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2018 - 2023 Witness Testimonies

> Two Navy men saw underwater UFOs from their ships
> UFO flies low over NCís DuPont Forest
> Massive UFO over Great Smoky Mountains National Park
> NFL quarterback's UFO sighting
> A lifetime of UFO sightings, encounters, abductions
> At least 20 UFOs in a line over Sylva, NC
> Request to ETs: "I'm here, show me something."
> Three UFO sightings along Highway 107 in Cashiers
> UFO hovers for 17 minutes near Franklin, NC
> Pilot gives details of his UFO sighting


Two Navy men saw underwater UFOs from their ships
By Mary Joyce, website editor

DAVID HALL, a former E-3 Seaman with the U.S. Navy, saw two UFOs that dove into the water and then followed his ship. Here is his report:

“In 1995 while stationed aboard the destroyer USS Hayler DD-997 somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle, we observed two large bright glowing lights in the sky. They trailed along in the clouds following our ship and then descended rapidly into the ocean.  

“Then we could see two large round glowing circular crafts as they continued trailing our ship for several minutes before diving deep into the ocean.

“We were ordered to our battle stations and started dropping depth charges (bombs for attacking underwater submarines) for about 10 minutes. Those depth charges are very expensive and we didn’t see any debris surface. Then all clear was sounded.  Later we were told that it had been part of our training exercises.”

GREG C. served in the U.S. Navy for 10 years.  Here is his report about seeing huge underwater UFOs on five occasions:

“From 1991 to the end of 1996, I was a Sonar Tech on surface ships tracking submarines all over the world.  During that time, there were five instances at night when we saw huge lights in the water that we had to report as a ‘bioluminescence.’

“Now these were not typical bioluminescence schools of little water bugs.  They were as large as our ship and some were two to three times larger. To give you an idea of their size, we were on destroyers that were about 560 feet long and 60-70 feet wide.

“A school of bioluminescent organisms would not all change colors in unison, but what we saw would appear all pale yellow, turning into all blue, turning into all red.  And, it would whiz beneath our ship at about 45 knots (51-52 mph).”

It would be impossible for tiny bioluminescent sea organisms like these to travel at 50 mph.



UFO flies low over NC’s DuPont Forest

On February 6, 2023, we were contacted by a man who’d recently seen a low-flying UFO over the DuPont State Recreational Forest which is southwest of Hendersonville, North Carolina.  He saw it from Crab Creek Road near the intersection with DuPont Road.  Below is what he reported to us. – The editor

“I observed the object for around three minutes as it traveled from the southwest toward the northeast. It was about half the size of my thumb at arm’s length when I first saw it, but when it flew directly over me, it looked to be about the size of two large SUVs. There was no sound whatsoever.

“From a distance, it was a thin oval of soft flickering light but it blackened out the sky as it flew over me.  It was moving super slow until it was about 100 yards beyond me. Then it pitched up rapidly and went south toward Cedar Mountain.

“About five to six years ago, my wife and I saw another UFO directly over Cedar Mountain when the National Guard had a heavy presence there. I was told that the National Guard was ‘conducting training and aiding in a civil and environmental engineering project’ but what they were doing was confusing and strange – like roads bulldozed all through there that were never used.”



Massive UFO over Great Smoky Mountains National Park

EDITOR’S NOTE: We received the following email from a U.S. Air Force veteran. If you saw the same massive UFO in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the afternoon of Friday, January 6, 2023, please let us know.

“I saw something very strange today. About 3:30 in the afternoon, clear blue skies, enjoying the ride, I was returning from Gatlinburg on 441 through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and had passed the TN line, coming down the mountain when I saw a flash on the left on the ridgeline.

“I then saw a massive silver, metallic object between the peaks. It seemed to be moving in the same direction as I was traveling. It disappeared and showed at the next dip in the ridgeline. I heard no sound, saw no lights or windows. I pulled over. I was trying to rationalize what I saw and couldn't.

“I think it was cigar shaped but I did not see the leading edge or trailing edge, only the center mass. I can't wrap my head around it. I am an Air Force veteran, and have worked the flight line, and nothing about this makes sense. I was curious, frightened and strangely enough very angry afterward. I thought I'd put this out to see if someone else saw it too.”



Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield and his wife Emily

NFL quarterback’s UFO sighting

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield and his wife Emily went public about their UFO sighting over Austin, Texas when they tweeted the following on March 4, 2021:

BAKER: “Almost 100%, Em and I just saw a UFO drop straight out of the sky on our way home from dinner… we stopped and looked at each other and asked if either of us saw it… Very bright ball of light going straight down out of the sky towards Lake Travis.  Anybody else witness this?”

EMILY: I won’t lie… I’m typically not someone who buys into UFO talk. But all I know is… I saw something tonight that I have never seen. And I’m a little thrown off.”

When the media learned about their sighting, Mayfield told them, “I am a firm believer in UFOs and Sasquatch. It is real. I saw it. I am glad the Navy finally confirmed some more pictures. Now everybody doesn’t think I am as crazy. I believe.”

It is reported that other people in the area also saw the UFO.



A lifetime of UFO sightings, encounters, abductions

Kyle McDonald snapped this photo of UFO above a tree line near his home.

We received this report from Kyle McDonald who began having UFO experiences when he lived in the Western North Carolina Mountains, west of Asheville and south of Waynesville.  It is an area where there have been many UFO sightings. His UFO experiences run the gamut.  He’s seen UFOs from afar and up close; has been abducted; and is at least the third generation in his family to have had UFO experiences.  Below is his story. – The editor

My name is Kyle McDonald. I’m 40 years old and was raised in Waynesville, North Carolina. For so, so many years I always, and still to this day, have had very close encounters.  It all started with my mother before I was born, as well as her mother. For me, it started when I was 12 years old. I would have the same vivid dream at least one or two times a week of floating from my bed, down the hallway, and either straight through the roof or through the wall, up along the treetops and into the sky.

Then I would feel like I was falling from a skyscraper!!!
My stomach would literally go up into my chest!! And BOOM!! Instantly, I would wake up back in my bed. These were SOO, SOOO VIVIDLY REAL! But I never can recall anything else.

I remember one night I was staring out the second story window and saw two saucer-shaped craft doing a “dance” together in the sky. One would zip across the sky, then stop instantly! The other would follow.  I yelled for my mom and sister to come watch.  We all went outside on the porch and watched in awe. One saucer came so close I could see the windows along its side.

Fast forward to 1996. I was 15 years old. Three friends and I went camping in Maggie Valley, NC.  My oldest friend had his license and drove a little Chevy truck.  About 11 p.m., we decided to drive to town to grab food from the Waffle House. My friend Jeremy and I decided to ride in the bed of truck. Well, it got cold so we lay down in the bed of the truck to minimize the wind hitting us.

As we were staring up at the sky, we drove underneath a MASSIVE - I MEAN FREAKING HUGE BLACK TRIANGLE!! It was so close; I could have hit it with a rock. We both instantly stood up and started banging on the roof of the cab, yelling “STOP! STOP THE TRUCK!”

My friend Brock stopped the truck and all four of us stood outside the truck and were just mesmerized by the STADIUM-SIZED craft that hovered directly above us!!  The underside of the craft was graphite color and had all these angles cut in it like a diamond.  It was beautiful!

None of us said a word as the craft disappeared, and we just drove in silence to the Waffle House.  It’s so weird because we never really spoke to each other after that night, and we were all best friends before that.

Now I live in Elkin, NC and over the years, I’ve learned how to cope with this gift I have learned that I have.  It may sound crazy, but I telepathically communicate with them and have photos and videos as back-up proof.





Multiple UFOs were seen above the boxed area of Sylva, NC.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We received the following eyewitness testimony on March 8, 2020 from Angela Davis who saw 20 to 30 UFOs that’s same morning over Sylva, NC in the area of the Sav-Mor grocery store and the Dollar Store.

At least 20 UFOs in a line over Sylva, NC

Hello, my name is Angela, and I am of sound mind. I woke up early this morning around 6:30 a.m. With the time change, it was still dark out. I let my two small dachshunds out and then came back outside to look at the sky as I always do because I love to see the starry sky.

Well, I noticed a couple of small white dots, that at first, I thought were stars, but they were moving. Then I looked all around me and noticed that everything else was perfectly still. Then I thought maybe it’s a satellite. But then, I noticed more of them. They were all moving toward the southeast at the same speed, with the same distance between them in a perfect straight line - I mean a perfect straight line! There had to be 20-30 of them, no freaking lie!

Then, here’s the kicker! I looked over to my left and noticed an airplane headed my way. I know it was an airplane; it had all the distinguishing features, like red flashing lights. As it got closer to me and the other objects, I noticed the last one was bigger or had 3 dots in a triangular shape.   When the plane got closer, all of the objects freakin’ went DARK!!! I about had a heart attack!!

I tried to film it, but I was shaking and I couldn’t get my camera to get what I was seeing. I do remember just being entranced!! And I do remember a soft humming sound. I even called the Jackson County Sheriff’s office to report it. They told me to call ASAP if I saw it again! I know they think I’m crazy!! But I swear, I am not crazy, and I’m not looking for anything or attention. I am really shaken up and I know what I saw!! And I know it was real!! Please, please contact me!! I have to talk to someone else about this!!

CLICK HERE to see photos from a similar report from that part of town.





Request to ETs: “I’m here, show me something.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Based on reports we’ve received, more people are seeing UFOs after requesting to see them. Here is a sample report we received on February 13, 2020 from Brad who lives northwest of Columbia, South Carolina.

“On March 1, 2019 I had a very strange experience.  I don't remember exactly what I had been watching, but it was something along the lines of people having the ability to psychically make contact with ETs or spacecraft.

“Then I went outside for a cigarette on my front porch, and just kind of jokingly said to myself (not out loud) “I'm here, show me something.”

“Not a second later, I looked up and noticed what appeared to be a dark, horizontal rectangle, at a very high altitude zipping across the sky.  It was so high that I couldn't make out any detail. It looked similar to when the lead breaks from a mechanical pencil - tiny. 
There were no sounds associated with this. It was a totally surreal experience.

“I was buzzing with excitement and quickly went for my phone.  Unfortunately, I couldn't even make it out on my phone screen it was so tiny, and when I looked back to the sky it was gone. Unfortunately, my psychic abilities seem to have left me. I haven’t been able to repeat this strange coincidental sighting.”





Three UFO sightings along Highway 107 in Cashiers

EDITOR’S NOTE: On August 25, 2019, we met with “Amy” who is a life-long resident of Cashiers, NC.  She told us about three of her UFO sightings in the mountaintop town.  Each was unique, but all were along Highway 107 which runs north and south through Cashiers.

Huge light in sky lights up forest

“My first UFO sighting was probably when I was about 15 years old back in the early 1980s.  My mother and two other family members were coming up to Cashiers from South Carolina.

“It was after dark and just before coming to Found Forest on the westside of Highway 107, the whole forest lit up with light.  It wasn’t like a light from a spotlight or from flashlights.  The whole forest lit up like it was coming from something huge.

“We slowed down and stopped for about a minute.  Though we tried, we couldn’t make out any shape in the sky.  It was just a huge bright light.  Then we continued driving north toward Cashiers but we had second thoughts and turned back.  By then, the light was gone.”

(L) Red mark shows location of Found Forest  

Lake Glenville is north of Cashiers and west of Highway 107.

UFO sucks up water from lake

“My second experience was probably in 1986.  My boyfriend and I had parked at the dam on Pine Creek Road at Lake Glenville just west of Highway 107.  We were a bit early for dinner at a friend’s home so we were just killing time talking and listening to music.   It was probably about 6:30 in the evening.  It was summer so it was daylight.

“Suddenly we looked toward the water and saw a silver disc hovering over the lake.  There were lights going around its circumference and there was a cylinder coming down from underneath the object.  It was actually sucking water up from the lake.

“We turned and looked at each other, silently asking ‘Are you seeing what I’m, seeing?’ We quickly looked back but in the blink of an eye the object disappeared over the mountain – faster than you could think.”

Three orange UFOs looked like Chinese lanterns

“My third experience was about five years ago on Chatooga Woods Road near the High Hampton Inn which also is on Highway 107.  My mother and I were traveling down the road about midnight.  We had just dropped off my aunt at her house.  When we came to a clearing in the trees, three bright orange objects came over the road.  One came over, then another behind it, and then there was a third one.  My Mother said they looked like Chinese lanterns.

“We got the feeling we were only seeing part of something because of the trees.  It was like there was more to it but it was dark and we couldn’t see it

“It was summer and we had the windows rolled down but we heard nothing. There was no sound, no leaves blowing, no trees shaking, only complete dead silence.

Hampton Lake is part of the High Hampton Inn property.

“After the spheres crossed the road, we turned around and onto a back road into High Hampton Inn. There is a big parking area where the maintenance sheds are located.  The spheres came over the parking lot. Again, all we could see were the orange spheres.

“I leaned out the window of my Mom’s van trying to get a photo with my cellphone but the spheres did not show up on my cellphone screen.  My Mom was behind the steering wheel trying to take pictures too but she couldn’t see anything on her cellphone screen either.”



EDITOR’S NOTE:  We received the following UFO sighting report at 5:37 a.m. on Sunday, June 16, 2019 very shortly after the person observed a UFO near J&B Disposal on the Highlands Road (Hwy. 64) between Franklin and Highlands, North Carolina.

UFO hovers for 17 minutes near Franklin, NC

I live in Franklin, NC off of Highlands Road not quite one mile from J&B Disposal.  While looking at whichever planet was visible just left of the moon, I glanced back to my right and saw a UFO at 4:41 a.m. this morning (June 16, 2019).

It made no sound and just hovered for at least 17 minutes with red, green, blue and white lights circling around the circumference of the craft.  As I stared at it, I noticed that the pattern of light flashes was changing.

I’ve lived in flight paths my whole life and lived on a road with an airport for four years. I know when I’m looking at a chopper or airplane or a drone.  This craft was positioned not far above the tree line remaining completely still, aside from the very bright lights circling the craft.

I would estimate that the craft had to be 80 to 100 feet in diameter based on how much bigger it was than my thumb at arm’s length.  The biggest, baddest drone could not compare in size nor emit the amount of light coming from the object.  As far as how a drone behaves, this craft stayed completely still until its decent toward the mountains.




Pilot gives details of his UFO sighting

EDITOR’S NOTE: We received the following UFO sighting report on January 16, 2018 about a sighting in Burnsville, NC on June 6, 2017.  Normally, we wouldn’t post a UFO testimony from that far back unless it included a great photo.  However, this testimony is from a private airplane and helicopter pilot.  Since pilots are very knowledgeable observers, we decided to post his unedited testimony which he provided in a very pilot-like format. He gave us his full name but asked that we not include it.

Location:  Burnsville, NC
Date: June 6, 2017
Time: 15:45 (3:45 pm)

Object description
: disc shaped with apparent dome, bright shiny metallic, highly polished surface like chrome. The disc appeared to be about 100' in diameter.

There were no lights or markers, and no sound, no con trail from the object. Looked like a giant flying chrome hardhat!

Weather: clear sky, one cloud, small cumulus to the SW., temp 72 deg. f.
Note: the afternoon sun was bright and illuminated the object perfectly

Observation: object traveling from the North East toward South West, observed in Eastern sky initially. The disc was in a right banked constant speed turn.

I estimated the speed at 500-600 knots, altitude above ground 2500' (AGL), my elevation here is approximately 3000' (MSL).

The actual distance between myself and the object was less than one half mile, (1/2 mi.)

The disc flew in a slight arc was observed by me for about 10-20 seconds and disappeared into the only cloud in the sky, I did not see it reappear on the backside of the small cloud and do not comprehend why this was not observed by me.



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