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2022 ETs, Bigfoot & other beings

> Sasquatch awakens man sleeping in his car
> Bigfoot imitated turkey to catch one for dinner
> Female Bigfoot rescues little lost boy
> Brand-new Bigfoot book for pre-teens
> A Sasquatch in the basement
> Womanís encounter with Bigfoot family
> Manís face-to-face interaction with Grey ETs
> Little People guided Crow Nationís chief
> How to determine if Bigfoot image is real
> Photos of 14 Bigfoot stick structures
> Eye-to-eye with frightened young Bigfoot
> Sasquatch message for humankind
> Bigfoot sometimes whispers - audio recording
> Abducted woman gave birth to Bigfoot baby
> Mississippi Swamp Ape video looks genuine
> Pointed ELF EARS were and are real
> Man's encounter with tiny man in SC forest
> Mummy is proof of tiny race of people
> DNA reveals Bigfoot is a human hybrid
> Bigfoot POOP - what a whopper!
> Davy Crockett's encounter with "large ape man"



Sasquatch awakens man sleeping in his car

We received the following information from Markus N. Yochim, MsD, who describes himself as a longtime student and teacher of metaphysical subjects.  In his never-ending search for truth, he attended the 2017 Sasquatch conference on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation in Dulce, New Mexico where he had his own Sasquatch experience. Here is his story in his own words. – The editor

“At the Sasquatch conference, an Apache elder was sharing with us how she knew where Sasquatch were located and how they commonly disappeared into large boulders on either side of the Navajo River which flows just north of Dulce, New Mexico.

(L) This image was created by typing “Bigfoot peering from behind a boulder” into the
 DALL-E artificial intelligence system which transforms words into images. (R) Navajo River

“After the conference, I fell asleep in my car and later was awakened by a stench in the air. I also found myself engulfed by a dense and wide beam of high-vibrational sparkling clear light that encompassed me for a very long time, possibly one to three hours while sitting there in my car. Although somewhat scared and overwhelmed, I was not in fear of my life.

Then a male voice in my head asked if I would like to learn along with them.  I replied ‘yes’ with the intent to better understand the Sasquatch and Universal Laws.

“After the clear beam of light stopped shining and the stench went away, I found myself in strong telepathic contact with the Sasquatch for the rest of the day. I perceived a very powerful, serious, stern, strong being of a high order was communicating with me.

“Intermittent communication with the Sasquatch has continued in my dreams ever since that day, especially during the full moon. As with most dreams, I only awake remembering fragmentary pieces of them but images of crumbling buildings in cities and in the countryside repeatedly have appeared. I can’t help but wonder if those dreams are cautionary warnings about mankind’s future. I also think it is significant that I see a Sasquatch with orange eyes observing me during those dreams. 

“On walks after those dreams, I often find things like quartz, unique stones or rocks and feathers right in front of me.  I believe they are tangible confirmations that the Sasquatch dreams were real.” 



A seven-foot-tall Bigfoot passed directly in front of Bobbie Short (R) when she was hiking with friends in the mountains of Northern California in 1985.  That changed her life.  After that, she traveled from California, to the Philippines, to China interviewing people about their Bigfoot encounters.  She also launched the Bigfoot Encounters website and ran it until her death in 2013.

Recently, I stumbled on a 404-page PDF file of the unfinished book she intended to publish.  She titled it “The de facto Sasquatch.”  As you would expect, it is packed with stories of people’s Bigfoot encounters.  The following is a condensed version of one of those stories. – The editor.

Bigfoot imitated turkey to catch one for dinner

WITNESS ACCOUNT: “We purchased a house, large cabin-type, a year ago in an area that backs up to what’s known as the Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky. . . On the side of our property there is a narrow three-foot-wide dirt game trail that goes up into some of the most rugged terrain a man can imagine. . .

“I was half-sleeping, half-reading a book when I heard a gobbler calling.  What a strange air there was about the place that morning. I sat up and listened.  From under this porch where I had been dozing off, there came soft clucking sounds, like turkey hen clucking sounds. . . I relaxed and laid back and then I heard a loud gobble coming from what sounded like a BIG OLE TOM under the porch and it was answered by another TOM clucking in the trees.”

At this point, the man went into his cabin to get his gun and then returned to the porch.

“I laid back on the chaise, the Browning shotgun across my lap and waited, thinking turkey’s ain’t too bright and maybe he would fly up on the porch to get after the good birdseeds (which the Bigfoot may have thought too) but time passed, maybe 30 minutes, with no clucking sounds and then off in the woods I hear them clucking with an occasional gobble.  I figured they moved on, so my enthusiasm diminished some and I fell asleep again.

“I woke up with the sun beating down on my head, sat upright and figured I’d go into the house for a bite of lunch.  I no sooner had got to my feet when straight ahead of me off the porch comes a very loud gobble. .  . I see this crazy thing, this freak of nature, standing on the staircase that leads up to the deck. I jumped back startled, reached for the shotgun, aimed quickly and fired, B-O-O-M!!”

“The shot tore out a bunch of railing, a flower pot and wood went flying, the birds scattered and so did this freak.  The best look I got of it was him leaping off the porch stairs and flying up that dirt path. My hunting buddy comes flying out of the house with a loud “what the hell” and I pointed.  Harold saw what I saw as it fled up the game trail.  We only saw it for a second and it was gone.  I tell you, it M-O-V-E-D. . .”

At this point, the man speculated the Bigfoot may have been after the birdseed as a consolation treat.

Sharp overhanging rocks in the Daniel Boone National Forest

“Down on the dirt path, we discovered tracks of a barefooted man that were 18 inches long, showing five toes on the left foot and four toes on the right one.  Little toe was missing.  The tracks went on for a quarter mile and then left the path and went up a steep precipice with sharp rocks that hung over the dirt path.  It was the perfect place to ambush deer and thinking we could get ambushed, thought better of following the tracks any further. . .

“What we saw was nothing like the Monster Quest television program! This guy was enormous with hair hanging over its face like a sheep dog.  We mostly saw its backside, which was covered in short body hair but little detail of anything else.”



Female Bigfoot rescues little lost boy

The above image was created by typing “Bigfoot and little boy walking in forest at night” into the DALL-E artificial intelligence system which turns words into images. The result is a pretty good match for David Weverka’s account of being rescued by a Bigfoot when he was a little boy lost in a forest at night.

I only had heard a little bit about David’s childhood experience but with a little searching, I found his whole story which he first told on the “Bigfoot Tonight Show” in 2013.  Below is a transcript of his story from that show. – The editor

DAVID WEVERKA: “My parents and I were camping. I can’t recall which lake it was that we were at. It was in the middle of the Cascades in Central Oregon. I had gotten lost in the evening.  It got dark and the adults were around the campfire.  Well, I’m just a curious child at the age of six or seven years old, and boy did I get lost.

“Apparently, I had managed to wander at least a mile away from camp.  I was in a lot of trouble . . . At one point when I realized I was lost, I sat down, I started to cry. I didn’t know where I was going.  I didn’t know what direction to go in.  I couldn’t hear the camp anymore.  I couldn’t even see firelight.

“Shortly, a few minutes later, there was a rustling in the bushes nearby and this rustling turned out to be large ape-like creature.  I can’t estimate the height because being a child.  I could have told you it was 10 feet at that point, but it was not.

“But, I was grabbed by the hand and dragged through the woods. I was dragged through the woods and at one point, I could hear my mother’s voice calling me and at that point, the creature let go of my hand and disappeared pretty much.  I didn’t even see where it went, it was so quick.

“Now, I managed to call out to my mother who found me and they brought me back to camp.  Mom asked me if I had been sprayed by a skunk.  “No, I was brought back by a monkey.”  Well oddly, I was into ‘Curious George’ at the time so they didn’t think much of it.  However, our family was camping with an Indian friend of ours and his family.  Well, he had explained to my parents that I was brought home by a Sasquatch.

“Well, I was in a tent because I was being punished for wandering off and I overheard the conversation.  He (Indian friend) was trying to convince my parents to let him talk to me about it.  My parents, not really believing in Sasquatch, decided “nope you’re not going to be allowed to talk to him about that. We don’t want to foster any dreams.  It’s ‘Curious George’ and that’s all it is. . .

“Well, years later this gentleman, a couple of years later, managed to pull me aside and we did talk about it.”


“It was quite a ways.  I remember being lifted over a creek by one arm, pretty much swung over the creek and landed.  I was hit by a bunch of branches all along the way, kind of a confusing time.”


No.  Actually, I was not scared at all at the time.  I knew, I felt this was someone who wanted to help me.


“It was pretty dark, but I actually paid quite a lot of attention to this creature. There was moonlight and we hit a couple of clearings along the way.  I could tell I was being dragged along by a female.  I could see her breasts.  It is extraordinary for me; this is where I knew Bigfoot existed.

“Years later, I saw the Patterson-Gimlin film.  It was featured on the news.  I recognized that creature and I knew what had brought me home.”


Laura Krantz, the author of “The Search for Sasquatch,” is a journalist, editor and producer in both print and radio.  Her podcast, “Wild Thing,” has received critical acclaim from Scientific American, Rolling Stone, and The Atlantic. For eight years,she was an editor and producer with NPR in Washington, DC and KPCC in Los Angeles. Her articles have appeared in many magazines including Popular Science and Smithsonian Magazine.

Brand-new Bigfoot book for pre-teens

Laura Krantz wrote her brand-new book, “The Search for Sasquatch,” specifically for pre-teens.  Thankfully, she doesn’t talk down to them.  Instead, she takes a scientific approach to exploring the fascinating subject of Sasquatch/Bigfoot.  The book just might be a perfect and unique gift for parents and grandparents to give the young people in their lives this Christmas. – The editor

Click here to listen to NPR’s seven-minute interview with her:




A Sasquatch in the basement

ABOUT THIS SASQUATCH WITNESS: Tobias Beharrell (R) spent seven years of his life struggling to numb the pain and heal his body after he severely broke his neck.  Traditional medicine wasn’t working, so in desperation he began searching for alternative health solutions which ultimately helped him restore his health.  Today, he lives in Winnipeg, Canada and is a clinical herbalist and live-cell microscopist who helps other people heal. – The editor

TOBIAS’ STORY:  “When I was seven years old, my family traveled to my aunt and uncle’s home in Mission, British Columbia to celebrate a birthday.  They lived outside of town near the tree line of the mountains.  It was a sunny day.  I don’t recall the time of year but it wasn’t winter.

A panoramic view of the mountains around Mission, British Columbia

“At some point, the adults must have wanted some peace and quiet and one of them told my younger sister, my cousin and me to go down the basement and play.

“When we opened the door at the bottom of the stairs, the basement was dark, so I reached around and flicked on the light.  SURPRISE! There was a Sasquatch standing in the middle of the basement. He literally was about six feet from us. He was standing with his right side to us.  Then he turned his head and looked right at us.

“As any kids would do, we screamed and catapulted up the stairs. Our parents were sitting at the kitchen table and just assumed we were being silly and imaginative.  I remember trying to appeal to them that we were not just playing a joke and that there really was an ape or something in the basement.

Fast forward. I talked to my cousin recently and she confirmed that the Sasquatch was taller and skinnier than our parents. I’m guessing it was about 6’5” tall; probably a skinny young Sasquatch who may have been searching for food. 

“When I mentioned this possibility to my cousin, who actually lived in that house, she told me there was a canning room in the basement as well as a freezer.  She also said there was an outside entry into the basement which may have been the way the Sasquatch got in.

“As adults, I don’t see my cousin a lot, but anytime we’re together we recall our Sasquatch encounter and we both get this look on our faces that says THAT WAS REAL!!!”

NOTE: British Columbia is well known for Bigfoot sightings. Here is a headline from a July 21, 2022 BBC article by Lisa Kadane:  “Stories of a hairy, forest-dwelling bi-pedal primate have persisted for centuries in British Columbia.”


Woman’s encounter with Bigfoot family
By Mary Joyce, website editor

One day a woman in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas went outside to attend her horses and came face to face with a male Bigfoot.  Instead of being frightened, she was entranced as the two gazed into one another’s eyes.  The woman said the Bigfoot’s eyes seemed startled, somewhat sad and not at all menacing.  Then she telepathically received the message, “You were not supposed to see me.”  Somewhat sorrowfully, the Bigfoot turned away, crossed the stream and disappeared into the woods.
A week later at approximately the same time of day, she went to check on her horses’ grain which had been diminishing faster than normal.  When she looked toward the stream, she saw a Bigfoot family – mama, papa and two very young ones - carrying off some of the grain as well as fruit from her trees.  She noted that her horses weren’t at all spooked by four Bigfoot in their field.
When the Bigfoot family saw her approaching them, they began picking up pebbles and small stones and throwing them around her rather than at her.  They showed no fear or anger; they simply wanted her to stay away.  Telepathically she received the message, “Please do not come closer.”  Then, unhurriedly, they crossed the stream and blended into the woodlands as early evening darkness descended.

This is part of a story in my book “BIGFOOT – Beyond the footprints” which reveals that the Bigfoot have very human qualities, have made friends with some humans and even have rescued humans who have been in trouble.  They also have preferences and language. The book is available on Amazon.

There are many caves in Arkansas’ Ouachita Mountains where Bigfoot might take cover.

NOTE:  This is part of a story from my book “BIGFOOT – Beyond the footprints” which is available on Amazon.


Tim, a tactical advisor and analyst within a covert sector of the German government
Man’s face-to-face interaction with Grey ETs

Below is a link to a Gaia interview with Tim, a tactical advisor and analyst within a covert sector of the German government whose purpose is to understand the missions and strategies of non-human intelligences on our planet, in this solar system, and beyond. Tim has had more than 100 face-to-face meetings with Grey ETs according to the Gaia interview. – The editor

Click here to watch a 13-minute Gaia video in which Tim describes what it’s like to have face-to-face interactions with the Greys:



Little People guided Crow Nation’s chief
By Mary Joyce, website editor

The Crow Nation, which originally spanned Wyoming and Montana, still reveres those who come in contact with the Little People according the research of Frederick E. Harris with the University of Montana.  They also make offerings to the Little People and ask them for guidance and healing.

One young Crow, Plenty Coups, is said to have met with a Little Person who resided at their Medicine Rock. He was told his tribe’s future and that he would become a great chief who would receive guidance from the Little People and the Creator throughout his life’s journey.

The man became the principal chief and visionary leader of the Crow Nation and is remembered for his efforts to bring peace to all tribes and all people.  He is considered the tribe’s last great chief.

(R) Chief Plenty Coups (1848-1932)

NOTE: You can learn about the Little People of North Carolina in my book “Cherokee Little People Were Real” which is available on Amazon.



How to determine if Bigfoot image is real
By Mary Joyce, website editor

There is one dependable way to determine if a Bigfoot in a photo or video is real according to a man who has been analyzing Bigfoot images for years.  He has the right background for this; he has a degree in computer science and uses high-end, special FX and animation software for his analyses.  He’s also is a photographer and filmmaker.

Without fail, he has found that all Bigfoot have arms and legs of equal length, while the arms of men in monkey suits are always 16 to 19 percent shorter than their legs.*

This photo detective is known online as Thinker Thunker.  Click on the link below to watch his video explaining how to measure Bigfoot images.  He begins his explanation 1:06 minutes into the video.

* Thinker Thunker measures an arm in two segments - from the shoulder to the elbow, from the elbow to the wrist, and then adds the two numbers together.  He measures a leg in a similar way - from the hip to the knee, from the knee to the ankle and then adds the two numbers together.



Photos of 14 Bigfoot stick structures

Over several years, we have collected photos of Bigfoot stick structures.  Here are 14 of them. It’s interesting to see their similarities and differences. – The editor



Eye-to-eye with frightened young Bigfoot
By Mary Joyce, website editor

There’s a Bigfoot paradise in Middle Tennessee with thick woods, spring water, caves and no humans, except for a few people like Randy Hutchings who is a 6’4” Bigfoot researcher.  He’s been tracking Bigfoot there since 1996 but it was an eye-to-eye encounter with a frightened young Bigfoot in 2017 that he will never forget.

Young Bigfoot trying to hide – Randy Hutchins, Bigfoot researcher

The above Bigfoot photo needs a bit of explaining.  First, Randy hastily snapped the photo and didn’t know what he’d gotten until he viewed it at home.  Second, the young Bigfoot is not puckering its mouth like a chimp.  There is a twig with a dark bud or berry in front of its mouth.  Third, its arm is stretched out and holding onto a slim branch.

THE BACK STORY – At first, Randy saw a black hole in the ground next to the roots of a fallen tree.  He thought it might be a coyote den and was about to make a quick getaway, but then the black hole moved.  It didn’t make sense, but it proved to be a young Bigfoot covered in black hair that was trying to hide from him.

Until that moment, Randy thought Bigfoot probably was a descendant of the Gigantopithecus, an extinct genus of ape, but when he looked directly into this creature’s eyes his theory crumbled.  He saw a human-like child cowering in fear.  As father of four children, he was filled with compassion.

The experience touched him so deeply, that when he got home he wouldn’t talk about it. His wife, though, instantly knew something was wrong. She followed him into their bedroom, shut the door and he finally told her about his unbelievable encounter.  And, when he did, he said he began to uncontrollably “bawl” which is something this hulking man had never done before. 

Yes, Randy continues his Bigfoot research but now with deep compassion and respect for another clan of people as Native Americans have always believed.


Sasquatch message for humankind

EDITOR’S NOTE: Several people sent us links to Dr. Michael Salla’s July 31, 2022 video titled “Contact with Sasquatch and their Message to Humanity.”  Since there is renewed interest in this, we are reposting our 2015 article which quotes the most significant information from that very lengthy message which is too extensive to include here or in a video interview.
The message was conveyed by a Sasquatch elder to DawaOutah LomaKatsi, also known as “Sunbow Truebrother.” He is a native of British Columbia, Canada, who has had contact with the Sasquatch most of his life. He considers this information “the most important ever given to humankind.”


● “My and your people used to be close brothers, living side by side, in the early ages of your Human species, when you could still sit in the Council of the Star Elders. We were your elder brothers protecting and teaching you. We helped your species to learn, grow and adapt to this home-planet where you were created, on which we had been living since long before your conception.''

● ''Our people, like yours, was bioengineered by the Star Elders, but we were born many aeons before you were. Our conceptors added to their alien genetics the DNA of the most evolved and adapted species of that era . . . just like they did to create your species much later, with the DNA of another evolved large primate. . .  . This is why our genetics and yours are so closely related that our species can interbreed. This is also why your species and ours are the only two having spliced genes in this home-planet. So we come from the same star seeds, making us relatives, but our earthly ancestors are different. So we are not your ancestors, but your elder brothers.''

● ''My people was created as part of a cosmic plan to allow ancient souls of star beings to incarnate on this young planet and help it evolve into an intergalactic outpost of consciousness, while discovering its many resources and life forms.”

● ''We were also gifted with powerful psychic abilities that we have kept to this day, including telepathy, mind reading, remote viewing, hypnosis, astral projection, dematerialization, teleportation, shape shifting and permeating consciousness. . . . Your first ancestors too were created with those same psychic abilities, but your evolutionary course has largely depleted your gifts, as well as your longevity.”

''Likewise, we can read minds and intentions of others. That's why those fools who chase us like beasts, with guns and infrared glasses, will never catch a glimpse of any of us. Our telepathic abilities allow us to foresee who is coming and feel their intentions. So we can hardly ever be surprised by one of yours, except maybe when we are deeply asleep or when one of your fast moving vehicles comes our way. Otherwise, we show ourselves to your people only to frighten away some unwelcomed intruders or in the rare cases when one of you is willing and able to communicate peacefully in spirit with us.” 

''As we are incarnated beings, there are plenty of physical proofs of our existence. But we conceal usually most traces and offer proper burial to our dead in undisclosed protected locations, inaccessible to your species.”

● ''Likewise, when one of yours succeeds in taking pictures of one of ours and publishes them, we can hear the thoughts of those seeing it and feel the fears, hatred and ridicule we are subjected to in the uncivilization enslaving your people. This hurts our Soul.”

● ''Some of us still live thousands of years and see your earthly kingdoms come and go, like leaves on trees throughout the seasons. . .”

● “You were bioengineered to be depending and vulnerable, needing external material support for your basic survival. . . . This vulnerability keeps your afraid of blending with the wilderness through spiritual connection, and bound to the material support offered by your uncivilization, which keeps you servile and submitted.''

“Our knowledge is what your people has forgotten about your true origins, nature, purpose and destiny. This is why the lower powers that have taken over this Earth are trying desperately to deny and cover up our existence . . .”

● ''It all started in the times when the civilization you know as Atlantis emerged as a new seat of powers for the Star Council on Earth, and the continents were divided between factions. Old Lemuria, our Mother-land, where my people and much later yours were first conceived and born, had developed into a planetary civilization, with a network of colonies and outposts around the world, many of which have left remains that still can be seen today.”

''Nevertheless, after some time, a faction of star people based in Atlantis fell into the temptation of power and greed, and went away from the greater Divine Law and Cosmic Order, that they were originally meant to maintain and protect on our young Earth. After winning battles over our Earth and succeeding in pushing back invading forces, they claimed ownership and dominion over our home-planet . . . . Their claim was denied by the Council of Star Elders keeping the Cosmic Order. So the faction of lower principalities rebelled and banded with the invading forces they had been fighting against.”

They broke the covenant of the planetary watchers by manipulating genetics and breeding several experimental races of hybrids and slave species, for their own interest and power. As opposed to the creation of my people and of yours, that were approved by the higher Council of Star Elders, within a cosmic plan for soul consciousness and planetary evolution, these genetic modifications were done for selfish purposes by the lower principalities, against the higher Divine Law and Cosmic Order.”

Those artificially produced species, including giants, dragons and monsters, were used as slaves and soldiers in wars against the Star Council of Elders, still based in Mu. Your most ancient cultures have kept the memories of those wars involving star fleets in their sacred archives and ancestral legends that have survived to this day.''

● ''My people and your people took part side by side in those star wars to maintain the Divine Law and reestablish the Cosmic Order of the Star Council on this Mother Earth, our home-planet. . . . But your people got divided, many falling under the influence of the lower lords based in Atlantis. Some of them were enslaved in their army and we had to fight them. As time passed, the conquering powers of the lower lords devised new ways to transform again the genetics of your people, turning them into more easily servile creatures, with less spiritual consciousness and psychic abilities, to take over the whole world.''

''The new uncivilization that ruled your world had been banned from the Star Council, which left from our home-planet until a later evolutionary leap. Those same powers serving the lower lords are still keeping this Earth enslaved today, through a combination of means including control of the information, mind programming, staged events and a series of advanced technologies. They want you to forget how they took over the control of your home-planet and destiny through illegitimate means, and have kept your people enslaved, making you more and more depending on new technologies.''

● ''My people is seeking those among yours who are willing and able to help us in making Peace again between elder and younger brothers, and in joining again together in our long time common mission to free our home-planet from the grip and grid of the lower lords.”

“You will realize how manipulated and controlled your people has been under the rule of the lower lords, and how what your uncivilization remembers of its history is but the last page rewritten and modified, to make you forget about your true origins, nature, purpose and destiny, as part of a program to keep your people domesticated like pets and enslaved like livestock, in an agenda for global control and tyranny.''

  “We wait for some of you to awaken to your spiritual abilities and reach out to connect with us, to help us deliver to your people the message and ancient knowledge we have carekept through the ages, concerning your origins, purpose and destiny, before it gets completely obliterated from your collective consciousness.”

● ''We wish for some like you to come forward and speak for us to your people, to reawaken their collective memory, because your people is gifted with articulated speech and languages, unlike ours, but most of them have forgotten how to communicate through telepathy. . . . When you reach that level of consciousness evolution, my people and yours will again be brothers and our Elders of the Star Council will return among us to reestablish the Divine Law of the Cosmic Order.”

''You must drop the veil of illusion that has been raised over your souls, keeping you enslaved in a system running on fear, ignorance, scarcity, materialism, competition and conflict, serving only the control agenda of the fallen powers.”

''But you must be aware that there are also many lies and deceptions put out by the lower lords, who try to be seen as the Star Elders and usurpate the title of Earth watchers (or Hakamim), while they have fallen from their duty (to become Nephilim), due to pride, arrogance, greed for power and selfishness. They use this tactic to be perceived as saviors and gods, and carry on their agenda for global control, through a centralized tyranny of their own, that they try to masquerade as the Council of Star Elders.''

''They have encapsulated our home-planet inside a control grid, keeping away the influence of the Star Elders protecting us, through constant warfare, the very backbone of their uncivilization.

“This is the last opportunity your people can grasp to end the slavery and reestablish the Cosmic Order, before the lower lords apply the next phase of their control agenda, which they are already mirroring to you, and modify once more your genetics by turning your species into biosynthetic cyborgs and artificial entities controlled by their technology.”

“The situation that your ancestors faced in the downfall of Atlantis is being replayed today, but on a much deeper scale, that may cause unrepairable damages to your genetics, evolution and destiny, if not stopped, and abort the soul evolution cosmic experiment you have been part of, with global destruction and mass extinction level event, as it happened in the days of Atlantis.''

● ''You must develop and adopt ways of ecological lifestyles and self-sustenance that are harmless for your environments and other life forms.”

“Our total population has been reduced to a few thousands last survivors scattered around this home-planet. To this day, most of us still die to Human hands rather than to natural causes. Since this world has become hostile to us, we have chosen to reproduce as little as possible, for safety.''

NOTE: Twice while trimming down this lengthy message
the above paragraph repeated 24 times on the computer screen.

''In the meanwhile, we will keep selecting some of you who can hear our call and come forward as ambassador to our people, to interpret our message for those of your people who are ready to hear it.”

● ''My people, like all sentient beings, can feel the same emotions that your people can feel, but over different reasons. Because we still hear the emotions of other living beings and of Mother Earth, we feel empathy. We can feel the joy of the butterfly in the flower, the pride of the salmon jumping the falls, the confidence of the pack of wolves, the exhaltation of the soaring eagle, the serenity of the oak.''

● ''But we also feel the cry of the ones in pain, dying and suffering from diseases and poisons introduced by your people and imposed on all life forms on this home-planet we were given to share, decimating species and ecosystems at a dramatic extermination rate. We hear the pains and cries when the sounds of your polluting engines tear down the natural harmony of our wilderness, or when your machinery rips apart the sacred grounds, breaks the rock, cuts the wailing trees, pierces or drills the underground. . . . We hear the pain of your own Human people who cry in vain for help, as they die in genocides, suffer or seek refuge from the evils done to them by their own Human brothers.''

''Complex mind ideologies backed by sophisticated rhetorics can blind the soul and silence the heart, causing much harm to natural harmony and other beings. The Human People must reconnect through the intelligence of the heart with the wisdom of the Soul, and feel the empathy and compassion for all. They must listen to the voices of the other souls with their heart. If they do, they will like us hear the cries of pain and know it is so unbearable, that all violence and destruction must be stopped at once.''

''If you think, this is idealistic and unrealistic, ask yourself how long your uncivilization can still sustain itself with your growing populations. And then remember how long my people has been here watching over our younger brother. We hope to still share this home-planet with you for many aeons to come.''



James Lady with Bigfoot stick structure

Bigfoot sometimes whispers - audio recording

If you are interested in Bigfoot, then you no doubt have heard recordings of them hooting and howling.  Well, sometimes they whisper.

James Lady has been fascinated with Bigfoot since he was a boy and saw the Patterson-Gimlin film.  As an adult, he seeks to learn more about the Bigfoot and often camps in the woods where the elusive creatures live.  Several times, he’s gotten lucky and been able to record their whispered conversations.

Click on the link below to listen to a 10-minute recording of whispering Bigfoot that he posted on his “Michigan Aboriginal Project” YouTube channel on April 16, 2022.

When we listened to the recording, we did not hear anything unsettling.  However, that night, James said he felt a “sonic wave” hit him and an “electrostatic type sensation” in his ears. 

“It was VERY uncomfortable to endure,” James said, “though apparently harmless, thank God! I think it was what others have described as getting “zapped,” though I experienced no negative effects afterward.”

James also explained that he could not hear most of the vocalizations until he listened to the audio recording he made that night. – The editor



Abducted woman gave birth to Bigfoot baby

This sounds like a tabloid headline, but the young woman’s testimony was told to, and recorded by, a man with notable credentials.

John W. Burns was a school teacher and Indian Agent on the Chehalis Indian Reservation in British Columbia, Canada.  Over time,  he earned the trust of the Chehalis and they told him about some of their encounters with Bigfoot/Sasquatch. 

Today, Burns is regarded as the first Bigfoot researcher and credited with coining the word “Sasquatch” which is his phonetic spelling of the word for Bigfoot in a native language of British Columbia.  He also wrote two books on the subject: (1) “Introducing B.C.’s Hairy Giants,” (2) “The Hairy Giants of British Columbia.”

John W. Burns (1888-1962) was a Canadian school teacher and Indian Agent.

Below is the testimony a Chehalis Indian woman who was abducted by a Sasquatch, kept for a year, and gave birth to his child. It was written by Burns for the British magazine “Wide World” in January 1940. It makes for a good read. – The editor

Burn’s article about woman’s abduction by a Bigfoot

“I should explain that among the native of Canada - both Indians and Eskimos - there is a shortage of marriageable girls. Probably a similar condition exists among the Sasquatch, thus explaining the action of the wild giant in this case. I should also like to add that although her present-day photograph hardly bears this out, the evidence of her contemporaries goes to show that in her girlhood, Seraphine Long was considered one of the most comely girls in her tribe. Here is the story:

‘I was walking toward home one day many years ago carrying a big bundle of cedar roots and thinking of the young brave Qualac (Thunderbolt), I was soon to marry. Suddenly, at a place where the bush grew close and thick beside the trail, a long arm shot out and a big hairy hand was pressed over my mouth. Then I was suddenly lifted up into the arms of a young Sasquatch.

‘I was terrified, fought, and struggled with all my might. In those days, I was strong. But it was no good, the wild man was as powerful as a young bear. Holding me easily under one arm, with his other hand he smeared tree gum over my eyes, sticking them shut so that I could not see where he was taking me.

(R) We could not find an attribution for this old
illustration of Seraphine Long’s Sasquatch
abduction story. – The editor

‘He then lifted me to his shoulder and started to run. He ran on and on for a long, long time - up and down hills, through thick brush, across many streams never stopping to rest.
Once he had to swim a river and then perhaps I could have gotten away, but I was so afraid of being drowned that I held on tightly with my arms about his neck. Although I was frightened I could not but admire his easy breathing, his great strength and speed of foot.

‘After reaching the other side of the river, he began to climb and climb. Presently the air became very cold. I could not see but I guessed that we were close to the top of a mountain. At last, the Sasquatch stopped hurrying, then he stooped over and moved slowly as if feeling his way along a tunnel. Presently he laid me down very gently and I heard people talking in a strange tongue I could not understand.

‘The young giant next wiped the sticky tree gum from my eyelids and I was able to look around me. I sat up and saw that I was in a great big cave. The floor was covered with animal skins, soft to touch and better preserved that we preserve them. A small fire in the middle of the floor gave all the light there was.

‘As my eyes became accustomed to the gloom, I saw that beside the young giant who had brought me to the cave there were two other wild people - a man and a woman. To me, a young girl, they seemed very, very old, but they were active and friendly and later I learned that they were the parents of the young Sasquatch who had stolen me.

‘When they all came over to look at me, I cried and asked them to let me go. They just smiled and shook their heads. From then on I was kept a close prisoner; not once would they let me go out of the cave. Always one of them stayed with me when the other two were away.

They fed me well on roots, fish and meat. After I had learned a few words of their tongue, which is not unlike the Douglas dialect, I asked the young giant how he caught and killed the deer, mountain goats and sheep that he often brought into the cave. He smiled, opening and closing his big hairy hands. I guessed that he just laid in wait and when an animal got close enough, he leaped, caught it and choked it to death. He was certainly big enough, quick enough and strong enough to do so."

‘When I had been in the cave for about a year, I began to feel very sick and weak and could not eat much. I told this to the young Sasquatch and pleaded with him to take me back to my own people. At first he got very angry, as did his father and mother, but I kept on pleading with them, telling them that I wished to see my own people again before I died.

I really was ill and I suppose they could see that for themselves because one day after I cried for a long time, the young Sasquatch went outside and returned with leaf full of tree gum. With this, he stuck down my eyelids as he had done before. Then he again lifted me to his big shoulder."

The return journey was like a very bad dream for I was light headed and in much pain. When we re-crossed the wide river, I was almost swept away; I was too weak to cling to the young Sasquatch but he held me with one big hand and swam with the other. Close to my home, he put me down and gently removed the tree gum from my eyelids. When he saw that I could see again he shook his head sadly, pointed to my house and then turned back into the forest.

‘My people were all wildly excited when I stumbled back into the house for they had long ago given me up as dead. But I was too sick and weak to talk. I just managed to crawl into bed and that night I gave birth to a child. The little one lived only a few hours, for which I have always been thankful. I hope that never again shall I see a Sasquatch.’

“That is Seraphine Long's story, the only one on record of a Sasquatch ever abducting an Indian girl. I could relate more instances concerning the wild giants of British Columbia - seemingly well-attested cases that I have collected over a period of many years - but in this article the few I have recounted must suffice.

“Is it possible that primitive hairy giants still inhabit the mountain solitudes of British Columbia? Scientists and others may scoff at the very idea, but many Indians are sincerely convinced that Sasquatch - or at least a few of them live to this day in the vast, unexplored interior. And like my Indians, I also believe.”



Mississippi Swamp Ape video looks genuine
By Mary Joyce, website editor

It’s rare to get a video of a Swamp Ape, especially one that looks genuine. In fact, this is only the second Swamp Ape video we’ve ever posted.

The video was taken by Josh Highcliff when he was hunting wild hogs in a swamp west of Tunica, Mississippi.  Because he was wearing hunting camo and sitting quietly waiting for a wild hog, the Swamp Ape didn’t know he was there. 

So, Josh was able to videotape the creature as it ate something from within the hollow of a large cypress tree, most likely inner bark. The video also shows the creature tossing what may be inedible outer bark into the shallow swamp water.  The yellow box highlights the base of the tree where the Swamp Ape dined.

Through most of the video, the Swamp Ape (another name for Bigfoot) is hunkered down eating, but when it stood up, Josh took off running. He estimated the creature was about seven feet tall and definitely not a bear.

● Click on the following link to watch Josh’s 2:16 minute video. It is worth expanding the video to full screen and turning up the volume because the sounds and motions are in sync which adds credibility to the video.

● Here is the link to the Swamp Ape video taken in a Florida swamp:


Pointed ELF EARS were and are real
By Mary Joyce, website editor

After we posted an article about a tiny 14-inch-tall mummy, we found another photo of the little man.  This one (L) reveals he had pointed ears, which then inspired us to learn more about humans and tiny people with elf ears.

Click here to read our original article about the tiny mummy:

This unusual face, which was cast in heavy metal, was exposed from deep beneath the ground during an historic flood in the North Carolina Mountains in 1940.  Both sides of the medallion-size object show almost identical profiles of a hominid with pointed ears, a large nose and unusual eyes. 

The face is especially intriguing because it was found in an area where Little People legends are well known, especially among the Cherokee.  According to some of the mountain old-timers, there were two kinds of Little People.  One looked a lot like the Cherokee people; the other looked quite different and had reddish whiskers and squinty eyes. Perhaps this face depicts the more unusual of the two. I’ve written more about this in my book “Cherokee Little People Were Real.”

There are uncountable fanciful stories about leprechauns, fairies, elves and gnomes with pointed ears, but surprisingly, many human babies born today have them.  In most cases, the shape of their ears easily can be corrected to look “normal.”

According to Yale Medicine, “Approximately one in every 6,000 newborns has an outer ear deformity.”  It is called a Stahl’s ear which is “characterized by an extra fold of cartilage in the upper ear, which produces a pointed ear appearance.”


Man’s encounter with tiny man in SC forest
By Mary Joyce, website editor

The Little People I’ve written about in my book “Cherokee Little People Were Real” are GIANTS compared to the tiny ones that some people have seen in the woods.  This is an eyewitness report from a man who encountered one of those tiny people.

Though the witness has shared his experience with a few friends, this is the first time he’s shared it in any public way, but only after I promised not to use his real name. He doesn’t want to jeopardize his professional career by talking about something that many might find totally unbelievable.  So, we’ll call him James.

If you find James’ report too fanciful to believe, read the article below this one. It is about a tiny mummy that was fully examined by two respected institutions.  They both certified that the 14-inch-tall mummy was that of a real humanoid.

When James was in his early 20s, back in 1988, he went camping with a buddy and two other guys.  Their plan was to spend the night near a remote trout fishing location in the Sumter National Forest north of Walhalla, South Carolina and then go fishing the next day.

After setting up camp, they were just talking, laughing and having a good time around their campfire. Then about midnight, James was getting tired and sat on a cooler away from the campfire.  His buddy came over and asked, “Are you having a good time?” Before he could answer, James saw something move off to his left.  He feared it might be a bear or a cougar. Instead, he saw a tiny man jump on top of a small mound of dirt. 

“I didn’t understand his language but his tone was friendly,” James told me. “It was like he was simply greeting us and letting us know he was there.  My buddy freaked out and went to stomp on the tiny man, but the little guy quickly jumped off the mound.  My buddy took a deep breath and backed off, but the tiny man returned.  This time he was angry, really mad, and gave us the Italian arm sign for ‘up yours.’”

I asked James for a detailed description of the tiny man.

“He was about 13-14 inches tall. He looked human, maybe a little fat, and his skin was whitish, like a Caucasian. He had round cheeks and a pudgy nose.  His eyes were lighter.

“He looked like a gnome from the “Gnomes” book except he didn’t have a beard, his hair was brown and his hat wasn’t pointed. It was a floppy-brimmed hat – something like the hat in this photo (below).

“His clothes were brown, different shades from light to dark.  If you were walking in the forest, he would blend in so well that you probably wouldn’t see him.

“He wore boots with his trousers tucked into them.  Someone in his tribe must have known how to weave because his clothing was made of cloth.

“His hair was cut just above his shoulders and he appeared to be very clean, and well kept.”

I’ve actually met one other person who understood my experience that night. He and his friends would go to that same area in the forest and they developed a relationship with the tiny man. Every now and then, they’d leave him a can of beer.

“So, it seems the tiny man was initially friendly with me and my buddy because he thought we might have a beer for him.  That’s probably all he wanted from us that night we were camping in the forest.”


Mummy is proof of tiny race of people
By Mary Joyce, website editor

NOTE: In my book “Cherokee Little People Were Real,” I’ve written about an ancient race of people that were about three feet tall.  This mummy isn’t even half that size.

A tiny mummified man was discovered in a cave in the San Pedro Mountains south of Casper, Wyoming by two men searching for gold in 1932. 

The little man’s legs and arms were crossed in a yoga position but he had been violently killed.  His head was smashed so severely that his brain was exposed.  Plus, his collarbone was broken and his spine damaged.

Eventually, the little mummy was examined by researchers at the American Museum of Natural History and their results were certified by Harvard University’s Anthropology Department.  The two institutions agreed that the little mummy, now known as Pedro Man, was about 14 inches tall and about 65 years of age.

(L) This Pedro Man mummy gives credibility to Native America stories and reports of a very tiny race of Little People. 


DNA reveals Bigfoot is a human hybrid
By Mary Joyce, website editor

A five-year DNA study of more than 100 samples of Bigfoot hair, tissue and blood was completed and announced to the public on November 24, 2012.

It revealed the elusive creature is a hybrid mix of human DNA and that of an unknown primate. The maternal side is human. The paternal DNA is of unknown origin and only found within nuclear DNA which often is not present in biological samples turned in for genetic testing.

The study was conducted by Dr. Melba S. Ketchum, founder of DNA Diagnostics, Inc. in Nacogdoches, Texas.  When she released the results of her study, mainstream scientists maligned her and her research, but since then other scientists have confirmed her findings.

(L) Drawing by Timothy William Cortes

Dr. Melba S. Ketchum, shown above, has great compassion for the Bigfoot/Sasquatch. Here are two brief statements she has made expressing her concern for them:

● “The Sasquatch people are more like us than they are different. . . The Sasquatch people have their own language, traditions, and rituals.  They live in family units, they order their lives according to the laws of their people, and they bury their dead.”

“Genetically, the Sasquatch are a human hybrid with unambiguously modern human maternal ancestry. Government at all levels must recognize them as an indigenous people and immediately protect their human and constitutional rights against those who would see in their physical and cultural differences a ‘license’ to hunt, trap or kill them.”

I have written a book about the human-like side of the Bigfoot.
It is titled “BIGFOOT – Beyond the footprints” and is available on Amazon.



Bigfoot POOP - what a whopper!
By Mary Joyce, website editor

I snapped this photo of Bigfoot poop that is on display at the EXPEDITION: BIGFOOT museum in North Georgia.  It is a casting of the original 36-inch-long scat that was discovered in 2016 on a logging road in Southern Oregon by Dr. Matthew Johnson, a well-known Bigfoot researcher.

The poop was found between two Bigfoot footprints that were only 26 inches apart, indicating the creature most likely was in a squatting position. Johnson believes the sample was left by a Bigfoot known in that area as Zorth who has been seen by multiple witnesses. – The editor



Davy Crockett (R) became a household name in the 1950s when actor
Fess Parker portrayed him in a Walt Disney TV miniseries.

Davy Crockett’s encounter with “large ape man”

Davy Crockett wrote a letter in 1836 to his brother-in-law, Abner Burgin, about his encounter with a hairy monster in Nacogdoches, Texas.  The names Bigfoot and Sasquatch did not exist at that time but that may be what Davy Crockett saw. To this day, Eastern Texas and the town of Nacogdoches have had their share of Bigfoot sightings. – The editor

Davy Crockett’s letter

“William and I were pushing through some thicket, clearing the way, when I sat down to mop my brow.  I sat for a spell, watching as William made his good and fine progress.  I removed my boots and sat with my rations, thinking the afternoon a fine time to lunch.  As the birds whistled and chirped and I ate my small and meager ration, I tapped my axe upon the opposite end of the felled tree I rested upon.

“Whether it was the axe’s disturbance or possibly the heat of the high sun which caused an apparition to slowly form in front of my eyes, I know not.  As a Christian man, I swear to you, Abe, that what spirit came upon me was the shape and shade of a large ape man, the likes we might expect among the more bellicose and hostile Indian tribes of the Territories.  The shade formed into the most deformed and ugly countenance.  Covered in wild hair, with small and needling eyes, large broken rows of teeth, and the height of three foundlings, I spit upon the ground the bread I was eating.

The Monster then addressed a warning to me.  Abner, it told me to return from Texas, to flee this Fort* and to abandon this lost cause.  When I began to question this, the Creature spread upon the wind like the morning steam swirls off a frog pond.  I swear to you, Abner, that whatever meat or sausage disagreed with me that afternoon, I forswore all beef and hog for a day or so afterward.”

* Davy Crockett did not heed the warning and died in the 1836 Battle of the Alamo.



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