christmas holidays, none of us was able to bring gifts to the site. When we returned, the butterfly was there. It had been about six weeks since it had been taken.

●  The Bigfoot typically appear at the gifting site at dusk or early in the night.



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