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Witness Testimonies
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2015 Witness Testimonies

» Huge dark gray UFO seen from Newland, NC
» UFO repeatedly seen northwest of Asheville
» Swirling vapor from UFO encircles man
» Five very bright lights in a cloud


Newland, NC (red marker) is just north of Linville and about ten miles west of
Grandfather Mountain, a well-known tourist destination.

Huge dark gray UFO seen from Newland, NC

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We received a phone call from Louise Shissler on February 13, 2015 about her recent UFO sighting in Newland, NC on February 11, 2015. There were two of us on the line and here is what she told us about her high mountain sighting. Please note there was another sighting report that same evening from the same general area. That testimony follows this one.

About an hour before sunset on February 11, 2015, Louise braved the cold for a quick walk.  When she looked toward the south-southwestern sky, she saw a “huge oval-shaped UFO hovering in the saddle between two mountains.”

At arm’s length, she said the UFO “was as wide as three of my knuckles.”  This indicates the object was quite large because a thumb at arm’s length easily covers a full moon.

She described the dark gray UFO as being “non-reflective and opaque” and encircled with white light. She said the object must have been mechanical because “it was sharp edged” as was the circle of light around it.

Louise said the UFO didn’t move during the 15 minutes she watched it.  When asked how it disappeared, she said she headed back home before it disappeared because it was so cold that evening.



UFO repeatedly seen northwest of Asheville

  We received this testimony via email on February 13, 2015 from Ariana who lives in the Asheville/Woodfin area of North Carolina.

We have been observing a light in the night sky from our front porch.  It appears randomly above the tree line – different days and different times.  It is a white-yellow light with a tint of red on the edges and is brighter than a star or satellite.  It is not a tower, a streetlight or house because it appears in different parts of the sky when it appears.

I filmed the light on February 11, 2015 around 7:30 p.m.  It is about a 10 minute-video but it’s too large to send via email.  When I have shown it to a few people, they can’t think of anything that could offer an explanation for this. I was wondering if anyone else in the Asheville/Woodfin area is seeing this light.



Swirling vapor from UFO encircles man

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We received a phone call on February 5, 2015 from John Dyer who lives west of Bryson City, NC on lower Alarka Road.  He wanted to report his unique UFO experience that happened about 10 hours earlier. There were two of us on the phone with John.  Here is a summary of what he told us over the phone.

In the early morning hours of February 5, 2015, about 2 a.m., John stepped outside his home and looked up at the sky.  He saw about 16-20 white-light UFOs in the sky arranged in a square.  He estimated the square of lights was about 2,000 feet in the air and that there was equal spacing between each of the UFOs.

When we asked him how big the square was, he said if he extended his arm straight out in front of him that his open hand could not cover the entire square of lights.

Then his story became more unusual.  He said a swirling vapor came down from one of the UFOs and encircled him for about 10 minutes. 

He said he immediately yelled out for his friend, Tristan Ball, to come outside.  He wanted a witness.

From inside the swirling vapor, John said the vapor was thick but translucent.  From outside the swirling vapor, Tristan saw a black sheen that sometimes rippled through the vapor.  When it did, it partially blocked John from his view. As he told us this, we thought of UFO cloaking technology.

When we asked John if he felt anything, he said “amazement” and that he felt like “spirit warriors” were encircling him to protect and help him.



clyde sky

clyde map

View of the Pisgah Mountains near Clyde, North Carolina

Five very bright lights in a cloud

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This brief eyewitness testimony was sent to us at 3:45 a.m. on December 30, 2014 from a couple who observed strange lights in the sky while driving home to Tennessee after spending their Christmas holiday in North Carolina.

My wife and I were traveling west on I-40 this evening at 6 p.m. EST.  Looking outside the driver side window of our SUV, we saw what looked like five very bright lights in a straight line hovering in a cloud.  I was driving but both my wife and I were able to observe the lights between 10 and 15 seconds.  My wife dropped a pin marker on her iPhone GPS and it came up Pisgah National Park around the Clyde area.







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