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» Bigfoot connection to UFOs
» Power people reading BIBLE CODE III
    By Mary Joyce
» Conversation on AIR FORCE ONE about Cashiers UFO sightings
    By Mary Joyce
» The ultimate tribute to Zecharia Sitchin
» Sky Ships and Christianity Connection
» Pope’s astronomer would baptize ET
    By Lee Speigel for AOL News
» Floor of Gulf of Mexico could rise again
» London museum answers queries about DNA testing on possible alien skeletons
» Old soldier drops three bombshells
    By Mary Joyce
» Letter to London museum about DNA testing on possible alien skeletons
   By Mary Joyce
» Help get alien DNA tested
    By Mary Joyce
» Were they all originally extraterrestrials?
» ETs on the mountaintop
    By Mary Joyce
» Second secret underground entrance exposed
    By Mary Joyce
» U.S. military can travel to the stars
» Atlanta’s secret underground facility - Puzzling over the pieces
    By Mary Joyce
» Stephen Hawking’s view of aliens riles Dr. Steven Greer
» Contactee breaks lifelong silence
* Sky Ships clean up nuclear spills
* Balsam Mountain's secret underground facility
* Why does U.S. government resist disclosure?
* "Star-born Protectors" heal Marine
* Alien implants -- good or bad?
* Star-borns assist with baby's birth
» Nov 11, 2009 - Vatican Conference on Extraterrestrial Life
» Dr. Steven Greer’s letter which he titled “HOPE”
» Excerpts of letter warning President Obama of an alien hoax
    By Dr. Steven Greer, Director and Founder of the Disclosure Project
» Letter to MUFON UFO Journal
     By Donald Cooper, MUFON Investigator and Researcher
» U.S. Scientist says scores of UFOs fly around the Sun
    Russian newspaper PRAVDA article
» Grandmother Tells About Mysterious Cherokee Lights
    By Mary Joyce
» Woman Who Inspired Sky Ship Website
    By Mary Joyce
» Mystic Master from India Visited Blue Ridge’s Ancient Spiritual Places
    By Gilbert Webb
» Cashiers Group Claims To Have Seen “Sky Ships”
    By Derek McKissock
» Cashiers, NC a UFO Hot Spot?
    By Mary Joyce
» Three Generations See UFOs Over Cashiers
    By Mary Joyce
  Bigfoot connection to UFOs
EDITOR'S NOTE: We are providing the following quotes from the book The Psychic Sasquatch and their UFO Connection by Jack Lapseritis to show there may be a link between Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, and UFOs. For easier reading, we’ve used bold italic type for quotes within quotes. Bigfoot connection to UFOs
“They reported that the Sasquatch stepped out of the forest holding a flashlight device, and directed the beam up in the air while howling upwardly. During this time, other unseen creatures hit their sticks against hollow logs making a loud drum-like thud. There were three bangs, then a pause; three bangs, then a pause – always three. Within minutes, a round, saucer-shaped, glowing object appeared on the horizon and hovered over the trees directly above the Sasquatch.”
“After returning from a long hike, the group was stunned when a nine-to-ten foot Sasquatch stepped out in front of them a short distance away. Then, in the twinkling of an eye, the Bigfoot completely disappeared in front of the witnesses! The witnesses insisted that it literally dematerialized!”
“One day two men knocked on the front door and began asking questions. They avoided telling Mrs. Jeffery who they were. Mrs. Jeffery started closing the door because the men refused to identify themselves. Reluctantly, they showed their identification as agents from the Central Intelligence Agency. They showed a distinct interest in the Bigfoot and UFO sightings that occurred near the campground.”
“Mr. Jeffery claimed the Sasquatch telepathically spoke to him. The actual nature of the conversation was never revealed to me. He was very much afraid of the CIA and did not want information leaked out to others. He once said: I shouldn’t worry so much about someone killing one of the creatures; they are profoundly psychic and difficult to catch off guard.”
“After giving a lecture in Los Angeles in 1994, a well-educated man cautiously approached me, carefully waiting until every person who came up to make additional inquiries was gone. He began by saying, Are you aware that everything you stated in your lecture about a Bigfoot/UFO connection is true and that the CIA knows all about it? The gentleman said that a very close friend of his, who could locate people and animals psychically on a map, was recruited by the CIA to find a Bigfoot!”
“My thoughts were tranquil, while enjoying the peacefulness of the country. Then I received the shock of my life! Greetings, I am of the Sasquatch people, and I am here watching you, and I have been watching you for many years now, a kindly voice said with a coarse and slight accent. . . . Before I could compose myself or grasp that I was experiencing genuine telepathy, a second more sophisticated voice spoke to me: Hear me. I am a person from the stars, and I too have been watching you for a long time now. But where are you? I can’t see you! A controlled and tempered voice replied: At the moment I am in a UFO, as you people call it.
“Jack, I have something important to tell you and you may not believe me – but there are Bigfoot creatures out on that property, and UFOs are dropping them off!”

Power people reading BIBLE CODE III
By Mary Joyce

These people have read the Bible Code. Perhaps the rest of us should, too.
Bill Clinton, former president, USA – James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, USA – General Meir Dagan, Chief of the Mossad, Israel’s top secret intelligence agency – Oprah Winfrey, media star and mogul – John Podesta, President Clinton’s Chief of Staff – General Yossi Kupperwasser, Israel’s top intelligence analyst – Harold Gans, former senior cryptologic mathematician for the National Security Agency, USA – Grant Jeffrey, internationally known researcher of Bible prophecy

  Ever since Michael Drosnin discovered the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin in the Bible Code a year before the Israeli leader was killed, he’s been singularly focused on studying the Bible Code and sharing his discoveries with world leaders with the hope they can save the world from nuclear annihilation.

In his third volume, Bible Code III – Saving the World, which came out November 1, 2010, he reveals that Israeli satellites located a Bin Laden lair in a remote area of Yemen based on specific information in the Bible Code. He reveals the location of an ancient buried obelisk that the Bible Code says is the master key for fully unlocking the Bible Code. He also reveals that today’s politics and news headlines were recorded in the Bible Code 3,000 years ago.

If you like to peek around the corner and into the future, Bible Code III is worth reading.

Conversation on AIR FORCE ONE about Cashiers UFO sightings
By Mary Joyce

  Air Force OneWhen Evelyn Gordon and I spoke at the 2010 International UFO Congress, we told the audience about the following report of an Air Force One conversation. Though it’s been more than two years since we learned of this report, we still feel it merits mentioning again. After all, why would people on Air Force One be talking about a small article in a very small newspaper? So here is what transpired.

On July 16, 2008, the Cashiers, NC newspaper, “The Crossroads Chronicle,” published an article I wrote about Glynis Heenan’s first UFO sightings from her Cashiers home. Ten days later, we received an e-mail from a friend who also was an investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). Here is the crucial part of his e-mail:

“As I am writing this, I had a call from a minister friend, and in our conversation he said he had just heard from his brother in Washington DC who flies on Air Force One that he had heard of news announcements of repeated UFOs in the Cashiers area of North Carolina and wanted to know if I had heard about it.”

The ultimate tribute to Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin
Zecharia Sitchin, who died on October 9, 2010 at the age of 90, devoted a great deal of his life to deciphering ancient Sumerian clay tablets to reveal mankind’s ancient past. That was fine with mainstream science and religion until he offered translations showing mankind’s history was greatly shaped and influenced by extraterrestrials.

He wrote more than 50 books based on his translations of Sumerian writings. In the final chapter of his final book, There Were Giants Upon the Earth, he expressed a final hope that the London Natural History Museum would allow DNA testing on a mummy at the museum he believed to be of alien origin. Even in his last year, he struggled to get the testing accomplished.

Now that Sitchin is gone, it is hoped that open-minded scientists/researchers will jump through the museum’s obstacle course and get the DNA testing done. Scroll down in this section of the website to the article “London Museum answers queries about DNA testing on a possible alien skeleton” to find the steps required before such testing can be permitted. Getting the DNA testing accomplished would be the ultimate tribute to a cutting-edge researcher.

Anyone wishing to offer a written tribute to Sitchin or wanting to contact those handling his affairs can send a letter to P.O. Box 577, New York, NY 10185 or an e-mail to

What’s it like to have face-to-face interactions with ETs?
By Mary Joyce
Former Airman First Class Charles Hall is one who knows the answer to that question. He was a weatherman assigned to solitary duty in a very remote area of Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada in 1965-66. But releasing weather balloons and measuring wind was really just a sideline. Hall was out in the desert wilderness because he, unlike his predecessors, did not completely freak out when he encountered the resident extraterrestrials (ETs).
Cover of the 4th volume of Millennial Hospitality series
Cover of the 4th volume of Millennial Hospitality series

Hall tells his complete story in a four-volume series titled Millennial Hospitality, but if you can’t afford the time to read them all, here are some excerpts from his books that give insights into an ET race he calls “Tall Whites.” Three of ETs will be mentioned by titles Hall gave them: the Teacher, the Captain, and Pamela the scientist.

Why are the Tall Whites in Nevada?

THE CAPTAIN: “Pamela will become the Director of the joint US/Tall White team of scientific translators. The Americans receive increased scientific knowledge and will be able to build better equipment. The Tall White people are able to monitor American scientific development, and receive a desert base that is better furnished than it is now. . . . This new cooperation opens the road for the Americans to travel into deep space and on to the stars. It also allows the white people to better equip their safe haven from which they rescue, repair, and resupply their space ships that are traveling in the vicinity of the solar system.”

HALL: “Month after month during the previous summer, I had regularly observed the deep-space craft of the Tall White aliens arriving at the hanger entrance precisely at sundown on the evening of the full moon. . . . I estimated the object was perhaps 70 feet high and 500 feet wide. . . . As it sat silently out there in the darkness, it reminded me . . . of a Caribbean cruise ship resting in port. . . . Suddenly I realized that the dark object was one of the deep-space craft built by the Tall White aliens.”

What do the Tall Whites look like?

HALL: “I was surprised to see that he wasn’t wearing his usual fluorescent white travel suit that allowed him to float. He was just walking on the ground. His clear blue eyes, chalky white skin, aluminized clothing, and short blonde hair were clearly visible. As usual, he was carrying a weapon of some type in his left hand.”

What is life expectancy of the Tall Whites?

THE TEACHER: “We live much longer than you do. When my grandfather died from old age, he was more than ten feet tall and almost 700 years old. But we also grow much slower than you do. That’s why my bones take so much longer to heal than yours.”

“The Captain’s daughter was born right here in this valley when James Madison was your President. She actually has never been back to where we come from. Forty or fifty years is not much time to us.”

How do the Tall Whites communicate with humans?

Illustration of “The Teacher” with her daughter
by Teresa Barbatelli

HALL: “The Tall Whites had communication equipment in their helmets which enabled them, under certain conditions, to read my thoughts and/or plant thoughts in my mind. If they were not using their communication equipment, and had not taught themselves to speak English, we were reduced to using hand signals.”

THE TEACHER: “The children and I used to go in the barracks when he (Hall) was sleeping and read his thoughts. The electronics that the children and I wear, let us tell what some of his thoughts are, even if he is sleeping.”

TEACHER SPEAKING TO PAMELA: “You, yourself spoke English to humans in Virginia, just a year ago. Now the American Generals have decided that he (Hall) has to be told what we are planning and the Committee has decided that you have to do it as part of your training. Do not worry, now. Talking to him is very easy.”

HALL: “Even the teacher occasionally broke into her natural barks and whinnies when she was laughing.”

Are the Tall Whites dangerous?

HALL: “I could see the Captain standing motionless by the other corner, facing me. He was holding a thin tube weapon probably eighteen inches long, in his hands. It wasn’t actually pointed towards me, but just the same, it made me a little nervous. Although he, like all of the white creatures, had only four fingers on each hand, and no visible thumbs, he had the weapon under complete control. . . . the white creatures never attacked without first being provoked.”

THE TEACHER: “He (Hall) knows we are here. He is still a little afraid of some of us. He knows the men will kill him if he ever hurts one of the children, but my brother and I do not think he would ever do that. We are certain that he knows he is helpless against us. He has such control over his emotions that he just goes about his business whenever any of us come around him.”

HALL: “I wanted for him to understand that the Tall Whites didn’t handle the emotion of anger the way humans do. If they ever once became angry with a human, their natural reaction was to kill or severely injure him.”

Will there ever be disclosure about ET presence on Earth?

HALL IN 2007 VOLUME: “I believe that in a very short time, the world situation will be such that disclosure will happen. The president knew about the Tall Whites in the mid-sixties. Each president since then must also have been briefed. I believe that every American President since Franklin Roosevelt has known about the existence of the Tall Whites. . .”

Sky Ships and Christianity Connection


The Sky Ships over Cashiers website clearly links cosmic spirituality with some of the cosmic travelers flying in the skies above us. That’s an easy connection for many people, but those who’ve been raised in traditional Christian churches sometimes have trouble with the idea. If you’re one of those, there are two books that might be helpful.

The Bible and Flying Saucers by Dr. Barry Downing The first one, The Bible and Flying Saucers, has been around for a long time. It was first published in 1968 by Marlowe and Company out of New York. It was written by Dr. Barry Downing, a Presbyterian minister in New York. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh where he specialized in the relationship between natural science and theology. He’s been interviewed for many television UFO documentaries including the recent Ancient Alien series.
Dr. Barry Downing
Dr. Barry Downing
Fred David's book - UFO Christianity Connection: Fact or Fiction
The second book, UFO Christianity Connection: Fact or Fiction, just went to press in 2010. It was written by Dr. Fred R. David, a university professor with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, an MBA and a PhD in general management. A textbook he’s written has been used in more than 400 colleges and universities including Harvard, Carnegie-Mellon and Duke.

In addition to tackling the subject of UFOs and Christianity, David’s book gives a concise and easy to read overview of UFOs in many ancient cultures – all in 111 pages. He has included many full color paintings, maps and photographs. The book also serves as a study guide that even includes You Tube links to related information. To get his book or to learn more about the author and his book, go to

Dr. Fred R. David
Dr. Fred R. David


Pope’s astronomer would baptize ET
By Lee Speigel for AOL News

  In the past few years, Vatican representatives have begun to publically acknowledge that beings from other parts of the universe could be part of God’s flock. Now they’re ready to baptize them. That’s great, but we feel Dr. Barry Downing, who’s also quoted in this article, is more on target regarding the subject of baptizing aliens. We’d like to thank Jane SpottedBird for sending us this article which you can find in its entirety at AOL News. – Sky Ships Editor

(September 24, 2010) If extraterrestrials exist, then they may have souls, and if they'd like to be baptized, a Vatican astronomer has offered to reach out and touch them.

"I'd be delighted if we found life elsewhere and delighted if we found intelligent life elsewhere," Guy Consolmagno, a planetary scientist at the Vatican observatory, told The Guardian. . . .

"God is bigger than just humanity. God is also the god of angels. Any entity, no matter how many tentacles it has, has a soul," Consolmagno said.

And his is not the only religious voice speaking out on the possibility that we're not alone in the universe.

"I think the Vatican is very much with the position that there may be other life in the universe -- I think they're OK with that," retired Presbyterian minister Barry Downing told AOL News.

"Not only does Guy Consolmagno's statement point to that, but you've had [Vatican senior exorcist and demonologist] Corrado Balducci saying for some time that UFOs are real and come from the natural world, not the supernatural world, so he makes that distinction."

Speaking from his Endwell, N.Y., home, Downing, author of The Bible and Flying Saucers (Marlowe), said the idea of baptizing aliens, from a biblical point of view, is a matter that needs discussion. . . .

Downing says the bigger question is: How do we know aliens are going to need to be baptized?

"The Christian message is, the spirit of God wishes to enter into you and be part of your life, and when you're baptized, the promise is that that has happened," he said.

"The question I would ask is, if we've got some type of an extraterrestrial reality flying around our skies in a universe that's 13 billion years old, don't we need to face the possibility that this reality -- whatever it is -- might be millions of years ahead of us? And why would we suppose that they would not already have the Holy Spirit and therefore not need to be baptized by the Church? . . . I'm skeptical that any aliens that show up would be godless -- in our sense of the term -- and therefore I would be skeptical that there'd be a need to baptize them, but time would tell."


Floor of Gulf of Mexico could rise again
  EDITOR'S NOTE: The bottom of the Gulf of Mexico has gotten lots of scientific attention since the BP oil disaster. Now all kinds of information and theories about the Gulf floor rising can be found on the Internet. We’d like to contribute to the discussion by posting an OLD article that supports the NEW rising idea. If ancient structures are submerged off Cuba’s west coast, as this article says, then it’s easy to imagine the Gulf floor rising again. We’re posting the article because one purpose of this website is to help prepare us all for mind-bending changes.

Evidence of ancient city found in depths off Cuba

Montreal Globe and Mail - December 7, 2001
By Michael Posner

A team of Canadian and Cuban researchers have discovered the remains of what may be a 6,000-year-old city submerged in deep ocean waters off the western coast of Cuba.

Using sophisticated sonar and videotape equipment, offshore engineer Paulina Zelitsky, her husband, Paul Weinzweig, and her son, Ernesto Tapanes, have found megaliths "of a kind you'd find at Stonehenge or Easter Island," Mr. Weinzweig said in an interview yesterday.

Floor of the Gulf
"Some structures within the complex may be as long as 400 metres wide and as high as 40 metres," he said. "Some are sitting on top of each other. They show very distinct shapes and symmetrical designs of a non-natural kind. We've shown them to scientists in Cuba, the U.S. and elsewhere, and nobody has suggested they are natural."

Moreover, an anthropologist affiliated with the Cuban Academy of Sciences has said that still photos taken from the videotape clearly show "symbols and inscriptions," Mr. Weinzweig said. It is not yet known in what language the inscriptions are written.

The sonar images, he added, bear a remarkable resemblance to the pyramidal design of Mayan and Aztec temples in Mexico. . . .

Geologists have recently hypothesized that a land bridge once connected Cuba to Mexico's Yucatan peninsula. And portions of the Cuban island are believed to have been submerged in the sea on three separate occasions in the distant past.

The structures are on a plateau that forms the bottom of what is thought to be a mud volcano, 650 to 700 metres beneath the surface of the ocean and along what is clearly a geological fault line. "It's well known that ancient civilizations liked to build at the base of volcanoes, because the land is fertile. So that's suggestive," Mr. Weinzweig said. . . .

The precise age of the underwater site is also unknown, although Cuban archeologists in 1966 excavated a land-based megalithic structure on the western coast, close to the new underwater discovery, said to date from 4000 BC. "Based on that and other geological information, we're speculating that these are 6,000 years old," he explained. "It's not exact, but they're very ancient."

NOTE: To read the complete article, go to Google Search and type in Michael Posner Evidence of ancient city.
London museum answers queries
about DNA testing on possible alien skeletons

NOTE: The editor of this website sent a second e-mail to Dr. Margaret Clegg at the London Natural History Museum on August 12, 2010. Three questions were asked regarding Zecharia Sitchin’s request for DNA testing on possible alien skeletons at the museum. Below are the verbatim answers received in an August 24, 2010 e-mail from Dr. Clegg.

1. What can be done to get the DNA analysis?
  To consider the loan of any remains for DNA analysis the Museum would require an application from a laboratory that has the expertise and facilities to extract and analyse ancient human DNA. The application would need to come from specialist geneticists and give full details of methods to be used and the track record of the team in extracting ancient DNA. All research and loan requests received would be subject to standard Museum policy and procedures, which are based on guidance set out by the UK Government’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport.
2. Why can't the Natural History Museum initiate the DNA testing?
  The Natural History Museum does not currently have the facilities or resources to undertake ancient human DNA analysis. The facilities needed are highly specialised to prevent contamination by modern human DNA which would of course interfere with any results, and therefore a normal DNA lab is not sufficient. The human remains in the collection are used by researchers to form comparative samples in a wide variety of studies including human evolution, human variation, forensic and medical studies and are only ever undertaken as part of approved research projects. To date no such application from a suitably qualified person or institution has been received.
3. Why are the credentials of Zecharia Sitchin not enough to start the process?
  As mentioned above any application for DNA analysis of items in our collections must be made by a suitably qualified person or institution with access to the facilities necessary to undertake ancient human DNA analysis. To date no such application from a suitably qualified person or institution has been received.
Kind Regards
Margaret Clegg

Dr Margaret Clegg
Head of the Human Remains Unit
Department of Palaeontology
Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road
Old soldier drops three bombshells
By Mary Joyce

When Paul Epley finally talked publically about some of his secret military activities, his story ended up in a small North Carolina newspaper. Guess what? Two weeks later, two FBI men showed up where he was working and said, “If you don’t keep your mouth shut, we’ll shut it.”

That was in the 1990s, but today Paul no longer cares if they kill him. He’s 80 years old, fighting cancer and wants to get three things off his conscience. On August 8, 2010, two of us from the Sky Ship website and two men with video cameras were invited to his home to record stories that have haunted him nearly his entire life. We also were given access to documents and an earlier video that originally weren’t to be released until after his death.

Paul Epley
Paul Epley during August 8, 2010 interview

pic of explosive
Saw live Roswell alien

In the summer of 1950, Paul was in the U.S. Army and working at Camp Wallace on the James River in Virginia. One day, for reasons he no longer can recall, he went to Camp Peary near Williamsburg, Virginia. While there, he recognized an MP guarding a bunker; they had served in Guam together.

“I went down and asked him what he was guarding,” says Paul, “and he said I can’t show you. So I kept talking to him and he said, ‘All right, I’ll give you a brief look at it.’ So he opened the door.”

Behind the door, just 15 to 20 feet from him, was an alien standing in a small cage with a base that was only three to four feet square. The alien was about 4 ½ feet tall and only wearing briefs.

What caught Paul’s eye the most was the alien’s skin color which he described as “an old orange-gray, dead-looking color.” Despite the color, Paul assured us it was alive and seemed to be aware of his presence.

Though smaller and skinnier, Paul found the alien’s features remarkably human-like. The shape of the head, ears, eyes, nose, chest, arms and legs were all similar to those of a human being. He did say the alien was almost bald with just a little bit of hair. He also noticed the alien’s fingers were longer than those of a human being.

After viewing the alien for several minutes, Paul left the bunker. He recalls the guard saying “that was the fifth one from Roswell” and “they were taking it up north somewhere.” In an earlier interview, Paul explained that the alien was transported from Roswell, New Mexico to Fort Hood, Texas before arriving at Camp Peary, Virginia. “At that time,” Paul adds, “Camp Peary was the most secret place that we had in America. I didn’t know much because I didn’t stay there long, but I know you had to have top secret (clearance) to get in.”

pic of explosive Used as a military assassin

This part of Paul’s story has haunted him since the Korean War ended in 1953. Since then, he has nightly nightmares, suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and must take medication to help calm his nerves.

A simple 18-year-old country boy from North Carolina wasn’t prepared for what he got into when he joined the U.S. Army. During basic training, he severely broke his ankle and was going to be discharged. Paul, however, wanted to be a soldier and pleaded to remain in the service. The military agreed to let him stay and do only light duties - with one condition. He had to do anything he was asked without question.

That agreement pretty much destroyed his life. When the Korean War was ending, the United States didn’t want the North Koreans, the ones who had helped the U.S. during the war, to return to their homes. There was concern they would reveal U.S. intelligence information to the North Korean government/military. The solution was to assassinate the Korean allies and make it look like they’d died in combat.

Time and time again, he carried out assassination orders. Typically, he was told a “prisoner of war” was escaping and to shoot him dead, roll him in a trench and then toss in a grenade so it would look like a combat death.

Within a two or three week period, he also was taught to fly a plane – but not how to land it. His mission was to crash a plane into a desolate island and bail out before impact. When he went to the back of the plane to jump, he saw bound Koreans in the cargo section including two women. Yes, Paul says, the crash was to make their deaths look accidental.

pic of explosive Asked to assassinate Martin Luther King

In 1967, long after Paul was discharged from the U.S. Army, he was called to a meeting at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia. Because of the nature of what he wishes to reveal, here are Paul’s exact words:

PAUL: “I had to run up to Langley. So I got up there, went in the meeting. They was two civilians and two colonels – an Air Force colonel and an Army colonel. They sat down there and talked, didn’t say no name or nothing, but they talked about what all was going on in the country and that they had one person that they had to get rid of. Everybody knowed who it was from the way they was talking, all this stuff in Rocksville (Little Rock?), down south and everything. They was talking about Martin Luther King. That was in ’67 in the summer and they wanted me to help them. And I told them that I had a good job, raising a family and didn’t want nothing else to do with it. But they sure approached me and tried to get me to help them.”

QUESTION: “In your mind, do you feel like they were asking you to help with an assassination hit on Martin Luther King?”

PAUL: “Right. That’s exactly what they wanted.”

QUESTION: “Do you have any idea why they wanted to get rid of him?”

PAUL: “ ’Cause there was so much trouble going on with the Blacks.”

QUESTION: “And they thought that would fix it?”

PAUL: “Well, it did.”


The video to the right is an unedited 21-minute interview with Paul Epley and his son Kendall. It was taped on August 8, 2010 at the Epley home. An additional video was taped at the end of this interview to clarify information.
Video Length 21:18
Click here to watch

Paul Epley - 1948-1955, U.S. Army
Paul Epley’s military service
Paul Epley served in the U.S. Army from 1948 to 1955. He was a master sergeant, a first sergeant, a company commander and worked for the government. Because of his clandestine assignments, the government/military refused to acknowledge his service and denied him benefits even after 21 legal appeals were made by his attorneys. No matter what steps he took, his records and benefits were denied until 50 years after the end of the Korean War which was in 2003.

Here are photos of Paul during his military service.

Paul Epley during military service

Paul Epley during military service

Paul Epley during military service



Letter to London museum about DNA testing
on possible alien skeletons

EDITOR’S NOTE: In our effort to get DNA testing done on two ancient skeletons that may have alien DNA, the following letter was sent to the director of London's Natural History Museum on August 14, 2010.
Sky Ships over Cashiers

Dr. Michael Dixon, Director
Natural History Museum
London SW7 5BD

Dear Dr. Dixon:

In his latest book, There Were Giants Upon the Earth, renowned researcher of ancient Sumerian clay tablets, Zecharia Sitchin, convincingly presents the need for DNA testing on two skeletons in the Human Remains Unit of your museum.

Millions of people, including Prince Charles, are convinced there is life beyond Earth and would be open to Sitchin’s theory that the two skeletal remains labeled Queen Shubad and King Mes-Kalam-dug may include alien DNA. If there is a possibility this might be true, it would be a monumental point in Earth history.

It is the hope of millions of us that under your leadership the Natural History Museum will do the necessary DNA testing to settle this issue.

Please recall that other monumental turning points in science have been initiated by those outside traditional scientific thinking of their times (Newton, Galileo, Darwin, Pasteur). Personally, I think Francis Crick who discovered the DNA structure would be thrilled if your museum took the lead in this cutting-edge research initiated by another outsider, Zecharia Sitchin.


Mary A. Joyce, Editor
P.O. Box 1084
Dillsboro, NC 28725 - U.S.A.

p.s. The Sky Ship website has attracted so much attention that two of us from the website were invited to speak at the 2010 International UFO Congress, the largest conference of its kind.

cc: Prince Charles, Dr. Margaret Clegg, Zecharia Sitchin


Help get alien DNA tested
By Mary Joyce


After the August 6, 2010 Sky Ship Message came through, I immediately devoured Zecharia Sitchin’s latest book There Were Giants Upon the Earth which was published in 2010.

Unlike his other books about the Anunnaki of the planet Nibiru coming to Earth, this book is a call to action for his readers. After building a convincing case that two skeletons at the Natural History Museum in London are those of an Anunnaki goddess and a male demigod, he wants their DNA analyzed. That sounds like a simple request, but so far he’s getting nowhere. Here is part of Sitchin’s plea at the end of his book:

In February 2009 I wrote about it to the Natural History Museum in London. A polite response signed by Dr. Margaret Clegg, Head of the Museum’s Human Remains Unit, confirmed that their holdings include both “Nin Puabi, also listed as Queen Shubad, and King Mes-Kalam-dug.” Adding that “No DNA analysis has ever been conducted on these remains,” she explained that “the Museum does not routinely conduct DNA analysis on remains in the collection, and there are no plans to do so in the near future.” This stance was reiterated by the museum in March 2010. . . . If tested, her bones could reveal the DNA and mtDNA differences that represent our genetic Missing Link – that small but crucial group of “alien genes” (223 of them?) that upgraded us from wild hominids to Modern Man some 300,000 years ago.

It is my fervent hope that by showing that the remains of NIN-Puabi are no “routine” matter, this book will convince the museum to do the unusual and conduct the tests.”

YOU CAN HELP convince the Natural History Museum in London to do the DNA testing Sitchin is requesting. Simply go to Google and type in Dr. Margaret Clegg or click here. At the top of her website click on the line email Dr Margaret Clegg and send your request. Her mailing address also is listed.

ETs on the mountaintop
By Mary Joyce


Living near a secret underground entrance can be more than interesting according to Rebecca who lives on a mountaintop in the Hendersonville, NC area. She’s talked about unique structures and unusual human activities on her mountain in a previous article titled “Second secret underground entrance exposed.” Now she talks about the extraterrestrials (ETs) on her mountaintop.

“I’ve been coming up to this mountain since 1969,” Rebecca begins, “but I don’t remember communicating with the ETs until the early 1990s. Some are highly spiritual and come from more advanced civilizations than ours and some are mischievous and clearly on a lower level.”

Mischievous ETs

“The mischievous ones seemed to have left here about two years ago,” she says, “but before that they would play with people’s minds. Sometimes they would follow them to town when they left the mountain. They would freak people out. They especially liked to scare away anyone who was highly intuitive or psychic, probably because they might tune in to what was happening beneath the mountain. They didn’t bother those who were oblivious and unaware because those people wouldn’t have a clue about what was going on anyway.”

“In the early days,” she adds, “I think they also were trying to slow me down, interfere and keep me from accomplishing my purpose for being on Earth. Over time, though, and with Divine help, I learned to telepathically talk with the mischievous ETs and could tell them to cease and desist when they would bother me or other people - and they would stop their meddling.”

Highly spiritual ETs

There are only two things the highly spiritual ETs have in common with the mischievous ones according to Rebecca. Both communicate telepathically and both prefer to remain in a higher frequency that generally is not visible to human eyes.

“I’m an artist and I feel the highly spiritual ETs help inspire my creativity,” she says. “They also have helped me understand my Divine purpose.”

When asked what that Divine purpose might be, she says, “I came to Earth this time to get rid of all my old karma and to do something that would help humanity make the shift because we’re all here on Earth right now to make the shift. That’s what we signed on for. Because I’m an artist, and always have been an artist, that’s how I’m going to help humanity see a new way of being a human being.”

Rebecca’s World Peace Globe
displayed at the United Nations

Rebecca's globe
Rebecca’s World Peace Globe is a striking example of how she’s been inspired to create art to encourage people to make the world a better place. Her globe was so well executed that it was displayed in the Tillman Chapel at the United Nations for the first nine years of this millennium.

“I was getting artwork together for a peace center and wanted to also submit my own artwork, so I asked myself ‘What could I build that would show anyone looking at it where peace on Earth is?’ I immediately had a vision of the Earth, of the globe, that was lighted from inside with a light within each country. Nations at peace were lighted, countries at war were dark and those in civil wars would flash.

“I made two globes,” she continues. “The first one was 18 inches in diameter. It’s the one that was on display at the United Nations. Then I built a larger one that was four feet in diameter for a peace center that was being built on Manger Square in Bethlehem, Palestine. I actually went to Israel with a group of Anglicans from the United States and England. Several of us met the mayor of Bethlehem, Yasser Arafat and the British envoy. I was given the go ahead for the World Peace Globe to be displayed by the center’s front door, but in the end I was told it was too controversial to display there.”

Rebecca didn’t let the large World Peace Globe go to waste. She purchased a special trailer and took it on tour for several years. Today, it’s retired next to her grand piano, but perhaps through this website it can continue its message of world peace.

Second secret underground entrance exposed
By Mary Joyce


Sky ships and military helicopters have been observed over a second secret entrance to the underground world of government/military Black Operations in Western North Carolina. This one is located beneath a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) facility on a mountaintop in the Hendersonville area. We’ve dubbed the site “FAAT” because it’s so much more than an FAA facility.

From the air, FAAT looks like an abandoned nuclear silo, but don’t be fooled says Rebecca who lives near the facility. As if to confirm this, FAAT is “bleached out” on a Google satellite map of the area. Details clearly aren’t clear, while the adjacent map segment is “unbleached.”

Gravel road to the "FAAT" facility
Gravel road to the "FAAT" facility

We found all this intriguing, so two of us from the Sky Ship website met with Rebecca at her home on Sunday, June 27, 2010. It was an adventure just getting there. She lives at the end of a steep, narrow, gravel road with multiple hairpin curves. The road ends abruptly at the FAAT gate, but it’s another 30-minute hike to the actual site.

Helicopters over FAAT

“There are two distinct things that happened up here that are very odd,” says Rebecca. “One was in 1969 or 1970. It was night and there were helicopters flying up at the top of the mountain. They would hover over the mountaintop and drop earthmoving equipment. They had floodlights up there and worked all night long. The shape of the mountaintop changed overnight.

“The next morning, my husband and I hiked up to the site,” she continues. “It was like walking on a fresh grave. It was like they’d dug something up, taken it out, put something else in and covered it up. I don’t have a clue what it was. It was covered with sod.”

Explosion at FAAT

“The other very strange thing that happened up there was about five years ago,” says Rebecca. “I was up here alone and heard and felt an explosion inside the mountain. It shook the entire house and the mountain. At the time, I wasn’t sure if it was an earthquake or an explosion.”

She soon knew it had been an explosion when she saw an unmarked 18-wheeler being escorted by two unmarked white pick-up trucks, one in front and one behind, and a person walking beside the 18-wheeler.

“There was something huge on the trailer that was covered with a tarp,” she says. “They all went up the mountain and stayed up there all day. Late that afternoon, the three vehicles went back down the mountain with something on the trailer covered with a tarp. I was under the assumption they’d replaced whatever had blown up.”

Tire tracks disappear into wall

As if to emphasize this part of Rebecca’s story, a white Jeep Cherokee with a governmental seal on its door went by her home very, very slowly. It turned around at the end of the road and slowly went by her house again. We all shared a knowing chuckle and Rebecca continued.

Antennas atop the "FAAT" facility
Antennas atop the "FAAT" facility

“Back in the sixties, there was a vehicle that would come up every morning with three people in it,” says Rebecca. “The same vehicle would leave that night with three different people in it. They seemed to do three day shifts at the top of the mountain.

“There are a number of structures up there,” she adds. “I once managed to peak into one. I could see tire tracks go into a wall, so obviously something happened there - maybe an elevator behind the wall.”

Sky Ships over FAAT

“Most of sky ships I’ve seen here were round with a circular top and bottom -- very much like that one,” Rebecca says while pointing to Devon Heenan’s sky ship photo.

“Now I did see one at the bottom of the mountain by the side of a dirt road that was small,” she continues. “My husband stopped the car and we looked at it for probably two minutes. It was circular, like a big metal ball. It was about two feet across and had antennas sticking out from the top going in all directions. Some had little things on the ends and some didn’t. It was raised about eight inches to a foot off the ground on four wiry little legs. There were rows of lights going around the ball. If it had an equator, then there was a row of lights above and another row below that. The lights would move around the ball. I think it was remotely controlled because it was so small.

“When I started to open the car door to get out and investigate closer, my husband reached across, closed the door and said, ‘We’re out of here!’ When we returned from town it was gone.”

This Google satellite map of the FAAT facility appears 'bleached' so details are obscured.
U.S. military can travel to the stars
Ben Rich - Father of the Stealth Fighter-Bomber
Ben Rich - Father of the Stealth Fighter-Bomber
Ben Rich, the “Father of the Stealth Fighter-Bomber” and former head of Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works, once let out information about humans traveling to the stars. What he said might be new to many people today, but he revealed the information before his death in January 1995. His statements help give credence to reports that the U.S. military has flying vehicles that mimic alien craft.

The following nuggets of information, in Rich’s own words, are from an article in the May 2010 issue of the MUFON UFO JOURNAL. The article was written by Tom Keller, an aerospace engineer who has worked as a computer systems analyst for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

NUGGET ONE: “Inside the Skunk Works (Lockheed’s secret research and development entity), we were a small, intensely cohesive group consisting of about fifty veteran engineers and designers and a hundred or so expert machinists and shop workers. Our forte was building a small number of very technologically advanced airplanes for highly secret missions.”

NUGGET TWO: “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects, and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.”

NUGGET THREE: “We now have the technology to take ET home. . . . No, it won’t take someone’s lifetime to do it. There is an error in the equations. We know what it is. We now have the capability to travel to the stars. . . . First, you have to understand that we will not get to the stars using chemical propulsion. Second, we have to devise a new propulsion technology. What we have to do is find out where Einstein went wrong.”

NUGGET FOUR: When Rich was asked how UFO propulsion worked, he said, “Let me ask you. How does ESP work?” The questioner responded with, “All points in time and space are connected?” Rich then said, “That’s how it works!”

Atlanta’s secret underground facility -
Puzzling over the pieces

By Mary Joyce

PUZZLE PIECE ONE - I haven’t seen the man in about six years, but he used to periodically come to where I work. Over time, he opened up about his military experiences in Vietnam and later talked about doing deep underground tunneling work in various places.

In bits and pieces he told me a secret underground facility had been created beneath Atlanta with huge tunnel boring machines. Much later, without elaboration, he said that there were extraterrestrials involved with the underground facility; that there was an entranceway from the underground facility to Emory University Hospital; and that ETs were brought into the hospital through the morgue. It was never clear if the ETs were dead or if the morgue was the least noticeable way to bring them into the hospital.

PUZZLE PIECE TWO – A Google listing titled “Some major mind-control programming sites” revealed the following:

Atlanta, GA -- FEMA regional center, which is appropriately placed since Atlanta is to become a capital within the NWO (New World Order) redrawing of boundaries. Atlanta is believed to have several underground installations in its area, one to the north at Kennesaw Mtn., Marietta, GA connected to Dobbins AFB and one to the south of Atlanta at Forest Park.

PUZZLE PIECE THREE - Forest Park is located nine miles south of downtown Atlanta; is home of Fort Gillem, the third largest employer in Clayton County; and is known historically for having 76% more tornadoes than the overall U.S. average. This last tidbit makes one wonder if some kind of powerful energy source might help spawn tornadoes.

View of Atlanta from Kennesaw Mountain
View of Atlanta from Kennesaw Mountain
Solitary canon at Kennesaw Mountain’s National Battlefield Park
Solitary canon at Kennesaw Mountain’s National Battlefield Park
A train track at Kennesaw Mountain
A train track at Kennesaw Mountain
PUZZLE PIECE FOUR - Another Google site titled “Deep underground military bases in America” had this among its listings:

GEORGIA Dobbins Air Force Base, Marietta GA Function: test site for plasma and antigravity air craft, experimental crafts and weapons

PUZZLE PIECE FIVE – In his book Underground Bases and Tunnels – What is the government trying to hide? Richard Sauder, PhD included the following paragraph:

The Air Force Times announced in 1959 that the Air Force was on the verge of agreeing with the U.S. Department of the Interior to place an underground SAGE radar facility inside Kennesaw Mountain (the mountain was, and is, a National Park owned by the Interior Department) on the outskirts of Marietta, Georgia. . . . The mountain is only a few miles from Dobbins Air Force Base, so it would have been possible to drive a tunnel the short distance from Dobbins AFB and excavate the inside of the mountain without disturbing the surface of the national park in the slightest. All of the heavy machinery required to build the facility could have entered and exited the underground construction site via Dobbins AFB.

Since it only takes a few minutes to drive from downtown Atlanta to Dobbins AFB, that base could have been used during the creation of an underground facility beneath the city.

PUZZLE PIECE SIX – When visiting Atlanta in July 2007 with a friend, we drove around the circumference of Dobbins AFB. At the completion of our “tour,” we learned Vice President Dick Cheney had been to the base the day before on an unpublicized visit.

PUZZLE PIECE SEVEN – Three photos revealed how close yet how faraway Kennesaw Mountain is from downtown Atlanta.


Stephen Hawking’s view of aliens riles Dr. Steven Greer

EDITOR’S NOTE: Dr. Steven Greer, the man who’s known around the world for his efforts to disclose the alien reality, posted the following statement on his website ( on April 26, 2010. He strongly objects to Hawking’s statements about aliens.

It is unfortunate that Stephen Hawking has added his voice to a growing chorus of xenophobia and fear regarding what he terms "Aliens."

Secondly, as a scientist, he should know better: Any interstellar civilization would possess such technologies that the meager resources of Earth would be unneeded.

If you can travel faster than the speed of light, you can manifest what is needed. Period.

Moreover, IF they were hostile- since ETs are already visiting Earth (see this would have been made crystal clear when we detonated the first atomic weapon in 1945. To date, no place on Earth has been invaded or attacked or colonized.

Hawking should refrain from stirring the war-mongering fear pot that attends all things "alien." And one might ask: Why would he make such statements, unless he is carrying water for the military-industrial-financial complex which profiteers off of the wars that fear breeds?

Steven M. Greer MD
April 26, 2010


Contactee breaks lifelong silence

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ever since childhood when she watched Sky Ships clean up nuclear spills that threatened her entire town, Eljay has been in direct contact with her “Star-born Protectors.” She’s now in her middle sixties and living near the Smoky Mountain National Park. We interviewed her on December 12, 2009 after she decided to go public for the first time with a few of her powerful experiences. This is the longest article we’ve posted, six segments, but it’s packed with thought-provoking information.

Sky Ships clean up nuclear spills

When I was a child in the 1950s, my dad had a very high security position with an enrichment plant that mixed together uranium and other chemicals or minerals for nuclear warheads. We couldn’t talk about his job even at home.

All the years he worked there, we had to go to meetings with the families of all the employees and we were always warned not to discuss things -- and they meant it because we saw perfectly healthy people have mysterious heart attacks and come home vegetables if they spoke out.

When they were doing something at the plant they didn’t want the public to know about, they would throw out a thick fog over the plant. It was thicker than fog. If you were on the road around the plant, you couldn’t see past the windshield of the car.

Many times the plant had toxic spills. When that happened, the creeks and rivers would have a green glow maybe six feet or more above the water. That’s when we would see a sky ship come in, hover above the water and, like a big vacuum, suck the green stuff off the water.

The sky ships that came to clean up the toxic spills each looked like a dome with a ring-like plate on the bottom. They were a dark charcoal color and huge – about the size of a large Greyhound Bus. If you put your hand out at arm’s length, you could not have covered the ship – that’s how close we would see them.

The sky ships were always around and cleaning up messes. They were there to protect the people. Around the world, even today, if there’s a big nuclear spill, they’re there to clean it up.

Balsam Mountain’s secret underground facility

There’s stuff going on within and around the Balsam Mountain Ridge that could be detrimental to the wellbeing of those living in Western North Carolina and beyond. The shadow government has a coffer there that goes six stories down into the ground. Survival supplies and equipment are stored there as well as stuff that could be harmful to the general population – and even wipe it out. They also have electromagnetic equipment that can be used to destroy human memories.
Because of all this, the Star-born ships are in the area to keep any of this from happening. To confuse matters, there also are man-made ships and ships piloted by the renegade aliens that the shadow government uses to manipulate human reactions and behavior.

Many individuals with high energy vibrations and wisdom from the future are drawn to Western North Carolina and other significant locations around the world to uplift the vibration of an area and counteract the negativity generated by the shadow government.

Why does the U.S. government resist disclosure?

We had two presidents who were approached by the Star-borns and given scientific information from the future about how to use energy from the Earth without destroying the Earth. The two chose to use the technology for war instead of for helping Earth. That’s when our renegade Star-born scientists started interacting. They deliberately began working with the shadow government which wants to keep U.S. citizens under an illusionary blanket of fear.

There should not be any fear. Our Star-born Brothers are not going to destroy this Earth nor allow humans to destroy it. If we continue to believe the fearful rhetoric about what’s out there in the universe, we will destroy ourselves but not the planet because Earth is part of something bigger than any of us can imagine.

Over the years, the Star-born messages have said in various ways to stop being so afraid about why they’re here and to stop listening to the shadow government which strives to keep people constantly in fear of something.

After decades of constant protection from my Star-born Protectors, I absolutely know they’re watching over us and will help us in any way we allow them to do. But if we put up blocks, they can’t help us get through this time of transition on the Earth.

When I was involved with a website with scientists from all around the world, it was clear they knew all this, but U.S. scientists weren’t allowed to discuss it publicly even though scientists in other countries are allowed to do so.

“Star-born Protectors” heal Marine

My husband was a Marine and he always was being sent to Vietnam to train the troops. Because of exposure to Agent Orange, he got a bleeding fungus on his hands and shoulders where the chemical interacted with the metal in his gun.

We worked with the Veterans Administration and the doctors for several years and nothing was healing. So I finally asked for help from my Star-born Protectors. After that, my husband’s condition started clearing up. First the bleeding stopped, then the fungus began receding and finally disappeared completely. To this day, he doesn’t have any trace of it.

Alien implants – good or bad?

I had an apparent alien implant that dislodged one day and moved into the lock of my jaw. It was like a good-sized pea and caused a lot of pain. Knowing what I know, I didn’t want to have surgery in any of our hospitals. Instead, I put my finger on the “pea” and told my Star-born Protectors that if it were theirs to please get it out of the lock of my jaw. If it wasn’t theirs, I requested that they remove it.

The next morning I was at the table and my husband looked over and said, “You’ve got a drop of blood right in front of your ear. What’s going on?” He didn’t know I had asked for help the night before. When I went to the mirror, I saw a line and a drop of blood right at the end of it. The “pea” was gone. The pain was gone.

The shadow government has been interested in me since my childhood -- ever since communication started between me and my Star-born Protectors. According to my Protectors, the shadow government and our renegade scientists were responsible for putting the implant into me as a tracking device. The Star-borns, who are good guys, don’t use such implants. They can tune into us simply by following our energy vibrations.

I should add that some of the grey aliens are robotic humanoid creatures that renegade human scientists have created. The shadow government uses them to generate fear in order to manipulate the masses.

If anyone is abducted or has a fearful experience with aliens, remember you have the right to say “NO.” Tell them to stop and remove themselves from your presence. Call in help from the Creator or the Star-born Protectors. You do not have to have a bad experience.

Star-borns assist with baby’s birth

The doctors and nurses weren’t the only ones in the delivery room. Four Star-born Protectors were there, too. My mom and I both saw them. They were in their energy form – four separate forms. Each one looked like heat rising up from a hot highway.

They communicated telepathically throughout the entire labor assuring me everything was going to be all right and directing me how to breathe. Whenever someone came into the room, they would rise up to the ceiling.

They were with me before that, though. Back at home I had been awakened when a terrible racket hit the roof above my room. That’s when I realized my water had broken, but there was absolutely no pain – not then nor at anytime during the birth.

On the way to the hospital, which was a 30-40 minute drive, there was a protector ship that cruised beside us the whole way. Both my mom and I saw it. She was with me because my husband was in Vietnam.

As soon as the delivery was over, the Star-born Protectors telepathically told me to wake up and get the poison out of me – telling me to throw up. I kept telling the nurse, “I’m going to be sick.” Her response was “Just go back to sleep; you shouldn’t be awake anyway.”

I couldn’t move; I had no control over my body. Then I felt the Star-borns roll me over on my side and then green stuff shot out of my mouth. I was suspicious of what I’d been given especially since my Star-borns were so anxious to get it out of me.

I had a perfectly normal baby but I can’t help but think he is part Star-born. There were times as a child he would ask me “How do I know what I know?” I also remember a night when he was eight-years-old and a light beam came through the roof and into his bedroom. When I asked if he was alright, he said “I think it’s for me.” As a very young man he developed computer technology systems that hadn’t ever been done before.

  EDITOR’S NOTE: The Vatican held a conference on “Astrobiology” November 6-10, 2009 which focused on the origin of life on Earth and life beyond our planet. Here are excerpts from the Vatican’s news release before the conference started. This is the English translation provided by the Vatican. Watch for future statements by the Vatican on extraterrestrial life.

Why the Vatican is involved in Astrobiology?

JOSE FUNES, SJ: On the occasion of the International Year of Astronomy the Pontifical Academy of Sciences has organized a Study Week on Astrobiology.

This is a quite appropriate topic for the Academy which has a multi-disciplinary membership, since it is a field which combines research in many disciplines, principally: astronomy, cosmology, biology, chemistry, geology and physics. This is not the first time that such a topic is subject of interest in the Vatican. In 2005 the Vatican Observatory conducted a Summer School on this topic and brought together as a faculty some of the most important researchers in this field.

Although Astrobiology is an emerging field, and still a developing subject, the questions of life’s origins and of whether life exists elsewhere in the universe are very suitable and deserve serious consideration. These questions offer many philosophical and theological implications, however the meeting will be focused on the scientific perspective. . . .

PROFESSOR JONATHAN LUNINE: Stimulated by new capabilities for scientific exploration on and off the Earth, astrobiology seems to be establishing itself as a distinct scientific endeavor. . . . Nowhere is this more evident than in the work being done on how life formed on the Earth and evolved with the changing environment. . . . How life has responded to this, and what the implications might be for Earth-like planets around other stars with somewhat different histories, cuts across all the disciplines of astrobiology from astronomy, to planetary and geological sciences, to biology.

PROFESSOR CHRIS IMPEY: Four hundred years ago, Galileo Galilei turned his telescope to the heavens and forever changed the way we view ourselves in relation to the universe. . . . In the past 15 years, technological breakthroughs have led to the discovery of over 400 planets beyond the Solar System. . . . It is plausibly estimated that there are hundreds of millions of habitable locations in the Milky Way, which is just one of billions of galaxies in the universe. . . .

But there is a palpable expectation that the universe harbors life and there is hope that the first discovery is only a few years away. . . .
If biology is not unique to the Earth, or life elsewhere differs bio-chemically from our version, or we ever make contact with an intelligent species in the vastness of space, the implications for our self-image will be profound. It is appropriate that a meeting on this frontier topic is hosted by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. . . .

Introduction to Dr. Steven Greer’s letter of hope
By Beck Horne of Fletcher, North Carolina

Since 1994, I have been supportive of Dr. Steven Greer's missions which can be reduced to three words: CONTACT (, DISCLOSURE ( and ENERGY ( To learn about his projects, click on these links.

Since Dr. Greer’s energy mission, the Orion Project, was launched in March of 2008, I have been on its e-mail list. Naturally, when a new message arrives in my inbox from the Orion Project, I expect information of a technical nature --- information that may eventually pave the way for solving the current energy crisis. So, I was quite surprised and deeply touched to read Dr. Greer's "Message of Hope" sent on November 1, 2009.

My sincere wish is the lucid dream he experienced earlier this year will inspire everyone to hope, to keep the lamp of hope burning perpetually, and to share Dr. Greer’s letter with others so hope for a positive and sustainable future can flourish.

Dr. Steven Greer’s letter
which he titled “HOPE”

A few months ago, I had a very lucid dream early one morning before rising.

A thought -- recurring and insistent -- entered my mind, gently saying:

"Let us hope, so that we may live..."

Let us hope, so that we may live...

As this thought recurred, a number of lucid images appeared:

First, I found myself in Africa, in a rural and desolate place, clearly impoverished and lacking any means of sustenance. A child, perhaps 10 years of age, was wandering through this bleak and forbidding landscape, starving, and cradling a younger dying child in his arms. And the voice was saying: Let us hope, so that we may live... I wept as I saw that this and this alone -- the spark of hope within the soul of this child -- propelled him forward to live. Amid the suffering and against all odds, only the driving force of hope sustained him.

Then I saw my own childhood -- desperate at times and lonely, not knowing how I would survive and not knowing how to go forward. And this thought was repeating: Let us hope, so that we may live....

And so I saw at times that this was literally all that I possessed: The spark of hope,
somewhere in the crevices of my soul, keeping me going -- even to today. Hope.

Next I saw all who dwell on earth now, at this time of great change, challenge and
difficulty, and this singular thought was repeating: Let us hope, so that we may live... And I saw that this was the indispensible quality to which we all must hold: Hope, which will carry us forward together to the fulfillment of the promise of humanity.

While we may not live on hope alone, surely we cannot live without it. So throughout the coming days of trials, changes and the transformation of life on Earth, we can turn within and hear, and never forget: Let us hope, so that we may live....

Steven M. Greer MD
29 October 2009
EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a small but very important part of an extensive letter to President Barack Obama. It was written on January 23, 2009 by Dr. Steven Greer, Director and Founder of the Disclosure Project. The following portion of his letter warns about a hoaxed alien threat. We would like to thank Marilyn Brannon for bringing this to our attention. We are responsible for the boldfacing and underlining.
Excerpts of letter warning President Obama of an alien hoax
We are also morally obliged to warn you of an existing highly secretive plan to use advanced technologies to hoax an 'alien attack' on Earth. There exists within the direct control of this Majestic group assets capable of launching such a false flag operation and virtually every person on Earth, as well as most leaders, would be deceived by it. Components of this operation have been tested on the public over the past 50 years and include, but are not limited to:
Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs) - these are advanced anti-gravity aircraft that have been fully operational since at least the late 1950s to early 1960s. Many so-called UFO reports by civilians and military personnel are of such ARVs. They constitute an unacknowledged or 'black' Air Force and these ARVs are capable of extraordinary speed, maneuverability and lift/hover. By 2009, these technologies had gone through many generations of refinement and, if deployed, could easily hoax or simulate an Extraterrestrial Vehicle (ETV). (Note that a UFO is a nonspecific term and could be either an ARV or an ETV.)
Programmed Life Forms (PLFs) - these are well-crafted alien-appearing creatures that, while completely manmade, often deceive unknowing people as 'aliens'. The stagecraft, genetics and other sciences associated with these creatures are beyond the scope of this brief, but are very well developed. I have personally been briefed by multiple independent corroborating sources regarding the development and deployment of PLFs. These creatures, used in conjunction with ARVs, have convincingly launched the pop culture fervor over 'alien abductions'. Victims of such paramilitary human-controlled abductions genuinely believe that they have been abducted by 'aliens' and often have physical stigmata and 'implants' to prove it. These implants are also manmade and we have information about the laboratory and corporation making these items. (See attached documents)
Chemical, optical and electromagnetic systems to assist with creating an alteration in awareness are components of the 'stagecraft' used to hoax an 'alien' event.
The vast majority of information in the public domain on the UFO subject is, therefore, carefully orchestrated disinformation designed to prepare the populace, as well as our leaders, for a non-existent 'alien threat'. The psychological warfare implications of this were described in the 1950s in CIA documents and are further elucidated by other documents and testimony. No less a figure than Wernher Von Braun warned of this cosmic deception.
The objective of such a false flag operation is the creation of an enemy in space that would unite the world behind a global military power against such an 'alien threat'. President Reagan and other leaders have been targeted with such disinformation, which is designed to secure their silence or cooperation with the agenda of secrecy and space weaponization. The President needs to be careful to avoid being similarly deceived.
  EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter appeared in the September 2009 issue of the MUFON UFO Journal. MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) is the country’s most recognized UFO investigative organization. The last paragraph is about UFO activity in North Carolina’s southwestern mountains.

Letter to MUFON UFO Journal

Dear Editor,

One can’t help but be impressed with the rapid growth of sighting reports worldwide. With each issue of our Journal, it is becoming more and more apparent.

In my community, people – when finding out that I am a MUFON investigator and researcher – are approaching me as never before and telling me of their sightings – in some cases more than one. Most of them act surprised when I tell them that their seeing a UFO is no longer unusual. Of course these are the best reports, as they are not sharing their story with any attempt to make things up. Often they act sheepish in telling me, even knowing they will not be frowned upon. Along with craft sightings, I am also having more and more persons taking pictures that have orbs in them. A lady the other day asked me what these “strange circles” were on one of her pictures. She had taken a rapid series of pictures at night of her family with a mountain in the background. It had not been raining. Of the four photos, only one had these circles. I told her they may be orbs, and that I would like to see that picture. She responded, “and what are orbs?” No fakery here!

Here in southwestern North Carolina near and around the town of Cashiers there have been a number of spectacular sightings and communications from the craft repeatedly appearing in that vicinity. This can be found on the extensive website If our membership has not yet visited that website, they need to. Mentioned there is also an accounting of the massive sized craft identifying itself as the Blue Moon, and its messages to us.

Donald Cooper
MUFON Investigator and Researcher
Spruce Pine, NC

Russian newspaper PRAVDA article
October 18, 2009

U.S. Scientist says scores of UFOs fly around the Sun

Shortly after Hurricane Katrina caused terrible havoc to the Gulf Coast in August 2005, U.S. meteorologist Scott Stevens declared that the natural catastrophe had been generated by Russian scientists. This time around, he accused NASA of concealing data relayed to Earth by SOHO, an orbital solar telescope.

SOHO is a joint project by NASA and the European Space Agency. It is currently at a distance of 1.5 million kilometers away from Earth. The orbital telescope takes pictures of the solar flares and prominences as well as comets that fly past the Sun.

Several thousand photographs have been already taken. Some are posted on the NASA website. However, a larger part of them are still unprocessed by specialists due to an immense amount of data coming from SOHO. This is hardly surprising since researchers still have not had time to study thousands of photographs of the Moon, Mars and Venus taken by the U.S. and Soviet probes.

Rumors about UFOs being photographed by SOHO have been circulating for a long while. NASA would not comment on those rumors or blame irregularities during the transmission of digital images to Earth.

Scott Steven maintains he has analyzed all photographs available in the SOHO archives. He claims to have found several perfectly identical objects on the photographs taken during a number of years. Therefore, the researcher says, it would be only logical to point out that UFOs would have never been the objects of the same size and form if stardust or residual solar plasma had really caused those “irregularities.”

“I am confident that UFOs are flying in the vicinity of our star,” says Stevens. “I am talking about a fleet of UFOs operating near the Sun. I believe that both NASA and the U.S. government are aware of the existence of a certain civilization whose spacecraft are capable of resisting extremely high temperatures. The powers that be are simply afraid to admit the fact. They haven’t yet decided on the tactics,” says Stevens.

Another Stevens’ theory has to do with extraterrestrial activity involving UFOs near the Sun. According to the theory, UFOs are usually photographed by SOHO prior to large solar flares caused by some experiments conducted by aliens. *

* The article goes on to quote Russian scientists who disagree with this theory and say the solar flare maximums and minimums are due to a 100-year cycle of the Sun that is apart from the well-known 11-year cycle.



Grandmother Tells About Mysterious Cherokee Lights
By Mary Joyce

For years she’s collected wisdom stories directly from the elders of many tribes. Now, like those elders, she sometimes is mocked for her beliefs. Consequently, she only agreed to talk to me about the mysterious “Cherokee Lights” on January 31, 2009 if I referred to her simply as “Grandmother.”

“I haven’t always lived in North Carolina,” Grandmother explained, “so I didn’t see the Cherokee Lights until the early 1990s. Nine of us went up to Thomas Knob overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway one Saturday evening in late May. It’s a place where many people have seen the Lights. We waited and waited. It got to be 8 o’clock, 9 o’clock, 10 o’clock and nothing happened.

“Finally we started singing. Well, we hadn’t been singing more than five minutes when we saw some small lights across the valley that made us think of fireflies. The patterns of the lights were erratic, but then they started to get closer and bigger. Then they just disappeared.

“Next we looked directly down into the valley and saw baseball-size lights that were about a football field away from us. There were seven and they just started moving up toward us. Of course our singing kind of got raggedy and faded away when that happened. As our singing faded so did the Lights.

“According to Old Ones” she explained, “The Lights are not coming from out there but are from here. We believe the Cherokee Lights at Thomas Knob are spirits that have dropped the robe or have left the body.

“It’s important that people know the Cherokee Lights are not anything new,” Grandmother added. “The elderly residents at the Tsali Care Center in Cherokee and some of their visitors have told me about seeing The Lights and even recall their grandparents talking about The Lights.

“You’ve got to figure that people in their 80s would have been born in the 1920s and their grandparents would have been born 40, 50 or 60 years before that. That means people in Cherokee were seeing The Lights in the 1800s before real roads and cars were in the area.

“Before they built the Blue Ridge Parkway,” Grandmother said, “the Cherokees would go up to the ridge from Big Cove after sprout time began to search for ramps and healing herbs. That might explain why so many of the Lights have been seen in early spring.

“There was one particularly strong story that a Tsali resident told me,” Grandmother continued. “She was at least in her 70s. She told me that when she was a girl a group of young people drove up to look for The Lights. At first they saw only pin pricks of light across the valley but then they came closer and closer. She said they were balls of soft light that didn’t have hard edges. She said The Lights didn’t move in straight lines but in different patterns.

“The elderly woman said one girl got out of the car and just stood there as the lights came toward her. One ball of light, as big as a basketball, came right up next to her. At that point the girl freaked out, jumped back into the car and they quickly drove down the mountain.”

Almost as a footnote, Grandmother added “You don’t just walk in and shove a microphone in front of elderly residents at Tsali Care Center. They only opened up with me because I visited someone there daily for several years. One old grandmother once told me ‘until you can get close enough to me to feel my breath and smell my body, I’m not going to talk to you.’ There has to be respect, trust and an energy connection before they will share their stories.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: You can read another testimony about the Cherokee Lights in the Sky Ship Testimony section. It’s from David Pannell and was received at this website on October 12, 2008.


Mary Joyce is a former newspaper writer, columnist and editor who has worked for The Oakland Press in suburban Detroit and The Orlando Sentinel in Orlando, Florida.

Woman Who Inspired Sky Ship Website
by Mary Joyce

Many people have wanted to know more about Glynis Heenan who inspired the creation of the Sky Ships Over Cashiers website, so here is a brief biographical sketch.

Glynis Heenan was born in South Africa where her parents owned and operated a sugar plantation. Because of her unique childhood, she speaks both English and Zulu.

After high school, Glynis studied hairstyling in London and then returned to South Africa and set up her own salon. Five years later, she sold the salon and took off with a girlfriend to Houston, Texas where she worked at a large salon for 17 years.

In 1999, Glynis moved to Cashiers, North Carolina where she lives today with her eight-year-old daughter Devon. She immediately set up her own salon, but in the past three years she spends an increasing amount of her time as a quantum biofeedback practitioner using an advanced system developed by a former NASA scientist.

In all her travels through Africa, the United States, Europe, Mexico and Hong Kong, Glynis had never seen a Sky Ship (UFO) until June 28, 2008. Since then, she’s seen them many times in the mountains surrounding her North Carolina home.

“Lots of people in the mountains of North Carolina have seen Sky Ships,” she says, “but most are extremely reluctant to talk publicly about their sightings. I, however, feel the phenomena is too important to ignore so I decided to talk openly about what I’ve seen. By doing that, I hope to encourage others to speak up, too.”


Mary Joyce is a former newspaper writer, columnist and editor who has worked for The Oakland Press in suburban Detroit and The Orlando Sentinel in Orlando, Florida.

Mystic Master from India Visited
Blue Ridge’s Ancient Spiritual Places

By Gilbert Webb

I thought readers of the sky ship website would find it interesting that Meher Baba, the world-renown mystic and spiritual master from India, chose to travel Highway 64 through Brevard, Cashiers and Franklin, North Carolina in 1952.

He and some of his close followers embarked on that trip from his spiritual center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and headed to his center in Ojai, California. Even though a route had been picked by his followers, Meher Baba changed the route. Many of his followers believe he chose to travel the Blue Ridge in order to bless or recharge its spiritual places as he had done in other parts of the world.

Years before that trip, Meher Baba also said the United States had some karma that had to be resolved in order for it to move ahead. So he also chose Highway 64 because it covers the Cherokee Trail of Tears, especially west of Chattanooga. In a true Avatar way, he suffered serious injuries in an automobile accident in Oklahoma where the Trail of Tears ended.

Meher Baba Book Speaks of Space Brothers

Near the end of Meher Baba’s life, he approved the printing of the book 61 Questions and Answers on Meher Baba which was printed in 1968. Included in the book’s appendices were spiritual transmissions by the Borup Group from Denmark that spoke of a coming global catastrophe caused by man, a tipping of the Earth’s axis, the Second Coming of Christ and a spiritual uplifting of mankind.

The transmissions also spoke of Space Brothers coming to help mankind. His followers, however, found this too controversial so after Meher Baba left his body, they stopped the book from being printed again. Here are a few brief statements from the transmissions regarding Space Brothers and their Sky Ships:

“We have told you we are Brothers from Space who are coming – and brothers always help one another….However, it will only be possible to help those who want this help themselves.”
“There are 18,000 worlds that are inhabited by human beings….by far most of the planets in the universe are inhabited by living creatures on one kind or another.”
“Earth has managed to bring forth a crop of human beings who are sufficiently spiritually developed to make the leap to the level that is now to come. That is why it would be against the Law if Man were to wipe himself out globally and this is why help is now under way….all of humanity will be able to perceive us as they perceive motor-cars, aeroplanes and the like.”
“The contact you will be given from Space will cause you to be totally changed.”
“Large parts of humanity will be snatched away from Earth…and then return to the Earth again – to an Earth which we have changed in a way advantageous to Man….We shall come with love….We shall come to all religions of the world, and to all outlooks on life.”
It is at this point and at this time that we will come from Space to Man on Earth. Now is the time for our coming and we approach all the people of Earth in order to make them get together united in one, true religious philosophy….In the future, the world will be governed from one place and the Earth will only be governed by people who have achieved full spiritual understanding.”
“I have said that the Earth will stand still for one second…the Earth will simply tip over, thereby altering the surface entirely. I have also told you that while this is taking place, great, great parts of humanity will be evacuated up into huge space-ships.”


Gilbert Webb, who lives in Rosman, NC, submitted this article to the website on October 11, 2008. He has spent decades studying the lives and teachings of great spiritual leaders such as Meher Baba, Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster and Edgar Cayce.

Cashiers Group Claims
To Have Seen “Sky Ships”

By Derek McKissock

Glynis Heenan said the reason she and her friends in the Cashiers area are shining the light on “sky ships” is to inspire others.

Heenan and others in Cashiers and the surrounding area claim in the past few months to have seen “sky ships,” or UFOs as they are more commonly referred to.

“We’re going public to give people the courage to talk about their own experiences,” Heenan said.

The sightings have inspired Heenan, who has lived in Cashiers for 10 years, to help launch a web site:

The site includes articles, photos, witness testimonies and ways on how to report sightings.

As reported on the site, Heenan said she had her first sighting at about 2 a.m. on June 28.

While in the kitchen looking for a late night snack, Heenan said she noticed a large circular object in the sky that had rainbow colors pulsating horizontally and vertically from it.

The object made no sound and Heenan said she watched it for roughly an hour. She then noticed two other similar objects, the three of which formed a triangle.

Heenan said other residents also reported seeing the objects on June 28. Heenan has seen the “sky ships” on several other occasions, she said, including on July 5 with her 8-year-old daughter and mother.

Heenan, a quantum physics biofeedback practitioner, said she believes people are being “intuitively guided” to see the “sky ships,” which are here to help mankind.

Heenan said she has “compassion” for those who dismiss such sightings.

“I think a lot of people are awakened to the possibilities of the universe,” she said.

No sightings have been reported at the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute in Rosman, according to Dave Clavier, the vice president of administration and development at the site.

He was, however, keen to visit the “sky ship” web site.

Evelyn Gordon, who lives in Sylva, is helping to run the web site and said she has seen the ships for many years.

She said there is a lot of research being done on UFOs by former NASA employees and other well-qualified people.

Gordon, who describes herself as a promoter, but has also worked in education and the musical field, said it’s important to “get the information out there.”

She believes the UFOs are “crucial” to what is occurring in the world right now.

“We are the messengers,” she said.

“Look at the web.”

Reports of sightings in the greater Cashiers area may be sent to Sky Ships Over Cashiers, P.O. Box 742, Cashiers, NC 28712 or e-mail to


Derek McKissock is the News Editor for the Transylvania Times in Brevard, N.C. This article appeared in the September 29, 2009 edition of the newspaper.

Cashiers, NC a UFO Hot Spot?
By Mary Joyce

The greater Cashiers area may be the new UFO hot spot according to Glynis Heenan, a resident of the Norton area.

"It was just by chance that I saw the first one," she says. "It was about 2 A.M. Saturday, June 28. I was going to the kitchen for a late-night snack. It was so bright outside that I stepped out on the porch to look for the moon. There was no moon and that baffled me."

Instead of the moon, Heenan saw a UFO.

"It was circular in the middle, but rainbow colors would radiate out from it," she explains. "The colors would elongate horizontally and then vertically. It would pulsate between the two – back and forth, back and forth. The colors floated in and out of each other."

"It was pretty large," she adds. "I could see it through the spindly tree tops to the west of my house. It seemed to be over the Yellow Mountain area."

Heenan didn't hear any sound from the UFO but says "there was a gusty wind that whirled the tree branches."

To her surprise the UFO didn't quickly disappear.

"It could have been an hour that I watched it," she says. "I don't know how long it had been there before I saw it. When I went upstairs to look out the window, the UFO moved. It came out of the trees and came closer to me."

Then Heenan scanned the sky beyond the rainbow-colored UFO and saw two more.

"When I looked in different directions," she says, "there were two other lights that were higher in the sky and appeared smaller – one to the north and one to the southeast. The three were in a triangle arrangement. They, too, had variations in colors."

Since this first sighting, Heenan has been looking up and has seen UFOs on June 30, July 1, 2, 3, and 4. Other Norton area residents also have reported seeing UFOs since June 28.


Mary Joyce is a former newspaper writer, columnist and editor who has worked for The Oakland Press in suburban Detroit and The Orlando Sentinel in Orlando, Florida.

As printed in the Cashiers, NC
Crossroads Chronicle on 7-16-2008


Three Generations See UFOs Over Cashiers
By Mary Joyce

Eight-year-old Devon Heenan, along with her mother and grandmother, saw three Sky Ships (UFOs) over the old Raggedy Ann shop on Norton Road in Cashiers, NC on July 5, 2008.

"We've all been looking up in the sky a lot," says Devon's mother, Glynis Heenan, "since I first saw three Sky Ships from our porch on June 28.

"At least one of us has seen them nearly every night since then," says Grace Heenan, Devon's grandmother. "But this is the first time we've all seen them at the same time."

"We started our search at Whiteside," says Glynis, "because many of the Sky Ships we've seen from our home appear to be over that mountain. We drove on Highway 64 and pulled off at a place where we could get a good view of the mountain, but we didn't stay there long because the mosquitoes were awful. Then, just as we were leaving that spot, we looked up and there was a Sky Ship right above us."

"That's the only one we saw there," says Grace, "but we followed it north on Norton Road."

"As we came past the old Raggedy Ann shop," says Glynis "we pulled off the road and then we saw three Sky Ships. They were rainbow colored, much larger than any star, and seemed to be coming toward us from the south, or from the Whiteside area. This was the first time my eight-year-old daughter actually saw one and she was excited to finally see what I'd been talking about all week.

"Then there were some cars behind us," Glynis continues, "so we drove on toward Laurel Knob. After turning there, we pulled off the road next to an open field with a clear view of the sky. We turned all the lights off and poked our heads out the sunroof."

"Again we saw three Sky Ships" says Grace.

"At this third stop," says Glynis, "one Sky Ship was east of us, another straight above us and the third was due west. Basically, they were in a straight line. Then the clouds came and we went home."

"We got home about 10:30 P.M. after scouting for Sky Ships for about an hour," says Grace.


Mary Joyce is a former newspaper writer, columnist and editor who has worked for The Oakland Press in suburban Detroit and The Orlando Sentinel in Orlando, Florida.



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